Friday, April 26, 2013


I hurt someone's feelings yesterday with my post.  The woman that took Howard is actually a very kind woman, and I sometimes say things about people in general, not realizing that someone may take it personally, and it may upset them.  When I know I've hurt someone's feelings, I can't tell you the deep depth of sadness I go into, because an animal lover is an animal lover, a compassionate human being, and I would never ever want to hurt their feelings - God, there are so few good people in this world compared to all the mean, the twisted and uncompassionate.  I know its frustrating for her to deal with these cats, and I know her main concern is for Howard, believing that he is in a situation that he may be very unhappy in - being tormented by a sister cat.  So I vented my frustrations about people giving up in general, and I shouldn't have done that, somehow thinking she might take it to heart.  I should have just explained the situation and asked for all the help I/she could get, instead of venting my frustrations toward her, when it was really meant in general.  All I can say is that I I certainly don't want hurt anyone, but my main concern is and always will be to be in the best interest of the cat.   Reading her note to me yesterday made me cry, and she told me point blank she wouldn't be giving the cat back because she loved him, and knowing she probably won't contact me again, I have to move on and pray that all turns out well for her family, and that I will continue to have faith in those that adopt cats from me, or from any rescue organization, and that they will never give up in giving the best possible forever home for that animal, no matter what.

This morning, as I was pouring food and water for the kitties on Second, I heard a tap tap tap on a window a couple of houses down and realized it was someone knocking on the window of the bootleggers house, to get their fix for the morning.  The bootleggers sells anything from beer and cigarettes, to God knows what else.  As I got back into my car parked on the street, I could tell it was a very tall slender very young female.  She darted away after the window closed, and around the corner.  I had to go that way anyway, and I parked at my next stop, in the direction she was heading.  I got out as she crossed the street, and remembered her from two summers ago where I had the confrontation with the people on Grand Avenue, neighbors of when Wally was living there, when I was forced to feed the cats on the side of the road, and she kept threatening to lift them up the second I left.  She was another one that made me cry.   And when I did that, she came back over to me and apologized.  Sincerely.  She said she had been angry at her boyfriend, had been drinking, and took it out on me.  She told me about how she loved cats, and that what I was doing was a good thing.  I will have to find the post from that day and share it with you.  Anyways, here she was, two years later, and obviously once again doing the wrong thing. 

Just prior to this, I saw Seven, the prostitute that I've known for years, the one that two summers ago I called the police on her (unbeknownst to her) when she was very far into her pregnancy because she was drunk out of her mind and being loud walking on Bay Street at 5:30 in the morning, and I was sick for that child in her belly.  I thought maybe there was a law about being that drunk when you are that pregnant.  Anyways, that baby in her belly is now close to two years old, and his name is Walter, a cute little boy, I see her strolling him around occasionally at 5:30 am. in the hood.  I can only pray he is being looked after.  She asked for a ride to a few streets away, and when she got in, she was barely coherent.  She wreaked of booze and cigarettes, and could barely keep her eyes open.  I thought to myself, after seeing the second girl --- these poor women.  Aren't they tired of doing things like this over and over and over again.  Don't they want to get out of their ruts, their horrible lives, and be good mothers, good citizens?  How could I help them?  I helped Wally and Miss B., to a certain extent, but I don't have the time or knowhow as to how to help women like that.  I know Seven needs a rehab, but how do people with nothing get something like that?  Its sad, thats all I can say.  Very very sad.  And another generation grows up in desperate poverty.

Sorry for the downer today.  This is just some of the stuff that I deal with but I have a ton of optimism in me and will not falter!  Carpe-diem!

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come.
We have only today. Let us begin.”


  1. Oh sorry for you and Howards prospective new owner, I knew there was sadness in you yesterday when we met up.......myself I could not cope with what crosses your path every day, the physical injuries of the cats, the emotions that come with all your voluntry work, I wonder if you ever want to give up ? Are the good results you strive for enough to keep this up ? Not for nothing, but I took your update on Howard as a message to me, also an adoptive parent of yours, I was not offended and believe you trust me. I know well, what you went thru to save the 2 cats you sent me for my home.

  2. I hope that Howard's mom will read your blog one more time today and see what you have written. You are both wonderful ladies who are dealing with difficult situations and unfortunately, as emotions were running high, it caused hurt feelings. Love to you both.

  3. Adopters who have kids and/or other animals to whom they've already committed need to be careful adding to their broods. It has to be a good fit or everyone suffers. And a bad experience could turn someone off to adoption altogether. I think the value of a rescue group is that its goal is to broker a good match that will last. It makes the larger adoption fee that rescue groups charge worth it. And most of the rescue group adoption contracts say you have to return the pet to the group if it doesn't work out, right?

  4. Janine--you have a tender and caring heart. It shows with what you do, and how you do it. I can't believe any one could be offended or feelings hurt with what you do or say or write. You only expressed the anguish that you deal with daily. Your strength is truely amazing.


  5. large adoption fee? we charge 60.00 for a cat over 6 months, fully vetted. That doesn't even come close to what we spend to vet them. I think that is is extremely worth it already. And having a contract that says they have to return them is no guarantee. It's about as good as the paper it is written on and cannot be enforced.

  6. I have only done 1 'ride-a-long' with you and only emailed you a dozen times or so, so you can say that I barely know you. However, here are my observations: What you do EVERY SINGLE DAY- snow, sleet, rain, cold, heat, going into crime ridden neighborhoods with criminals lurking about- spending your own money to feed & care for defenseless animals (and opening up your home to them) that are dumped onto the streets to fend for themselves- it speaks VOLUMES about your character & the type of person you are. You are incredibly selfless, thoughtful, and a truly genuine, compassionate person. You wouldn't hurt anyone. Anyone that knows you for one second, would get that right away. I hope Howard's Mom sees that & understands the difference between simply venting & when someone truly wants to hurt another's feelings. What you see daily is truly heartbreaking. You have earned your right to vent anytime. You & the few others like you, are the true, unsung heroes!
    As for the women you encounter when you are out there, if they have ever been arrested, even once, there are NUMEROUS programs & help offered to them, via the court system. It's up to them to accept the help. Most do not. Just be careful giving them rides, most are intox & very unpredictable.

  7. Rescue group adoption fees are higher than shelter adoption fees for dogs. Nothing wrong with that. Not sure how all the cat adoption fees compare.