Wednesday, August 28, 2013


White and Black - Ferndale and Webster

Little Blackie - Ferndale and Webster

Baldwin Mama - Baldwin and Parsells
I spent the first half of the hour that I allow myself each morning to go out feeding homeless cats in the city trying to trap cats.  I went back and forth between two set traps from one location to another.  In between I fed at the rest of my locations on the ‘front nine’ I call it.  By 6 am., after leaving the house at 5:15, I still had the ‘back nine’ to do.  I managed to trap two cats for spaying/neutering this morning at the clinic, and Laura was able to trap the grey/white from Baldwin who already had babies a while back.  I am not sure who the mother is of Cricket, the little boy I rescued, and of the other three that remain there.  I was able to get the little black sweet boy on Webster and Ferndale, along with a long haired white kitty with black spots.  The very petite, young buff red PREGNANT cat was just not biting.  She was halfway in the trap, but there is an aggressive unneutered male that picks fights with everyone, and he wanted to get the sweet smelling tuna, so pregnant girl was a bit intimidated by him and ran off.  So, all in all, I think I got two males, and Laura got a female, although I might be surprised at the end of the day and find out mine were both females also!

I will pick them up after work and bring them back to my porch for overnight.  I am doing this because the corner that Little Blackie and the white and black came from is a very very busy corner, and I can only imagine letting them out in the afternoon/evening and having them get hit by a car.  Cats are usually quite spooked when the gate opens for them, they just want to escape, so I need to take precautions and keep them overnight to let them out in the quiet of the morning tomorrow.  So I will have three guests sleeping on my porch tonight!

It was a very wet morning out there, AGAIN.  Not only do I get soaked trapsing through tall grass in empty city lots, behind people’s houses, stepping through mud puddles, and pushing aside tall rain soaked weeds to get the bowls out of one of the shelters, but the kitties are usually soaked as well.  I don’t know if they are just too dumb to get out of the rain, or if the garages I feed some of them are ready for collapsing because of the holes in the roofs, etc.

Monet seems to be on the upswing.  You remember he was missing for a while in my house over the weekend, and I freaked out.  He has been acting under the weather ever since, but has gained back the spring in his step and is running around playing like a maniac.   He is a real cuddler and would make someone very happy.  He needs a permanent home, please spread the word!

"You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore."


  1. Good job Janine and Laura - three more kitties no longer reproducing!! Nancy C

  2. Awesome, awesome, awesome !!! you go girls :D and, Thank you, you amaze me. oxox to L and J.

  3. I like that quote, Janine! I'm glad Monet is feeling better!