Thursday, September 13, 2012

By the Light of the Silvery Moon

In a hurry today, I've got a plateful here at work.  God, when will I ever strike it rich...

Its pitch dark out in the mornings when I go.  This past summer it started to get light soon after I left the house at 5:15.  Now, its 6:15 and its you can barely see light beginning on the horizon.  So, most of what I am doing is in the dark, with the help of a crappy, tiny LED flashlight.  There was a sliver of a moon this morning as I got out at close to my last stop, and it was so pretty.  There was a star next to it.  I was thinking about the people that are 'night owls'.  They miss so much of the morning.  Someone mentioned to me that they loved to take trips in the early mornings, he is a biker, and he said that there is nothing like driving with little traffic, and watching the sun come up.  Its true.  I am not a night owl.  I love the mornings, and even if I could sleep in, it wouldn't be for too long.

I was lucky enough to be able to pick up and hold three kitties this morning.  Big Red, at my third stop, Orangie at my sixth stop, and Miss Kitty, at 11th stop.  Big Red would make the sweetest adult kitty for someone.  He just wants a home, to be loved, and someone's lap to sit on.  Little Orangie, he is a frisky young male, and as sweet as can be.  He runs to my car and follows me to the spot where I place the food, sometimes tripping over each other to get there.  And Miss Kitty, as regal as can be, and as sweet as can be.  All need homes.  I must get some more pictures of them. 

There is a little older black kitten at my Short Street stop who will allow me enough to let me touch it, and then it flits away, and then runs back, obviously starving.  I don't know where it came from, or who's baby it is, but I must build a shelter for that spot.  Thats where Mr. Barnett kicked me out of feeding under his porch due to the rats.  So now I have a board across the street from his house in an open field that needs a good shelter from the storms we shall soon have.

I have five locations where I will need to build shelter now.  These either have someone renovating the house, will be torn down, is in open field, is going to be shown for purchase, and the last will be a replacement for the owner asking me to move from his porch last spring due to city inspector fining him for having cat shelters or something like that on his porch.  Nonsense.  He was told to clean up the porch of this gutted house.  Since repairs, he hasn't been back since.  I will set up shop there again with plastic totes and boards and towels to keep them somewhat dry and warm this winter.  Big Red lives here.  Red lives at the house around the corner where the renovation is going on.  Miss Kitty is at the house where the electric has been turned on and the neighbor told me the bank is showing the property.  The other is where Sparkles and Limpy #2 are - that house is being readied to be torn down, one of these days.  I have a spot lined up in back of the property for when that happens, and when the snow starts.  I will just need shelter and boards for that also.  For all of my spots I need to be able to feed and shelter.  I had a lot of vandalism last year so I need to replace stuff at most of my spots. 

But, life is still good.  I remain optimistic. 

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  1. Great start to the day J. You know, since that part of town where you feed is described as "eclectic" by realtors and tourism industry, wouldnt it be something if they would allow a "kitty" theme, like they allow dog parks and water bowls ect.,in some areas ? the shelters could be done in such a way to attract tourists and add to the "eclectic" charm of the area. By no means do I mean another Caboodle R---h (failure)but it cant be that difficult to enhance what we already have, and turn it around. Look at how some dedicated and smart people changed the image of some dog breeds, Karl, the good Rottweiler, even has books for children. Alsation dog is now always known as "German Shepherd" and much trusted. Maree