Thursday, August 8, 2013

More Meanies...

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, someone had moved the two remaining shelters I had left and placed on Central, where all the new cats – mostly new mothers – that I have been feeding, and TNR’g.  I was hoping it was city workers just to get the grass mowed on the two vacant lots, but when I pulled up this morning, I realized it was just another very mean spirited person.  The totes were completely gone.  The boards were still there, but the totes must have been brought to the curb right after I left yesterday, as it was trash pick up day in the city.  I consider that whoever did this commited a sin.  To knowingly hurt an animal, and in my opinion, it is hurting an animal.  This was shelter for the food because of all of the rain we experience, and what will they do in the winter time when the snow falls?  I must speak to someone in one of these houses, find someone compassionate around there.  Its time to knock on a few doors.  Problem is, you don’t know on people’s doors at five in the morning.  I will have to make the time to go when people are out. 

It was thundering, lightning and raining this morning as I headed out.  I knew I would have to dodge raindrops if I didn’t want my thick and normally frizzy, but newly straightened hair to explode.  Most of the kitties were waiting for me, under shelter.  I have not seen the three remaining kittens on Baldwin,  since before my trip.  I am not sure what has happened to them.  I have also not seen the very sick black kitty on Seventh, nor have I seen the remaining sibling to Blake, the kitten that is still waiting for adoption.  I do see the Mama kitten (she is barely a year old) every day there though.

Tomorrow morning I have two spots at the clinic for trap spay/neuter and return.  I will be trying to trap a kitty on Baldwin, and will be hopefully just picking up one of the friendly new mothers on Central and plopping her, or one of the friendly unneutered males, into a carrier.  These people in this neighborhood don’t realize what a favor I am doing for them, and its not costing them a thing.  It all comes out of my pocket, and they could care less.



Little Orangie


I am desperately trying to find homes for Little Orangie, Blake and cute little Cricket.  They are all wonderful kitties that deserve a decent and loving home.  Little Orangie is still on the streets of Ferndale and Webster.  I’ve been caring for this cuddly sweet boy for nearly two years now.  Please help me to spread the word. 

"One of the hardest decisions you'll ever face in life is choosing whether to walk away, or try harder."


  1. I am sorry to heat about trashing your shelters Janine, want me to go with you, to see if you can get even one person who will allow you to continue ? I met Cricket, and he is an adorable and very smart kitten, I hope he will get his own person soon, he is begging for attention and to show off his intelligence ! Orangie reminds me of my Sandy, looks like him and a similar story. That cat, Sandy has repaid me and you every single day since I have taken him in. Never ever spryas, scratches, fights, eats everything, plays with toys, and loves a cuddle on my lap, a terrible time waster, he is :) so prayers for Orangie, he too is way overdue to be made safe and loved.

  2. Well that just sucks that someone would trash those shelters! Nevermind, there's more where those came from. I'll have to work on getting more bins for my dear old dad to transform. :D