Monday, August 19, 2013


OMG, my life is so crazy.  Really.  I run here, I run there, thank God for the downtime I take.  Its sometimes at the expense of others.  I missed out on my great niece’s birthday yesterday, and also got the particular birthday girl mixed up, thinking it was the two year old, but it was the four year old.  I felt bad, and know I am a disappointment to my family a lot, but this cat business consumes my days sometimes.  This morning I dropped Cricket off for his neutering, and along with Cricket, Blake was going to be dropped off for the same thing.  At the end of the day, I will pick up BOTH Cricket and Blake.  Blake will be my new resident, and Cricket, sadly, will be leaving me and going to a great home tomorrow.  I have fallen in love with this very gentle, non-hyper, loving, licking my face kitten.  I am praying Blake will be a good replacement until we can find him a home.  He was being fostered for the past month by a kind woman and her daughter, but the others, both a little human and a dog, were not a great fit for the little kitten.  So stay tuned for some up to date pictures of Blake!   I must find him a home, so please spread the word!



I was so busy this weekend.  Kristin, my brave schoolteacher friend who has had an entire summer off, came over early on Saturday to help me reposition and clean out a shelter I have built in the back of John’s yard on Parsells.  John has been kind enough to allow me to feed kitties behind there, even though I rarely see them.  They must be very feral.  I used to feed Stanley, Sylvester and Sadie behind there, but all three were adopted by Maryann in Canandaigua early this year for her barn.   When we removed the door that was on top of a few totes/huts, we could see there were a ‘few’ ants (Thousands), but when we removed each of the lids to replace straw, there were gazillions of ants under the straw.  In one tote, I noticed fur, and when I touched it with a stick, I saw a skeleton of some poor animal that died in it.  Who knows what kind of animal, but I pray it was a fast death.  I remember smelling something pretty bad early this year, but couldn’t get in there to clean up without some help, and Kristin gave it to me.  We were like two pioneer women, getting the job done, even though it was totally disgusting, with every insect imaginable before our very eyes.  YUCK.  I could really use some new totes built for me, if anyone has any free time to do?  I have one very large tote in my back yard donated by a sweet girl named Jill, but it still needs to be built into a shelter. 

The house on Stout, next door to the garage I feed a black and two red kitties inside of – was demolished.  There is an empty dirt lot there now.  Its sad to see, and good to see because the house was in pretty bad shape, but sad because I’ve lost some protection from the weather on the south side of the garage, even though the garage faces west, where most of our storm systems come from.  I must replace a board on a window, must have blown off with the demolition.

The red kitty on Pennsylvania and Fourth is still very pregnant.  Frightened and pregnant.  I can only say a prayer.  I am not getting too many spots at the clinic for some reason, and I don’t have the money to boot, but I do have two spots for TNR next week I believe.  I must check.   But those will go for the Central Park kitties that are all lactating and pregnant. There are five there that I still need to do, three females, two males – not to mention the kitties on Baldwin that need spaying.  And there are now new ones on Webster and Ferndale, tiny little black and red kitties that are unsprayed/neutered.  There are so many.  I really need help.

So that’s the scoop for the day.  Thanks for reading!

"When things go wrong, getting UPSET does not help, but getting UP to SET things right always makes life easier."

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  1. Whirl wind weekend again for you janine, so I left you a little something in the porch at your place. Plastic bin shelter coming too. xoxox