Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thrilling Thursday!

Well, I don't know how thrilling it was this morning, and who knows, maybe the rest of the day will turn out with some excitement , but that's all I could come up with for a title today, so..........

OK, back to reality.  This morning was dark.  Its very dark out now at 5:15.  I can't wait for the fall time change, but then again I can because I know the dreaded winter weather is coming when we change the clocks.   I have a lousy LED flashlight that just doesn't work like it should, and a cell phone.  That's all I carry in my pockets each morning.

The wonderful Laura was out at my last spot trying to trap two kitties for me for TNR'g at Lollipop, and I pray she was successful.  We were only given two spots this week, none next week, but more the last week of August and early September.  There are so many kitties that need to be fixed.  Especially Vanessa.  She is a new Mom, and I am not sure where her babies are.   So I will be making a list now at my locations of who and who isn't fixed.  I needed to leave Laura with some food this morning to leave for the cats after she trapped as she had forgotten to bring some, and as I briefly spoke to her, I pointed to a house across the street from Paul's that I was leaving food for these three new young kitties recently - the house has a covered porch, and I don't think they know enough yet to go behind Paul's house to eat - telling her I was leaving food on the porch for them, and she looked at me funny, and I responded by saying "I know, I obsessed!"  It was funny at first, but its true.  I am compelled to place food down for these animals thinking they might not find the food at the regular places if they are not used to my feedings each day.

I am in need of shelters.  If I had time, I would build them myself, so if anyone knows crafty people that might be interested in helping me, I would be so grateful.  I would have to say that I need a shelter at almost all of my locations, which would be a total of at least 13 or so!  Now that my 7th Street spot is safe for now, and with only a board leaning up against a wall, that would be a good spot to set a replacement for the one that was destroyed and then removed.  Most of my other locations are secure, except for Ferndale and Webster, where the devil man lives, but hasn't been throwing the cat food out lately that I have been placing on a dilapidated porch.  I have yet to find a secure shelter for those cats.  The man that was working on renovating the house on the corner never came through for me after I asked him to build me a hut, seeing as how his company asked me to stop feed on the sheltered porch of this house that I had been feeding at for several years while it was abandoned.  Oh well.  I hope he has some conscience and realizes that he has 'displaced' several homeless kitties, and makes amends somehow.  Who knows, maybe he is building one at his home and its just taking a while to finish!  Wishful thinking.

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