Monday, November 10, 2014

Now You See Me, Now You Don't

There are so many kitties that disappear under my scope - the two on Webster and Ferndale, both are neutered/spayed, I had one done just a month or two ago, she had recently just given birth - they've both disappeared.  There are new kitties I am pouring food for each morning there, they stay far in the distance, waiting for me to leave.   I have two shelters tucked away in a corner there, just because my heart goes out to these cats who have nothing.  But I can't make this spot more elaborate as its too open to the public, and this house is a vacant place, the Puerto Rican couple have moved out, for some reason. Its a very nice house though.  The people on this street hate cats - and this is also where Crazy Merilee lives, just a street over.  I am sure if she knew I was feeding the cats there again, she would destroy the shelters and trash the food.  Plus, she would call the NET office on me again.  She is nuts.  I was going to grab the two - one red, one black - and bring them out to my friend's house where I brought Blackie - but I haven't seen them now in nearly a week.  You have to wonder what has happened to these cats. 

Speaking of Blackie, now we see him!  Sandra reports:

"Fabulous news! I am sitting in my living room watching Blackie sitting on my back porch! As I told you, we have been putting bowls of food on the front and back porches along with fresh water. Tonight he was looking in the French doors in the back as I walked towards them with the food. He took off but not far because I filed the bowl, turned around and came in (after making kissy sounds) and when I turned around he was at the bowl. I am SO excited! !!!!  He's been out there for about 20 minutes now so I am hoping he considers this his home now.  I'm positive it was him! Very skittish. Ran away when he saw me watching him but came right back. I think he is hanging out with a large tiger that has been hanging around. Jim will have the house finished Monday or Tuesday and then we will be ready for a couple of more boarders!"

I feel such relief. 
Kristin called me yesterday and asked if I had a young, sweet, affectionate kitty available for adoption, and after racking my brain, thinking of all the sweethearts on the street, and knowing that they would take time for adjustment living in a home, some faster than others, I thought of Lacey, the pretty white kitty that was pregnant, and generally a hot mess when I rescued her, and is being fostered by Nancy.  So, fingers crossed this works out!  Lacey has turned into the most beautiful and affectionate of kitties.  Nancy promised to get a picture of her, so hopefully I will have one tomorrow.  Fingers crossed!

Patches and Roger

Roger and Patches
Lastly, little Roger and Patches, the kittens that were adopted together a few weeks ago, are doing wonderful in their new home.  What a wonderful feeling to know these angels are now in a good home, instead of a life on the street.

Have a great day!



  1. Good news all around! Patches and Roger are ADORABLE!!!!

  2. I'm glad that Blackie didn't go too far! What a relief. I'm sure he'll settle in more as time passes. I'm so glad you came over on my birthday!!!! :) I had a great time and loved seeing Bethany and Keith get all tongue-tied and awkward. Hehehe! Good one!