Thursday, June 25, 2015

TNR Thursday

What an insane morning for me.  It started with waking, visiting the three kittens in my downstairs bathroom, holding each one, kissing each one, talking gently to each one.  Then, downstairs to where Fluffy is - this is the cat that was hit by a car on Webster Avenue, and brought to Rochester Animal Services, and a rescue group was called after the cat healed from minor injuries, and it needed to be returned to the streets.  The group called me because I feed around there, and I recollected that yes, this kitty had been missing for a week, but I had thought that CRAZY MARY had taken the cat into her house just down the street.  I told the rescue group that this cat should not be placed back into that area because this woman was removing the food after I left it every single day.  I offered to take Fluffy.  A co-worker, who adopted Laura from me three years ago, offered to take Fluffy.  She came and got Fluffy on Monday, but mentioned she would be going on vacation for two weeks starting tomorrow.  I told her I would take Fluffy for that time because Fluffy is very very timid, and I would work with her during that time.  So, here I have Fluffy in one room, and kittens in the other, all scared.  On top of that, today was TNR Thursday.

Patty from Parsells

Mike from Melville

I started off on Melville, where there are a ton of cats.  This is not one of my regular spots, I just happen to know there are many hungry cats and I am feeding them under a lamppost next to the curb.  I rescued Smudgy Miranda here last week.  I set the trap, drove to the next NON-Spot, and set another there.  This is doors down from CRAZY LISA's house.  I drove back to the first set trap around the corner and Voila!  Kitty trapped.  Then back to the second set trap and Voila!  Another kitty trapped.  I believe the first is a boy, and the second is a girl.  Funny how you can pretty much tell the sex of cats when they are older, but with kittens, God only knows, for me.  I wish someone would come over and tell me.  Although these kittens do need to be seen by a vet for a check up, deworming, shots, etc.  Then spaying.  I sure do need help with all this.  There are five total.  The other two are my responsibility even though they are being cared for by a kind hearted girl I met through my friend Julie.  IF anyone can spare some change, please call the clinic at 585-288-0600 and make a donation under my name.  Many thanks in advance!  Each cat cost me $50.  That's a lot of money for me on a single paycheck.

On top of that, as I finished up and headed to my second half of feedings, beyond Webster Avenue up and up Central Park, I poured my usual food down at Webster and Ferndale, where I had every intention of that being one of the trappings I would do that day, but had decided against it at the last minute, lo and behold, there walks Crazy MaryLou (I think this is her correct name).  She is out a lot earlier than normal, as its still only 4:45 now.  I walked up to her and told her to stay away, as I always do.  She said the most vulgar things to me, which she has done in the past, but this time, it made my socks curl up in my boots.  I don't know where she get the filthy thoughts she has - she has certainly been around.  I am not sure what I can do about this, but she is hampering my efforts to get these cats spayed.  I am not sure if there in any legal precedence here.  I would love to get legal advice on this.

I could trap a cat every single day for a year, that's how many cats are out there that need help.  I mentioned seeing one pure white baby kitten yesterday near Niagara Street.  I had every intention to trap it this morning, but guess what.  When I pulled up, I saw three pure white and one pure black baby kittens.  I saw an orange adult.  I was just overwhelmed.  I need more help.  I can't do this alone.

The person that I left a note for on Hebard yesterday wrote another note and taped it up next to his original one.  It said something like 'take the cats elsewhere, its not my problem' to which I wrote a note back saying I would be leaving him some information today telling him that its not likely that the cats will be moved elsewhere, because it just doesn't work like that.  He needs to understand that the cats need spaying and neutering and they won't go away, it will just get worse with overpopulation without it.  He is a sad man.  He obviously just hates animals.  I need help from the city with this.  They just have to be able to help with this problem.  We need to shake these people and make them understand!

Have a Nice Day.

"Non-violence leads to the highest ethics,
which is the goal of all evolution.
Until we stop harming all other living beings,
we are still savages."


  1. Oh no, more kittens! I wish there was something the city could do to help. Patty is such a pretty kitty too.

  2. Holy cow - more kittens. Ok, well take a deep breath and tackle what you can, day by day. I will help as much as I can. -Kristin

  3. I just called in a donation on behalf of Harold.... wish there was more I could do. xoxo