Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happy August!

Thanks to everyone that voiced concern over Wally. My goals is to get him feeling better – so that he can care for himself better…, happy life, happy cat. I started the process rolling, by calling a social worker at the hospital I work at and getting her recommendations… So I will get all the insurance information needed and try to get him in to see a physician. Larry was brought to the low income vet yesterday and I was charged $100+ total for the check up and treatment. Wally surely couldn’t afford it, and it is money I certainly do not have, but Larry needed the medicine, so we do what we have to do. He has some more issues that I can’t afford, but for now, he is better than he was.

It’s a wet and miserable morning out there – figures, I just had my hair straightened at the hair dresser last evening – its gotta hold out for my weekend mini trip, so I was dodging raindrops as I went to each of my 16 spots and pouring food and water down for all the hungry kitties. At the one location on Central, there is no shelter to keep the food from getting soaked, so I hope the kitties gobbled a good amount down before it downpoured, not even twenty minutes after I left them. On Sixth Street, where someone finally moved into a house that I feed many cats on the porch of – and I placed the food in the garage across the street temporarily – the guy that owns the empty house will trash it when he comes by – I saw a woman standing in the doorway. I got out, waved, and went up to her. A nice Hispanic woman came out, didn’t understand me, got her young daughter up and out to interpret. What nice people. They told me I could continue to put food and water down on their porch for the cats. They said they don’t use the front porch, they use the back, and they told me to continue to do it. I was elated. You can tell these people don’t have much, but they sure do have compassion for animals. Of course it feels odd to go up to someone’s porch at 5:45 in the morning, but as long as there are cats that need food and water and shelter, I will do it! 

I managed to get a large dose of antibiotic into the black kitty on Seventh Street – the same kitty I’ve wanted to have euthanized because I believe he is suffering. But Laura has offered to get him and vet him and care for him until he heals, if he can, so I will do what I can to help him. He gobbles the wet food as if he hasn’t eaten in days, so he doesn’t even notice the meds hidden in it.

I did see THREE kittens on Baldwin this morning – one is calico, almost looks like the one my mother had, Katie, and the other two are black with white spots through them. Adorable, and so so sad. These kittens are the same age as this little one, Cricket, who is the most precious baby, a true cuddler and purrer, and just wants to be held. I hope to find her, Blake, a home very soon.

I wish you all a great weekend, I love to hear your comments, please keep them coming!


  1. Hope the babies, cricket, blake the others get homes quickly. Cricket, the hand raised baby will be a unique companion to someone, the hand raised kittens are special and interact with humans very closely, I have 2 hand raised myself. As always many thanks to Laura B., if anyone can help this poor black kitty, Laura can, she's as good as any Vet ! also want to say thanks to Janines helpers and , to Janine, for arranging this help,. May God bless.

  2. That's wonderful that the family is going to let you keep using their front porch. Praise God for small favors.

    Where did Cricket come from? I don't remember her. What a cutie!