Tuesday, June 2, 2015

13.5 Oz.

My wish list for today?  That the rain will end, and 13.5 oz. cans of Friskie's wet food.  They are so much easier when prepping the food for the following morning, which is done immediately each day after I return from doing my rounds.  I use close to 15 of these sized cans each day to feed the 50+ cats - and that's giving them just a small bit per cat.  I also go through nearly 24 pounds of dry food per day.  Its crazy, isn't it?  But think about how many cats are hungry out there, and this holds them over until the next morning when I come around again to give them their daily sustenance.

Its wet and miserable out again today.  A fine constant mist.  My hair looks like Bozo the Clown's hair.  Although not red.

We are preparing for the fundraiser, slowly.  The main things on my mind are the food and booze, my two favorites.  :)   I have had offers for a few gift baskets, which I am thrilled about.  We need gift baskets to raffle off.  Last year we had awesome baskets.  I am looking forward to see what we have this year.  We are also in need of a second band to play for a few hours from 4-6ish.  If worse comes to worse, we play CD music.  But it would be nice. Anyone out there know of some musical talent that might want to help out a good cause?  We had over 200 people last year come and go, and music was definitely an essential element to its success.  I can't wait.  July 18th.  Please mark it on your calendars!

Wubby cost me another $85 yesterday.  She was spayed a few weeks ago for $100, brought in for conjunctivitis and URI last week which cost me another $145, and yesterday, after still sneezing, her two medicines cost me $85.   People don't realize the cost of rescuing just one cat.  They don't all cost this much, but there is an expense.  I ask for only $40 minimum of a 'donation.'  I am not comfortable talking about money, asking for money.  There are some adopters that have never given me anything, even though their cat cost me minimum $50 to spay and neuter.  Does it bother me, yes, but the price of knowing these cats are off the street is enough for me. 

They are all precious, and so many more out there need homes.  Please spread the word!~

Have a great day!

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