Monday, June 29, 2015

Happy Monday!

In case any one is new to reading this, a brief summary of how this started.  Maybe 15 or more years ago, I was at the public market, and on my way home (in the dark - yes, I liked to get up early even before this), I spotted some cats in a vacant lot on 1st and Bay street, and started to feed them.  (Actually, it started when I was having lunch at Lorraines Lunch Bastket on Culver near East Main with friends and one spotted a cat behind the restaurant! - I continued to feed through that winter there, before the owners asked me to leave - I helped many cats survive that winter for sure).  After this, I spotted many more around this area, and so it began.  I started building huts, I started to rescue the sweet ones, I started to get them spayed and neutered after I learned about Habitat for Cats low cost clinic in Webster on Irondequoit Bay, WAAAAAY back when.  Prior to learning about that low cost clinic, I was bringing rescues to my own vet and being charged well over $200 for their vetting, and then adopting them out. 

These days, I get up at 3 am. every morning, EVERY SINGLE MORNING, and head out at 4:15 am. to feed well over 60+ cats now, and those are the ones I can count.  There are many more that wait in the wings for me to leave, the true ferals.  I spay and neuter as many as I can through Rochester Community Animal Clinic, and have to return most of those to the street the next morning after their surgery, and its heartbreaking.  I have rescued over 30 cats so far this year, and TNR'd that same approximate number.  I still pay $50 per cat as I did at the HFC clinic years ago, and it costs me a fortune.  I survive on my admin paycheck, and through the help of a few people, their kindly food and monetary donations.  I have given up a life of vacations, fixing up my house, getting a new car, etc.  Every penny goes to helping the less fortunate cats of Rochester.  I would love to be able to find homes for these deserving cats, and there are at least 10 right now I could easily remove from the streets, and they would make such wonderful, and extremely grateful companions, but I can't find enough people willing to adopt or foster. 

I have seen a lot of sadness on the streets over all these years, but there have been so many rewards that almost equal the sad.  Take for instance, Miranda Smudgy.  Here is the latest picture of her.  Talk about a grateful and happy cat:

Smudgy Miranda
On Friday, I had to take "Sabrina", the red kitty that was hit by a car several weeks back, and brought to me by HFC after I told them I would take her, I didn't want her going back to that wicked corner on Webster and Ferndale where Crazy Mary throws away the food I leave for all those cats that live for me to deliver it each morning.  Sabrina (Fluffy) was adopted the week prior, but her new mom was going on vacation so I decided to keep her until her return and continue to socialize this very fearful cat.  She seemed very dehydrated, looked like she was losing weight and had terrible breath.   I brought her in and after weigh-in (4.8 pounds), they opened her mouth and all her gums and teeth were rotting.  They immediately did a blood test (negative) and then gave her a shot of convenia and Clindrop treatment.  Why on earth did RAS (Rochester Animal Services) not see this?  They are the ones that took her in after she was hit by car - I would think they would at least give her a thorough exam.  I am afraid of what will come down the road with her teeth.  She is now in the care of a friend while I am caring for these three crazy kittens I rescued, and seems to be doing a bit better!  Speaking of, these three kittens also went to the clinic for their wellness exam, and guess what, Emma Grey is EMMET Grey.   All three are boys!  Meadow and Haven will be going to the clinic this week and we will determine their sex.   PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD, THESE KITTENS NEED ADOPTING.  I CANNOT RESCUE ANY MORE UNTIL THEY GO - PLEASE CONSIDER FOSTERING IF YOU HAVE A BIT OF TIME ON YOUR HANDS!  Also, please consider making a donation to the clinic on behalf of all these kittens and cats that will need to be spayed and neutered out there.  Tomorrow I will be TNR'ing two more.  This is so costly.  :(



Pippa is kinda my favorite - shhhh!  don't tell the others!

I could write all day about the recent developments on the streets this past week, but just noticed that I now need to get to my full time job!  UGGGH.  Prayers, please.

And don't forget my fundraiser!  July 18th!  Be there or be square.  :)

Have a great day!
Rescuer's Creed
Author Unknown
  • I promise I will take your unwanted animals.
  • I will heal their wounds, their diseases, their broken bones.
  • I will give them the medical attention they need and deserve.
  • I will nurture their starvation and give them a warm place to sleep.
  • I will spay and neuter them, vaccinate them against the diseases that can harm them.
  • I will treat them and honor them.
  • I will buy them toys, blankets, balls and teach them to play.
  • I will speak softly to them.
  • I will try to teach them not to fear, not to cry and not to hate.
  • I will whisper sweet, kind, gentle words into their ears, while gently trying to stroke their fear, their pain and their scars away.
  • I will face their emotional scars and give them time to overcome them.
  • I will socialize them, potty train them, teach them to be obedient, show them dignity
  • I will hold their paws and stroke their ears if they have endured too much and walk them over the Rainbow Bridge....

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