Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I Wish I May I Wish I Might

wish upon a falling star tonight.  Is that how that goes?

I see so much sadness in the mornings, some more than others.  I am used to seeing the cats at each of my 14 locations.  There is an average of 3 cats at each - one has about six, that's the one that I rescued Peanut Butter and Jelly recently, where it made eight.  The other spot where there are eight is Pennsylvania and Fourth.  At all the others, there are about three.  So, lets see, the ones I actually see, that are waiting for me in full view - 3+3+3+3+6+2+5+2+3+8+1+1+1+3+3 (well, that's 15 spots???)  - I believe that totals 47 cats.  Remember, when I rescue cats, new ones move in.  Most of who I am seeing now need to be spayed and neutered.   I am hardened to the pain that this would cause the normal person, because I know I am giving it sustenance to get through another day.  I know that with the shelters I provide, and the soft dry towels I replace, they have some measure of comfort.

I've been driving down Parsells every day, where two of my locations are, and a few blocks from my first stop there has been a black and white female.  It is my intention to get this girl, she let me touch her two days ago, but I haven't seen her since.  So, before, and after my rounds, I drive down this street trying to spot her.  This morning, I pulled over to see if I could spot her, and I saw another cat, mostly white with some black sitting in a driveway.  I immediately got bowls and placed food and water out under the tree next to this driveway.  The kitty came down and started to eat.  I looked again and spotted another kitty sitting in the driveway, same spot as the white and black kitty had been, and it started to walk to the bowls, but limping.  I then spotted another cat cross the street at the same time.  That's three cats right in front of my nose.  Homeless.  And who is feeding them?  This one with the limp, it is not using its paw at all, he is hobbling on three legs.

There are so many things that I wish.  I wish that someone would say to me:

  • Janine, I will help you trap a cat, once a week, so that we can get two cats spayed and neutered each week - I know you need the moral support.
  • Janine, I will take in one of your most neediest cats from the street, and foster it and help to find it a home.
  • Janine, I will donate money to pay for a cat to be spayed and neutered.
  • Janine, I will help you with your shelters, I will help you make them as comfortable as possible for the cats that need them. 
I wish the city would allow certain plots of land, where houses have been torn down, to be used as shelter for the cats.  That residents could keep clean and pretty, and live side by side with these animals.

I wish we had a sanctuary where we could bring all the kitties - get them spayed and neutered, and adopt them out into good homes.  We just don't have a resource like that here in Rochester.  Sure, we have Lollipop, where abused and abandoned animals go - but in most cases, are euthanized because there aren't enough people to adopt them.  We have Verona Street, where they are euthanized.  We have Scottsville Animal Hospital, that can only take in so many.  Otherwise, we have nothing but abandoned houses, abandoned buildings, under cars, under porches, where these animals seek out shelter to survive.

I also wish each individual in a house across America would provide food and shelter and spay/neuter for these animals, but the chances of that happening are slim.  Its more likely that the cities could help alleviate with this problem than individuals will.  Its very possible.  We just need a government that will care about it. Even homeless people don't have enough shelters.  And the mentally disturbed.  They have no where to go - the state facilities have all closed up.   Here we are, in 2015, and we still have these problems and no true solutions.   Its time to make a difference, but I need your help!

Have a nice day.

"I always wondered why somebody didn't do
something about that, 
then I realized I am somebody."

Monday, March 30, 2015

March Madness!

First I want to say thank you to everyone who made my birthday such a special day for me (and weekend!). You know who you are, from cards to texts to phone calls.  Thank you!

Brady - rescued from Short Street - he was a mess
Yes, it snowed a couple of inches on Saturday!  March 28th!  I am also losing on my basketball bracket at work - last year, I think I won it.  Oh well!  You win some, you lose some.  $5.  That's all.  Although after this crazy weekend I had, $5 is a lot of money to some. 

Midnight - rescued from Grand Avenue - barefoot and pregnant
I had a chance to see what 'skid row' looked like on Saturday, after helping a friend that needed someone to go with her to pay a visit to an old friend who was down and out due to schizophrenia and drug abuse.  This woman was our age - but looked 20 years older, she had gone to high school with my friend, but turned the wrong corner at that point, going into prostitution and getting heavily addicted to drugs.  She had  a baby 25 years ago, who apparently just received her masters degree, and has been brought up by her grandparents, who have not allowed her to see her mother in 20 years now.  I don't think I would want to see my mother if I were here either, it would cause so much pain and heartache.   My friend brought her some food, as the woman requested.  She lives in a place for indigents, I am not sure how they pay for their rooms there, but boy was this ever an eye opener.   What is that saying?  There but for the grace of God go I?

Vanessa - rescued from Pennsylvania Ave. - along with her two kids, Magic and Pumpkin
I think about the cats that way, strangely enough, being indigent also, and trying to get any scrap of food they can find out there.  Such is the case of this little black and white cat I've been seeing on Parsells, near where Crazy Lisa used to (or still does?) live.  Saturday morning it was eating something out of a bag on a road.  Sunday, it was there again, and I placed food (again) under a bush.  This time, she allowed me closer to her and I was able to determine that she is a girl, and not eartipped.  So now, I need a plan.  She was not around this morning, even though I pulled over and cat called.  This is not one of my spots, its about a block away.  I do not need to add another spot to my repertoire.  I will continue to keep an eye out for her, and pray that someone reading this will offer to foster this little girl.  And lets not forget Jelly and Elvis, who are still waiting for homes.  The problem with their situation is they are being fostered in Leroy, a good distance from Rochester, and are not getting their pictures updated.  I need to be a bit proactive with this. I did receive this update today:  "After 2 months(?), jelly finally decided it was ok to pet her.  She's let me pet her twice, when I give her food in the a.m. - so she's hungry.  She ate in front of me- usually she waits til I leave.  When I came back in the room with dry food, she ran under the desk.  Baby steps, but progress.  She really seems to count on Elvis - the two of them stand at the glass door, watching the cats and dogs on the other side.  Elvis is very upset when he sees one of the dogs - he's shy.   They both are eating well and they are safe."

They deserve a home.  Their foster mom is a wonderful mom to many furry beasts, but we've got to find these guys homes, and a foster for this little girl I still need to rescue.

I also met up with a friend this weekend and I had expressed my frustration with my blog as of late, and as I say all the time, I should stop this blog (but don't really mean it).  She nodded her head and said I should - most likely said due to the controversy recently.  Its bothered me since.  I don't she reads the posts daily, enough to see the positive things that have come out of this blog.

I don't have one friend in my life that has a mean bone in their body.  They all love animals, and any one that doesn't love animals passionately shouldn't be reading this blog, and I can't see why they would want to anyway.  I was raised to respect and abide by the rules, which I do.  The only way I don't respect is if an animal will be in harms way, or you do something unkind to upset a homeless animal.  Then I write about it, and I won't respect you.  Abide by the rules, of course, but not if it means an animal will be in jeopardy for it s safety.  I will do what I have to do.

With this blog, I've been able to rescue so many cats, and get help by so many wonderful people that have donated their money, cat food, and even time for these animals in the Beechwood section of Rochester.  This blog has also drawn attention to the problem this city, and all cities across the country are dealing with. 

So for now, I will continue to speak my mind in this forum, and any other forum that will listen to me.  So, thanks again for listening to me, and reading. 

Please spread the word about our homeless population out there.  They need our help.

Finally, there is a girl out there that was a big part of helping animals in Rochester, who I just found out is losing her battle with cancer.  Her last ditch at chemo did not work.  I knew her from years ago - she helped me out with getting cats spayed and neutered in the early days of my 'cat career' - she introduced me to her cats, her home - she had an outdoor cat enclosure for her own babies, and she fed ferals in their own little village in her back yard.  We shared cocktails and laughs on her back deck, I met her loving partner, she was a vital part of the animal community.  My point for this is to remember that everyone is fighting a battle that we do not know about.  Lets be kind to one another.  And please keep her in your prayers.

Have a nice day!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Make a Wish!

A few words about yesterday's comments.  First of all, I LOVE police men.  I love ANYTHING in uniform. Ask my girlfriends (wink).  But seriously?  Think what this world would be like without our police forces - well, think of what it would be like in THIS country without groups policing the bad men and women out there.  CHAOS, and we all would be goners.  I have such great respect for our men and women in blue.   They have helped me out more than a few times in my life when I needed help. I have met some great cops/animal lovers in the mornings since I began doing this nearly 15 years ago.  I call 911 for anything suspicious in my own neighborhood, and have done so for over 20 years that I've lived in my home.  And they are always there.  My mother says I have a speed dial number for them.  And they know who I am when I call - that they pick up the phone and with an eye roll, say 'yesssss Janine....'..  :) My dearly departed grandfather, Big Bill McCann (huge cat lover), ran against Sheriff Skinner in the 60s.  He lost, but not without a lot of votes!

Every day, I drive around one of Rochester's worst areas for crime and violence in the wee hours of the morning to feed homeless feral and stray cats.  It is sad that it is like that, but this is where the population of them are and I've made it my mission to help, so I just do it.  This also includes reporting dogs I see chained in the zero degree weather outside with no protection, rescuing those that are wandering, and lost, and also picking up dead cats from the road that have been hit and not bothered to be helped, or moved  to the side of the road.  This also includes helping out the occasional homeless guy, with a blanket, or a sandwich which I went back home to make and brought back to him because he was hungry.  Or talking to a streetwalker (they all know me) about maybe getting a real job at the hospital I work at.  Offering some hope.  That life isn't as hopeless as they think.

The police that work this area put their lives on the line every day and night.  Not many of us would be prepared to do anything like they do every day when they are on duty.  I am not the only one out there at strange hours of the night trying my best to fix a bad situation and we all rely on the police for protection and assistance. 

When I write about the cop that pulled me over that morning, I know he was doing his duty, but after realizing there was no wrongdoing or intention to do wrong, which he did let me go without a ticket or warning, but a smile and/or a kind word would have gone a long way.  That's all I was trying to say about that.  And yes, maybe he was in the height of personal despair, so I should remember that old saying.. "Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about..."

I write this blog to speak out about what I do for the animals, to try to educate people about what's out there, right under our noses, and hope for a solution to the ills of our society.  I write about what I see, who I encounter, and what my opinions are about every day stuff.  This country is all about free speech, and I am going to speak!  I try to speak for the animals, because they have no voice.

I love the police, but we have to work together - as citizens.  That is my wish.  So tomorrow, on my day off from my real job, when I pretend to blow out the candles on my pretend birthday cake (yes, it is - 27 on the 27th!  :)) (and no cake for me!), I will wish for harmony and peace for all, homes for all the homeless, safety for our officers, and to be a few pounds lighter at my weigh-in in the morning!  :)

Have a nice day!

"You were born to be real,
not to be perfect.
You're here to be you,
not to be what someone
else wants you to be.
Stand up for yourself,
look them in the eye,
and say 'Don't judge me
until you know me,
don't underestimate me
until you've challenged me,
and don't talk about me
until you've talked to me."

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cats Cats and More Cats!

Be sure to click on the photos to see up close:

I have a friend who is a teacher, and she does the same thing I do but on a smaller scale.  Plus, she does what she does in the daytime.  I don't know where her locations are, but there is one that is near where I feed.  In fact, its down the street from where I fed in the earlier days, when I fed at a vacant house's porch, that has since been torn down.  In fact, at one point, the city boarded up this house but there were cats trapped inside, so this friend got an ice pick or something and made a hole so that they could get out, and in so doing (as a favor to me while I had to be at work), the cops showed up and she was handcuffed, made to feel like a criminal, and written a ticket for trespassing.  Just prior to that a sign was posted on this porch "no trespassing".  Now, I believe I have rescued at least five cats from this spot, way back then, including two baby kittens, yet finding their sibling dead in the back of the house.  This charge was senseless in that the police officer could have given her a warning, and also, she being a teacher, was very paranoid about losing her job.

Vanessa - Mom I Rescued from Pennsylvania Street - 2013

Vanessa's Baby Charlie

Vanessa's Baby Pumpkin

I believe this is Vanessa's Baby - the one that got away. (taken early 2014)

So my friend, who is small in stature but BIG in personality, remains somewhat paranoid, for her own personal reasons, when it comes to getting caught feeding cats.  She deals with some very nasty people, as I have a gazillion times, and will continue to have to, but the difference between her and I is she tries to reason and be kind first, but I think she then backs off.  I would be the opposite. I get CRAZY when someone starts to mess with my stuff, and the kitties.  And then I finally have to move my stuff and move on, hoping the kitties will find me.

Anyways, that one spot, just down a ways from where I used to feed, is a multiple housing building with an unlocked gate.  She was concerned because the property manager has been throwing her stuff out, and she asked me to ask my cop friend about the laws of feeding cats.  Well, my cop friend is too busy these days due to her work to answer this, so for the sake of immediate necessity (does that even make sense?) in knowing the answer to this, I ask anyone who may know the law to answer this.

I went there this morning to check it out.  I got out, brought five bowls, poured food into four of them and water into the fifth, filled with dry, topped with wet, and out of the woodwork came FIVE cats right there and then.  They waited for me to get a distance away, but FIVE I counted.  All coming from around the corner of this building, and waiting also in the parking lot there.  She says she has been feeding 8-10 cats there.  Its despicable.

(TO MY FRIEND, Please correct any mistakes here, or add your comments!)

My first thought about all this is, I'd like to ask the question to these jerks (I am using a term that I would normally replace with something else) why is it so bad to feed these hungry animals?  As long as you are trying to reduce the population by spaying, neutering, rescuing what you can, what harm are you causing?  Can you really turn a blind eye to cats starving because your tulips are being stepped on?  Can you really turn a blind eye because, you just don't want them there?  Give me a reason to NOT feed a hungry animal!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this newsclip about an overpopulation in Batavia, and what they are proposing to do.  Kill the cats.  How did this population get so out of control in the first place?  Let me try to paste the link here:


Wrapping this up, please, if anyone can help my friend out answering the question about what her rights are, I would appreciate it.  

"When it comes to having a central nervous system, and the ability to feel pain, hunger, and thirst, a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy."

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

No Good

I forgot to mention the weather lately.  It snowed on Sunday morning.  It was like a blizzard for a little bit there while I was making my rounds.  Its so darned cold, these past two mornings.  It was 19 degrees yesterday.  Wow. March.  And to think its spring.  Well, hey, ya gotta roll with the punches, as they say.

My sore throat has turned into a chest cold.  When I cough, its coming from way deep down - its not bad, but that's what it is.  I've been taking my 'medicine' at night, and God I do love that stuff.  I am NOT condoning taking prescription cough syrup, but it puts me into such a luscious sleep, and I feel no body aches or pains.  LOVE it.  But, its just about gone, so I need to get used to that.  :(  :)

Here are some pictures taken yesterday of some of the kitties I feed.  Be sure to click on the pictures to make them larger!

Ginger - Baldwin St.

Ginger's Mates

Ginger's Crew


6th St. - where I feed Buttons and Whiskers
I was taking inventory of my locations today, thinking that soon, I will have to begin TNR.  Trap Neuter Return.  I hate it.  I really do.  I am not good at it.  I am good at cooking, I am good at driving (although some friends might disagree with that one!), I am good at my job - as unfulfilling and mundane that it is, I am good at being on time, I am good at being responsible, I think I am good at being a friend, but I just am not good at trapping.  I shouldn't say that, I am OK, but I hate DOING it.  I can't stand to see the animal scared out of its wits after the door slams behind them, I feel so bad for them, scared out of their minds when they are in this enclosure, and not knowing whats happening to them.  But its the end result that is the goal, and surpasses all that other emotional crap that I go through.  I must keep that in mind.

And boy are there a lot of kitties out there that need fixin'!  At my first location, there are two - one is a red boy with white chest, the other is a young tabby, a boy I believe - there has been an all black kitty hanging around between the first and second location.  At my second, Petey and Paulie are already done.  Petey let me pet him this morning, I was so happy about that.  He deserves a chance to have a home, and someone to love him.

Barney Before Rescue

Barney, after I rescued him!

At my third spot, there are a few tabbies that I believe are already done, although there is also a long haired black with some white that I see occasionally here now.  At my fourth (Hayward), there are tabbies and that sickly black kitty that came up yesterday to feed - the tabbies are already done I do believe, but not the blackie.  At the fifth (Baldwin), as you can see from the pics above, these kitties are already done.  The number has dwindled from eight, to around six, since Peanut Butter and Jelly were rescued.  Then onto Webster and Ferndale, (sixth) where I have no idea who I am feeding, but I am feeding some kitties, just don't know how many. I've seen a black kitty there, and a white with black on it.  My last rescue on this corner was Webster.

Butters, newly rescued getting flea bath

Butters, all cleaned up!

At the seventh spot, on Short, I haven't seen Milly in over a week now, only once since her buddy Morgan passed away inside their shelter.  I did, however, see three cats here that weren't familiar.  Then again, this morning was the darkest out than I 've seen in a long time.  DARK.

Cricket Before Rescue

Cricket After Rescue!
Then the eighth spot is Buttons and Whiskers and another calico, but all are fixed.  Ninth is Pennsylvania and Fourth, where there are usually around eight kitties, and most of the females are fixed but I do believe there is a young male tabby, and a red kitty with half a tail that still need to be done here.  Then onto Second and Penn (10th) , where there is a sweet little grey kitty, already fixed, and a calico that doesn't look like she has been done, but I can't be sure because she keeps her distance. Last rescue here was Mr. Fluffypants, who I am waiting on a picture, and update from his new mom.  Then behind Paul's house on 2nd (11th), there is a tabby I've been feeding for years and years.  No sign of Tuffy in a very long time.  Very sad about that.

Next is Third on Central (12th), where Roofy, a tuxie kitty hangs, and this morning there was a pretty grey kitty.  I could have sworn it was pregnant from the little I could see, but then again, aren't all greys males?  Next was Central and Fifth (13th), where there is a raccoon eating all the food, but I've been seeing an all black kitty here, and then onto 7th (my final and 14th spot!!!), where there is a larger colony, mostly fixed, but there are a couple of new ones hanging around. 

There are so many cats out there.  I need help trapping.  I hope I can get some help this spring. 

I also need help with fostering and adopting.  Elvis and Jelly are still waiting for homes.  Their foster mom does her best to get pictures, but its not easy.  I will try to get updates soon.

In the meantime, have a great day all!

"Life is too short to worry
Life is too short to be sad
Life is too short to ponder
on things you will never have
Life is too short for sadness
Life is too short for tears
Never count the day
Never count the years
Life is too short for falling out
Life is too short for war
Life is a gift, don't waste it
Life is so much more"

Monday, March 23, 2015


That had to be a cop that posted Friday's comment.  :)  Thanks for not giving me a ticket you mean-ass po po.  :) 

I've had a trace of a sore throat that has been lingering since end of last week, and its been bothering me all weekend.  I took some cough medicine because I've also had a dry cough that is nagging me - the kind of cough medicine I love - prescription.  Makes me loopy if I have enough, but also puts me into a deep sleep.  I love it.  But if I do take the prescribed amount, its still in my system when I get up in the morning, and that's not good, so I took just enough to stop the cough overnight.  So that started my weekend. 

Petey - Sunday Morning (Parsells)

Paulie - Sunday Morning (Parsells)
On Saturday, my usual cleaning and cooking day, the heating element in my oven caught fire, so now I have no oven.  Anyone who knows me knows I love to cook, but baking anything I had planned went kaput.  I did, however, ask a friend to borrow her oven, so as I was going out the door to her house with my spaghetti squash casserole, the phone rang.  It was an elderly woman by the name of Phyllis who had seen the article in the paper about me, and went on to say that there were three newborn kittens in the doghouse on her deck.  She said it was the mom's second litter, and she wondered if I could help her.  Sure enough, totally freaked out, I drove over there - which by the way her house is in between two of my feeding stations - she lives on Garson!~  I peeked inside the dog house when I arrived, and there were three baby kittens.  Mom had just run out upon hearing me walk up.  I had already tried to contact a girl that specializes in newborns, but I couldn't get in touch with her.  I was FRANTIC and I panicked!  I called RAS (Rochester Animal Services) and tried to get as much information as I could to make an intelligent decision - I didn't know what to do with newborns, I am just not good with that.  But I also didn't want them to die so I had to make the decision to have them come get the kittens, but I also knew that I didn't want to tear them away from their Mommy, and how hard it would be for them to survive without Mama's milk.  I also thought that they would be euthanized, most likely, at the shelter.  Please remember, I panic when I am confronted with a dire situation like this one.  I don't think rationally.  Now looking back, I could have made a few more phone calls to another rescue I know of - but my cell phone died!  

Thank GOD I was able to reach this girl who told me that YES, she would get the kittens and try to trap the mom.  Well, she did get the kittens, and she was successful in trapping mom, and got another calico girl at the same time.  GREAT news!  Kudos to the woman, Phyllis, for having the heart to care about these animals.  Not only does she provide the somewhat decent shelter for the strays, but she also puts a bowl of food out for them.  I just love that woman.  Take a look at these pictures of them!

So, even though I don't consider this a rescue for me, its a rescue for these precious cats!  Thank GOD for this woman to reach out to me, thank GOD I didn't ignore it, and thank GOD for Diane for going out of her way and taking these babies and caring for them.

"The best portion of a good man's life;
his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and love."

Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Spring!

So I get to my 13th or 14th spot, last one of the day, this morning, and lights are flashing behind me, a cop 'pulling me over', even though I was already parked and ready to get out of the car to go feed the kitties.   He pointed out a break light that was out, even though the car was inspected last week, which cost me $500 for four new tires in order to pass that inspection.  After being asked what I was doing, I told him, and that was that.  A young buck, not a pleasant guy.  I wonder if they have to be hard-nosed, have an unfriendly demeanor, in order to prove themselves when they are just starting out in the force.  A smile or laugh (which I try to get) goes a long way in my book, especially when you are trying to cultivate good will, and for them, a good reputation amongst the citizens.  A lot of police are hated in a lot of cities, not by all, but a majority, in light of the recent violence that has happened across the country.  I just wish police could be more friendly out there to me.  And yes, I did tell him about the article about me from last Friday.  He could have cared less.  The only saving grace for this guy was I heard barking coming from his car - K9 unit.  I thought, well, at least he likes dogs.

My Boy - Thunder

An friend of mine, who I met through my blog, wrote me a couple of years ago and told me the following story. I was rifling through old emails from her because I was trying to remember if she worked with Pity Love, a dog rescue group, because another friend asked me to be her reference because she is trying to adopt a dog through them.  I found this and just wanted to share this sweet story she wrote me that day.

"Ugh...what a trip to the store.

I go down the pet food aisle, see this lovely elderly couple rifling through their dog treat coupons, they only had one, so they only bought that one item.
Standing beside the hubby was an old, graying service dog, black Lab. We got to talking about how wonderful he was, though upset he will soon be replaced with a new dog. I guess they hubby uses the dog for support while walking. I asked what will happen to this one when the new one arrives. They told me that he will spend his remaining time lounging on the couch and hopefully teach the new service dog how to be the best dog ever. They only had the dog for 3 years, I guess his first person no longer needed the dogs help, and was given back to the Canine service dog group, poor dog. They told me now this old Lab is now having problems walking himself, which is why they will be retiring him to the couch. How ironic is that?
After saying this, they both became teary eyed. I patted the dog, wished them well and went about my way.
Upon finishing my shopping, I once again see the hubby and the dog in another aisle. I found a five dollar bill, walked over and gave it to him, told him to buy a few more treats. He just stood there with his mouth open, I walked away. A few seconds later, I hear him shout to his wife who was further down the aisle.."Honey, give this nice lady a huge hug please, she just bought our baby more treats".

I cried all the way home just knowing how much they love that old dog." 
Have a wonderful day everyone!
"The day the Lord created hope
was probably the same day
He created Spring."


Thursday, March 19, 2015


Thought I would share this story with you - I just read about it this morning:

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (AP) - A cat that vanished in South Carolina two years ago is going home after ending up nearly 2,000 miles away in Southern California. Kevin the orange tabby is leaving Palm Springs on Wednesday after disappearing from Anderson, South Carolina, in 2013. John Welsh of Riverside County Animal Services says the cat turned up in early March inside a U-Haul trailer a woman had driven across the country. During a routine inspection, the inspector heard meowing. The driver says she didn't know Kevin was inside. The dehydrated cat was taken to a shelter. His microchip helped track down owner Cheryl Walls, who jokes that Kevin has seen more of the country than her. She says somebody must have cared for Kevin. But who -- and how Kevin got into the trailer -- are mysteries.

Read More at: http://13wham.com//news/features/nation-news/stories/missing-sc-cat-found-2-years-later-ca-2766.shtml

Pretty amazing!~

All is well this morning.  It is a nippy 22 degrees out.  Cold enough to be able to walk on top of the snow, kind of like JC walking on the water!  I am seeing more and more cats out now.  On my way to do my dreaded first feeding spot on Parsells, I spotted a black and white cat - of course, I immediately pull over whenever this happens and grab a paper bowl or two, get out, and fill the bowls with food and water.  This baby came over and started to hungrily gobble the food down.  Breaks my heart, but knowing I fed a hungry animal makes it easier.  As I drove off, I knew I would be keeping an eye out for this guy every morning to come.

At my Hayward location, I thought I could hear a tinkling behind me, and sure enough, there was a very gorgeous fluffy grey cat with a collar and tag on.  I saw Petey and Paulie at my second Parsells location, waiting hungrily for their food.  Two beautiful reds.  There is a whole colony of brown tabbies at the Garson/Hayward locations.  A beautiful grey cat on Pennsylvania and Second that I have been feeding for over a year now meows like crazy when I pull up.  This is where I rescued Wally (#2) in the fall of last year and adopted out to Alex, the 89 year old gentlemen who ADORES him.  There is another black and white kitty on 3rd and Central that waits for me each morning, never letting me get too close.  As I drove off I was thinking that I must be his only human contact each day.  The only one, and thats only for one minute of the day.  How lonely that must be.  I wonder if cats feel loneliness.  I thought he must be glad I am going so that he can eat, and then curl back up inside the shelter there on the porch and get some sleep.  At least I hope he does.

Vilified, scrutinized and misunderstood, while there are many of us that feed, care and advocate for the feral and homeless cats out there, the general consensus surrounding these cats is filled with misconceptions.    Pet cats and homeless cats are really the same.  The care and compassion we give our animals at home should be the same as what we do for our homeless creatures, even if we can't pet them.  Each has a personality and individuality, and each would have a good story to tell.

Thats why in the darkness and quiet of the morning, if you are out in the neighborhoods I go into, you will hear someone having a one sided conversation and making a lot of kissing type noises... and that would be me.  :)

One last thing I thought of - you know why city and county and governments don't step up and do more for the animals?  Cruelty, overpopulation?  Because animals don't vote.  If they did, we would have a lot more help with these problems, eh?

"Hurt no living thing:
Ladybird, nor butterfly,
Nor moth with dusty wing."

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hump Day

Its 26 degrees out this morning, but the air is so crisp, so clean.  I took a big whiff of it while I was out doing the cats, and thought they could never duplicate this smell in an air deodorizer.  Never.  People ask me, do I REALLY go out in the dark every morning, at that time???  Yes, at 4:15 am., its dark, its quiet, and its peaceful.  Its hard to get out of bed, surely, but once out in the fresh air, there's nothing like it.  I could easily see myself living in the wilds of Alaska, going out in my waders (I would be living on a pond or lake) when I get up, getting firewood, but first looking out for a bear or moose that might be lurking.  Yep, I could.

It took me an hour and 15 minutes this morning.  Thats 4.5 minutes on average that I spend getting to the shelter from my car, laying down food and water for the babies, and heading back to the car.  In between that though, sometimes I am holding a cat, and gently petting, and talking to, like Buttons, which I do every morning.  He is next on the list, along with the George look-a-like on Parsells.  Both very sweet kitties - George look-a-like is not neutered, I have to get into the swing of doing that again.

I was also thinking how lucky (?) I was this winter not to come across any pregnant females.  I remember one year, what was it...  SEVEN pregnant females that winter.  As controversial as it is, I am of the firm belief that if the babies are tiny enough, they should be aborted.  That is my belief on animal abortions. There are so many cats out there, both homeless, and in shelters.  The ones in shelters are killed - senselessly - because not enough is being done to spay and neuter the cats on the streets. And then you have your breeders.  Don't get me started on that.

Remember Peanut Butter?  These pics should jar your memory.  I finally rescued him from Baldwin, after a long time of him being on the street, and look at him now, in warm home now, full of love and attention, just for him.  (the date on his mommy's camera is wrong - this pic was just taken recently)

Tyrone - I saw him again yesterday morning - what a pleasant guy he is.  I told him I mentioned him on the blog I wrote - I don't think he has a computer or uses one - and I told him how I found the story I did on the fire at his mother's house two years ago, that killed her, and that I had also taken a picture of the charred house, with the writings on it for "Tootsie", his mom that died.  I choked up telling him this.  He is such a strong, kind person.  He must be in his 30s, maybe 40.  He mentioned how his house is being broken into all the time, on Grand Avenue. He said the police were doing all they can, but....  He wished me a safe and blessed day, and went on his way.

At my first location on Parsells, I had to chase away two opossums.  They were hiding in one of the Styrofoam shelters I have on this porch.  I had to nudge them with the lid of the shelter, otherwise, they wouldn't move.  They kind of freeze in their tracks when they get scared.  As much as I don't want them to eat the cat food, these little guys are hungry too.  Unlike the raccoons!  Those devils!  Right now they are pretty thin, but come summer, they are huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Boy can they eat.

I took pictures of my own babies this morning - aren't they adorable.  All have their own stories too:






I wish you all a wonderful day - please spay and neuter your pets!

"You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life."

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Irish Eyes Are Smilin'!

Top o' the mornin' to ya!  Happy St. Patrick's Day!  I think I have a little Irish in me, mother's maiden name being McCann.  :)  I am supposed to wear green to work today, but I have nothing green.  Never did like the color, doesn't go well with blue eyes!  :)
I went to an event downtown Saturday evening and saw throngs of people lining the streets - there had been the annual St. Patrick's Day parade earlier - outside the bars were crawling with people, in every green thing a person can wear or attach to their body.  The event I went to was actually the Mayor's annual ball.  I was invited by a friend to sit at her company's table who was one of the sponsors. It was a fancy event, and fun to dress up for a couple of hours, better to attend as a guest because in my capacity at work at the hospital, I usually have work at events like that.
When I finally did get a chance to seek out the Mayor, I was even bold enough to bring along the front page of the newspaper that had my mug on it, just to jar her memory of when she proclaimed it to be City of Rochester Janine Wagner Day on November 14th.  The woman didn't have a clue who I was.  It didn't bother me, but I said I would call her office for an appointment to discuss the cats and said it with a sweet smile.  Ha.  That'll be the day.  I don't think our Mayor could care less about cats, really.  I am not putting her down, I just don't think its her thing.
The statistics alone in the image below should be enough to warrant the city to help in the population control of our cats.  I know Walt said in his comments the other day about the city won't use taxpayer money on this problem, but lets look at what we, as taxpayers, are having OUR money spent on.  Granted, we need things like our streets paved - wait a second - it took myself and neighbors FOUR years of complaints to get our pot-holed street paved - aren't we paying for that kind of stuff?  We are paying for salaries of government officials, and wait a second, didn't we just pay for that ball on Saturday night?  There are a gazillion more things that our taxes pay for, but the point is, we NEED a fund for the animals that are reproducing day after day.  To me, its cruelty at its best to sit around and do NOTHING about it. 

IF you see a cat in your neighborhood, find out about it.  Ask your neighbors.  If you live in an area that has a lot of cats outside, chances are, they are homeless.  Chances are, they are not spayed or neutered and are reproducing right under your nose.  If they have a tipped ear (the tip is cut off), that means they've already been fixed (small chance they've been in a fight and had their ear torn).  If they don't, call one of the very few rescue groups in our town, and ask for help in trapping. Get them fixed.   Help our cats.  It takes a village, right?

Have a good day.

"Better to light a candle for one lost animal than to curse the darkness of man's indifference.
Saving just one animal won't change the world,
but it surely will change the world for that one animal."