Monday, April 29, 2013

Paddy.... Again...

First off, thanks to all who commented on Friday's post.  Very kind, and very sweet.  Everyone needs that kind of reassurance occasionally, especially with the kind of thankless job I do each and every day, out in the streets, feeding very hungry cats, and rescuing those that I am able to.  So thank you, your words mean a lot to me.

Next, here are two pictures.  Both of these momma kitties I rescued from the streets.  Both gave birth this weekend!  Pepper was being fostered by Linda, and the other fostered by Sara with Another Chance Pet Rescue.  Thank you girls for giving these precious mommies a home, rather than them give birth on the streets.  Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Pepper from Hayward & her 3 babies!

Alexis from Central and 4 of her 5 babies!

Well, I think the little guy Paddy will be coming back to my home this week.  Poor Lillian has been at her wits end.  She is a true worrier, and just could not handle a little kitten.  Each time I spoke to her, she sounded more and more upset.  Paddy started to use the plants as his litter box, and won't let her near him because he is afraid of being put in the bathroom again, where I had instructed her to place him for a few days so that he could feel a bit more secure in his large surroundings.  So its a wait and see.  I don't run over there when she calls, because I always hope that there will be the one special bonding between the two of them, but its probably not going to happen.  When I spoke to her yesterday, I suggested that maybe it would be a good idea for her to get an older cat, and I immediately thought of my 2+ year old boy Earl, who needs a home, especially a one cat home, or even Daisy who is just over a year now - who has not yet gone to her new digs.  The couple I met last Thursday at Petco and I just haven't connected this weekend.  I hope this past week and half has not scarred little Paddy too much.  Will keep you posted on this!

I finally got an update on the two sweet kitties - Brady and Gus - I brought to Lollipop two weeks ago today.  My friend says: 
"Both of your cats are up for adoption. Their names are now Rigby (black cat) and Leroy (grey). Leroy has some conjunctivitis that is being treated, but both are doing well."

I can't tell you how relieved I was to hear this!  I hadn't heard from her since they were brought in, and I feared the worse.  Thats NINE cats I rescued in the past few months from the miserable streets they were living on that were all adopted out to good homes!  I am so thrilled about this!

And to top it off, I rescued one more this morning who will be going to Lollipop to be fixed up, and placed for adoption!!!!!  Here is Garth:  He is a sweet boy from Stout that I've been feeding.  He would run to my car every morning, the first couple of mornings he was limping, I believe due to glass that is there, broken and spread all over the place.   He is a very very sweet, unneutered male.  Very pretty too!  There are a few out there that don't agree with me taking kitties off the street and bringing them to Lollipop, and you will be happy to know this will be the last of them for a while.  My contact there has assured me that they are still not overcrowded but the time would be now to bring them in before the kittens arrive.  There will be many of those brought into Lollipop very soon, as it is kitten season in full swing now.  I am just glad to know that these cats will not face the dangers of being on the streets any longer, and that they will find good homes to be loved and cared for as they should.  So, thank you Lollipop!

GARTH 4/29/13


Garth Licking Chops



  1. I adore the the photos of the new momma cats and their baby's. To the awesome girls that you reached out to and agreed to help, I ask God to bless you, for what you did, it is nigh on impossible to get these pitiful creatures adopted, let alone a momma and her babys. Janine, works her magic again. !

  2. Garth is SO handsome! He will do well! Good luck, Garth!