Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Soggy Wednesday

Boy did the rain come down yesterday afternoon.  Buckets.  This morning I replaced a lot of wet towels.  I do this just as a very small comfort for the cats tiny feet to stand on while they gobble their food.  The rest of their day is spent walking in wet, glass ridden grass and pavement.  I also do this for them in the winter so they are not standing on ice or snow.  This is why I my washer and dryer are nearly kaput.  My appliances have taken a lot over the years.

I have an opportunity to trap, neuter and return tomorrow morning.  I must try to get the two little kittens that are prime ready to get pregnant - and I believe one has already given birth to a litter.  They are sweet too, its going to be hard to let them go back out.  I've named the girl cat that looks like a VanGogh painting, her colors are so vivid and colorful.  Vanessa (its sort of like VanGogh!)  She was around the past two days, but not this morning.  I had to chase away the Raccoon family of five again this morning at this spot.  Poor Sparkles and Limpy #2 have to gobble their food before they come along almost daily!  The baby raccoons are nearly fearless.  They will just sit there, you have to nudge them (with a stick) to get them moving.

I met a woman named Linda this morning on Second Street.  She was watching me as I approached a house across from Paul's that I have been placing food down for the three new kittens I've discovered there.    They have yet to discover across the street behind Paul's where I have the shelters and food.  So this nice man allows me to place a few bowls of food on his covered porch for them.  This woman was standing with her door open watching me approach.  I didn't know what she thought of me, but after I placed the food down, I went over to her, and said hello!  I introduced myself, told her I wasn't just feeding and allowing the cats to procreate, that I was actually trying to reduce the population of cats on her street by having them either rescued, or trap neuter returned.  I told her they were God's creatures, and suffering enough, and asked her to watch over them.  She agreed with each statement, and seemed like a very nice lady.  She lives directly across from a 'speakeasy'?  is that the term?  People go there all hours of the night and buy booze, cigarettes, and other sordid sundries through the window of the house.  I can imagine Linda sees all sorts of stuff, so it was nice that she could still be a kind-hearted person.

Here are a few pictures of Butters, who is still waiting for a new home! 

"It is only possible to live happily-ever-after on a day-to-day basis."

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