Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Ugly, The Bad, and the Good


Above are pictures of the new kittens, minus their momma Vanessa.  They are a loving handful, but they are worth every moment since rescuing them from the streets, where they would have led miserable, and most likely short lives.  Please consider adopting or fostering at the very least.  I need to move them out of this very cramped room they are all in. 

This morning, as I got out of my car on Short Street, where the owner has allowed me to feed and shelter under his porch for over a good year now, Mr. Burnett surprised me by sitting on his porch at 5:45 am.  He must have beeen waiting for me.  He asked me not to put food under the porch anymore, as he had a real rat problem.  I stood there stunned, and knowing that I was losing another good shelter for the cats there, where recently I rescued Patric, and Harry before that, I got emotional.  I understand the fact that he wants to get rid of the rats on his property.  I know they do eat the food I place down there sometime during the day after I leave, as I've seen the chewed up paper plates and dishes that are there the next day.   But what about the cats that are desperately waiting for me there each morning?  How do I find them new shelter?  I got emotional and told him how hard it was for me to move these cats.  He told me they will be fine, and if its raining on a certain morning, to skip that morning, that they wouldn't starve to death.  He just didn't understand.  He couldn't understand.  People like him place animals, I am sure, as the lowest forms of life on this earth.  I believe this man is a good person, trying to make the best of his life, owning his house in a neighborhood that is surrounded by violence - this is the street where the 15 yr. old boy was shot just over a week ago.  I can respect that.  I just don't know how people can just displace an animal like that.  So, that was the ugly.  My emotions got the best of me for a few minutes, but I had to suck it up and move on, as there were lots more waiting for me.  I need to figure out a Plan B for that spot.

Earlier, at my first Hayward St. spot, there is a man working on the house.  He is working AROUND my hut I have placed on the porch, and the bowls there I use to feed Red and Boots.  At first he started to remove my stuff, but I left a message written on the back of a paper plate asking him to call me.  I didn't hear from him but he stopped moving my stuff.  I left him a 'pass it on' card with a bible verse, about the goodness of others.  So, thats the bad.  Its going to be over soon for that spot as well because sooner or later, he will be finished and someone is going to move in, and my stuff will be moved out.  Will have to find a Plan B. for that spot as well.

The GOOD:  At my last stop on Parsells, I met a gentleman who lives next door to the abandoned house I feed cats at on the porch.  A soft-spoken, kind-hearted older man black man named Dave.   I see him every so often, and this morning he was out.  We exchanged pleasantries, and I was telling him how I wish I could sweep up the porch and steps of the abandoned house because there was so much broken glass.  I told him the cats could get it in their paws and they would suffer greatly with glass in their foot.  Well, wouldn't you know it, Dave offered to do it.  I was dumbfounded.  I said, thank you so much for offering that Dave.  You are a kind man.  Such a rarity out there.  So, that was a nice way to end my very sad morning.

"The darkest hour has only sixty minutes."


  1. For every bad person in your travels there seems to be a good one. I understand about the man with the rat problem. They will frequent somewhere that there is free food, my mother in law used to leave bread out on the driveway for the birds and crumbled cake and of course we got rats. No more cake on the driveway!! Look for another spot! Blessings.

  2. Yep, I have them (rats) from time to time, cos I feed birds and Chipmunks outside. Hubby shoots'em (rats) and has to wait a long, long time for them to venture out from under the deck. I do think that he will have even more rats tho, if the cats stop hanging out there. Those rats were in the vicinity anyway, I believe the cat food "drew" them. However, you cant tell them......every challenge you face for these voiceless creatures does not go un noticed, and one cant help but be inspired by you. Thinking of you and the kitties, Maree

  3. I meant to say, I DONT believe the cat food drew them, Rats live of anything. Maree

  4. Aren't cats supposed to keep rats away? He's going about it backwards! He really needs MORE cats! ;) It's sad just how many people don't understand about cats and that they just can't fend for themselves.

    I guess we're lucky not to have rats since we feed the birds, unless a woodchuck counts as one giant rodent! Little bugger.