Friday, August 23, 2013



I want to clarify something about yesterday’s post.  The new clinic IS allowing me to spay/neuter ferals and strays that I place back on the streets, which is the most important part of all of this – even though I HATE to return these cats to the street, that’s the really hard part.  So far that I am grateful to this clinic.  I just wish I could personally get a break for all the cats I’ve rescued and found homes for that need spaying and neutering.  The reason I’ve been so successful in adopting out cats is that they already have  been spayed or neutered, and had their shots.  I adopt out many to lower income friends and others that have come to know me through my blog.  It’s a lot of money to spay neuter and get the shots they need – without ear tipping, because that matters to some potential adopters too, and these medical bills are paid mostly from my own very small pocket, not to mention the money I spend on food, which is outrageous enough.  If anyone would like to help me with any of these things – please feel free to do so.  I thank those of you who have helped me in the past!  But to continue this insane journey, I need a bit of help here and there.  With fall and winter almost upon us, I need food, shelters (plastic totes or wooden huts) and perhaps calling the clinic to put a tab down for me for a spay and neuter or two.  It is so much appreciated.  I feel so overwhelmed.

Laura was unable to get Neck Wound Kitty again this morning.  I am not sure if she saw the pregnant cat at the other location either, but she had two spots available at the clinic today, so she was going to try to get the kitties on Central – the friendly ones that are ‘owned’ by the family on the corner
(the one that doesn’t like me because I took one of their dying kittens) – to bring to the clinic for spaying/neutering, if she wasn’t successful at the other locations.  As I said, there are at least five grown cats there that need to be spayed or neutered.  That doesn’t count the number of kittens they are harboring in this sad looking house.

I hope you enjoy the picture of Leo and Monet, both needing adoption.  Monet is such a great little kitten, gentle and sweet, he gets along with everyone.  Have a great weekend!

"The future depends on what we do in the present."

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  1. Fingers crossed for leo and Monet, they are such cuties ! after all your hard work for the cats, dealing with all kinds of people and their opinions, way of life, it is a miracle that you continue this largely thankless task. You are indeed one in a million and very dear to those that really truly, know you :) lost without you J xoxox