Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Oh, What a Crazy Life I Lead

Weather forecast for Rochester, NY:

Showers and thunderstorms through midday, any storms could be strong with damaging winds and heavy rain.  Sun returns this afternoon. Very windy and still humid.
High: 81
Wind: SW 15-35 mph

I tried to dodge the rain this morning by leaving half hour earlier than usual.  3:45 am.!  Am I NUTS or what???  Honestly, my main concern was to let the cats that have NO shelter for their food eat before they got rained on.  How sad, eh?  I did return to the spot on Melville Street after I made my rounds, and on my way home, and moved the dishes from the curb to under a garage awning behind a truck that is always parked there.  The cats came running to the bowls out of the rain.  The grey cat is very friendly, but starving.  Its surely homeless.

Speaking of homeless there is a situation on Hebard that a friend feeds at every other day I guess, and the man fixing up a house there across from a garage, which now has signs all over it of no trespassing.  There are about four or five cats there that are starving.  I thought to myself this morning, after I went to put food down (yes, even though this is not one of my spots, I cannot help myself knowing there are hungry cats), and after seeing a new handwritten sign on the garage saying "please do not feed cats here - the owner", I thought to myself, how can a human being allow an animal in obvious need starve to death.  How can a human being want to allow an animal not to be fed.  I just don't get this.  Can anyone explain their thoughts about this to me?  Its total cruelty in my opinion.  Something must be done about this spot, there is no other place for these cats.  I am hoping my friend will come up with a plan, I have enough to worry about - I cannot handle any more.

Speaking of, a friend of a friend offered to take two of the kittens from me yesterday.  She came and got two of them right after work.  Here is a picture of the two she is going to try to socialize.  Then hopefully we can get them adopted!  She named them Meadow and Haven.

Here is a picture I took of the remaining three, which I am trying to think of names for myself.  I don't know how this girl got the two above to pose like that!   I know the black one is going to be Pippa.  :)  She is one cute little kitten.  She lets me kiss her on the nose!  :)  (some would say eeeuuwww gross to that, but I don't care!).  :)  I am truly grateful that - as much as I love kittens - these will hopefully move fast and out of my house.  Its a lot of stress on me to have this many.

Here is me forcing kitties to have their picture taken:  :)

On top of the kittens, I had the little red from Fernwood dropped off into my other bathroom yesterday.  Little Fluffy is very timid, but a sweetheart.  She was hit by a car a week earlier and was being cared for by Rochester Animal Services and needed to be moved out of there and returned to her colony, although her colony is not a good one because of Crazy Marilee throwing away the food so I had to take her.  Lo and behold, a girl that adopted Laura from me over two or three years ago was interested and came to take a look at little Fluffy.  I think love formed in the bathroom while I let them meet and greet, and she decided to give her a try, even though Laura may be a problem.  Laura is now named Gypsy by the way.  I gave her all sorts of advice about introduction, but its going to take a bit of time I believe. On top of that, this girl is going away for two weeks on Friday, so I may take little Fluffy back until they return.  Ugggh.

Maria and Fluffy Getting To Know Each Other
 I swear I didn't dream about this kind of life as a little girl!  uggh.

Below are pictures of Frisco, the kitty from the same location - Fernwood and Webster - that had a chicken bone lodged in his mouth and was on death's doorstep when he walked up to me that lucky morning.  Here he is with his brother and sisters - is he one happy kitty to be indoors and loved?

Have a great day everyone!

"The greatness of a nation 
and its moral progress 
can be judged by the way 
its animals are treated."


  1. I am interested to know how many times you have been bitten and scratched? I hope those beautiful kittens adjust to a loving home. They have a scared look in their eyes or is it a feral look? Not sure.

  2. Thank GOD I have been bitten and scratched 0 times from these kittens. They are still scared, but have gone past the scratch or bite phase. I can kiss their bellies now! :) Can't wait to hear the first purr. :)

  3. What are the sexes of the 3 kittens? I assume that the black one is a girl due to the name Pippa. Yellow tabbys are usually male , so I assume that one is male . But what about that longer haired gray one ?

  4. How many times have you been bitten in all your years of cat rescue? I know those bites hurt and can get easily infected. Like any animal bite.