Thursday, August 15, 2013

Vacation Day - YAY!

But doing many backbreaking chores - not sure which I would rather be doing actually, work at work, or work at home?

Taking a break from blog today, except to say that I saw a very pregnant beautiful red cat again on Pennsylvania and Fourth, ready to burst, and another I believe is pregnant amongst the group of cats I am feeding on Central near Fifth.  Terrible situation there, and I may be going over to see if I can talk to the women there and see whats up with the little kittens.  I have had half of the cats there spayed, but half are still not, and I believe this cat is either full of milk AFTER giving birth, or is filling up with milk AND babies. 

Little Cricket, the kitten I rescued from Seventh Street, was introduced to her new mom, and big brother last evening.  He will be going for his spay on Monday, and will be going to his new home on Tuesday.  I am going to miss this precious little gift from God.  I still see his siblings on Baldwin, that I cannot get.  So sad.  And the little little girl that I rescued from the porch on Central last week, she is being shown to her new mom today.  Kristin has been caring for this other little gift from God, and kitten will be going to her new home at the end of the month.  I must try to save the others in this house on Central.  There are four more.  Wish me luck.

And have a wonderful weekend everyone.  XO

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  1. Yay, I'm so glad that the home for Cricket came through! I would say this week has been very successful, two kittens were adopted out!