Monday, August 27, 2012

New Kids on the Block

Update from the weekend.  I mentioned last Friday about the homeless guy I met one morning late last week.  He was coming out of the driveway next door to the house I feed at on Third Street.  Seems I startled him, and he walked over to me after we exchanged goodmorning pleasantries.  After I explained I feed cats around here, he told me he remembered me from a year or two ago, he remembered I fed the cats, and mentioned 'you help people too'.  He said I gave him a dollar years ago and he will never forget that.  He introduced himself as Will, we shook hands, and carried on a 10 minute conversation that included cats, homeless folks, and the 15 year old boy that was shot that week.  Will asked where the parents were, and why this boy wasn't in bed at midnight when it happened. He said in his day (he told me he was 57), he would be in the house in bed, that his parents wouldn't allow it.   We both teared up over that young man.  You have to wonder how Will got to the point he was at in life.  I offered him a ride, he refused.  I offered him a blanket from my trunk, he accepted.  We parted ways, saying we would see each other again.

My board was stolen early last week from 7th street.  So, I went there on Thursday lunch and spoke to Maria, who is always hanging out on her porch, which is almost across from the lot where the board leans against a structure in the back.  As we were talking, she waved to a guy who came over, she spoke to him in Spanish, and introduced us.  His name is Eli, and after Maria offered for me to take another GREAT board in her garage, Eli carried it over to that spot for replacement.  It was heavy.  He did a great job.  I thanked him and he said he would keep an eye out also for whoever is taking my stuff, as he lives in the apartments on the corner near Bay.  The next morning, the board was there, and I wrote on the board in black marker "This is the only 'home' these cats have.  Please leave alone."  Its still there as of today. 

This morning, as I drove to my first feeding spot on Parsells, I noticed a cat in the oncoming lane, dead.  I stopped, backed up, drove up to in in the opposite lane, got out, went to my trunk, got a towel, and lovingly wrapped it up and placed it gently on the side of the street.  The cat had on a plastic flea collar.  Whats wrong with people? 

Yesterday morning, as I was on Pennsylvania, I spotted Vanessa, the VanGogh like kitty.  And right behind her, guess who was there?  Her two kittens.  I would have to say the kittens are 6-7 weeks old, which is when I first started to see Vanessa out and about.  Her milk ducts were completely enlarged then.  She ran over to me as I poured out the food and water, and so did her little ones.  I picked each one up and they began to purr.  I was sick in leaving them, but I didn't have anything to put them in, and I figured I needed to get all three, as Vanessa is not fixed.  This morning, I brought my carrier with me, and guess who's in my bathroom right now?  All three.  I will have pictures added here by tomorrow.

In my sometimes thoughtless brain, I think nothing of picking up a cat in need, and praying I can find a home for it.  As many of you know, there are several adult cats that are on my Top Five list of rescuing and finding homes.  The only explanation I have for this morning's rescue is that I had to get these tiny, baby kittens off this terribly busy and cruel street, and their mother, so that all three can be together during this disruptive, but hopefully good change in their lives.  I say that because I cannot keep these cats.  The must either be fostered by someone, or I need to bring them to a shelter.  I have my own situation at home, and there are other deserving adult cats that need a home, and I must do something with these kittens and their mother.  Please help. 


  1. Oh Janine, I'm so glad you rescued this mommy and her kittens. Get a pix posted and I'll pass it around. Nancy C.

  2. You got all 3? great achievement Janine. I would love to take your new Bobtail baby, but Pinky-chan is very jealous, and recently ruined our television, ( has been sizing up the other electronics in the house now too !) to show his displeasure at not getting the whole of my attention. It has been a "to do" project of mine and my husband, to build an out door barn for feral kitties, but something always comes up, to put it further down the list. However, it will happen sometime, I really want to get the city cats like yours off the streets, it is heart breaking, the struggle for existance they have. If it were not for you, they would never have any sort of comfort and happiness ever. Anyway, I look forward to reading your blog and will keep you and the kitties in mind when I come across any items you could use. May God bless, Maree