Thursday, August 23, 2012

Reality Check

2-2 gallon bags dry food - CHECK!; 3-48oz. yogurt containers filled with canned food - CHECK!; paper plates and bowls - CHECK!; flashlight - CHECK!; pepper spray - CHECK!  although a lot of good that would do me if needed...  as I was driving down North Goodman this morning, passing Short Street, I saw YNN newscrew setting up their cameras with a newswoman standing on the corner, and I was thinking, what are they doing a story about at this time of the morning, and I was tempted to stop and get out and ask her and tell them what I did and that they should do a story on all the homeless cats in these neighborhoods...  and then I kept going thinking I would watch when I got home and find out that way.  As I set down the last of my food to the hungry Parsells cats, I drove home thinking how tired I am of all this.  My 7th Street large board that I got from a woman that lives there and assumed it was now safe from vandalism and theft, was gone this morning.  I left a note in Maria's mailbox to call me, and another woman Angela's mailbox who is kind to me, and drove off disheartened.  Another perfect very large board that I dragged from a far distance, was gone.

Back at home, listening to the news while doing my dishes, getting my lunch ready, and refilling the cat food containers for tomorrow I overheard that there was a shooting on Short Street, which is right there, where I feed.  I thought something was odd this morning because the board that covers the opening under the porch of where these three cats feed at every morning had been moved.  This is where my little Prince Harry was rescued, this is where Patric was recently rescued.  I have rescued at least 5 cats from this street already this year.  A 15 year old boy was killed last night there.  Now this is like the 20?  25? shootings this year in these neighborhoods.  And you rarely hear them say that a suspect has been apprehended.  So, I am apprehensive when I go out in the morning, because shootings are what you first hear on the 5 am. news but I didn't hear about this one this morning, or I would have been on higher alert than I normally am.

So, it was a very disappointing morning, knowing this one spot is now open again to the elements, thank God the forecast calls for no rain, but I am very disappointed to know that someone walked off with this large board and no one said anything.  So, I will go over there again on my lunch today to try to speak to someone, anyone that will listen to me.  I must make this a secure spot somehow.  So much for the box of wine I brought to Maria as a gift for keeping an eye out on that space.   

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  1. My gosh Janine, I feel for you, that is disheartening and I will think about that situation, my hubby knows the area, but I dont, and he has always warned me about it. They are of a different culture down there and hard to get any cooperation from the residents. Hopefully when school resumes it will decrease the vandalism somewhat but Im guessing the area needs to be removed of all homeless animals down there as their circumstances are so much more perilous. I will take a look in my shed and see if I can help you with at least a hut for placement. May God bless, Maree T.