Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder!

 This is a long time coming.  I have not written in close to two months!  That is a big change; I used to do this daily, on weekdays.  Every day…  Since 2014.   There was so much to write about, so many changes happening in establishing what is now 19 locations where I have cat shelters, (1 of those has no shelters – I feed those poor animals under a tree because of the cruel man that lives in the house next to the vacant city lot).

In two months, we have rescued nearly 20 cats.  That includes 12 kittens (1 deceased), and 4? adults (rescuing one from the street tomorrow – mattress kitty).

This summer I lost a ‘shelter’ home that housed five adult cats on the corner of 4th Street and Central Park – a church parking lot.  Someone removed all five beautiful shelters that Sheryl had handcrafted and made into homes for these cats.  I am just grateful it happened in the warmer months.  My friend Esther was able to speak to the people that live next door to this parking lot where the shelters were, and they said we could place shelters on the vacant lot in between.  I pray these stay put because these cats are in such need of a place to lay their head this season.

My needs are shelters shelters shelters.  This person destroyed FIVE of my shelters.  I have managed to replace two of them.  I need tarps – camouflage and brown – these need to blend into the weeds.  I need paper plates.  The first stop on Parsells, where the man throws out the food EVERY DAY – I place three plates every morning, and a bowl for water.  3x365 is a lot of plates to go through.  I need canned food and dry food.  I am spending $100 every time I go out, just in food.  My donation pot is dwindling.  I can’t continue this forever.  Not to mention, I am now paying people $40 each time for their help.  No one wants to do it for free.  The few I have to volunteer can’t do it every day – Esther and Sheryl.  So now I am paying for help.  That’s another $120 per week.   I need boards.  3x4 ft. boards that would act as doors to the shelters.    I’ve even had people in the past take a large-sized Chewy box, wrap it in plastic, and I’ve used those as boards very successfully.  They really do work!

I also have received on average an email or phone call a week with people asking me to help trap or take feral kittens or cats from their neighborhoods.  I can't tell you how much my heart breaks either by not answering them, or calling them but telling them I can't help them (but offering to guide them).  I am on some list that vets and lollypop are giving out to people.  So sad.

I will attach a few pictures of the kitties we have rescued over the past few months.  All of them are adorable, and some still need a home.  Please consider foster and adoption!  And Spay Spay Spay!  Neuter Neuter neuter!

 Have a great day~!



Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Scenes from the Hood

 This is what most people miss in the early morning hours.  Look at that sky.  The bluest blue with the pinkest pink of clouds.  Illuminated by the sun coming up.  Most people are snug in their beds, but I get to see the most amazing moons, skies, trees backdropped by the sky... so many beautiful things, in some of the worst neighborhoods that there are. 

Well, it's been a crazy few weeks.  Of the three cats I rescued two weeks ago, two are adopted, and the third -- I can't believe has not.  She is the sweetest, most beautiful black long-haired lap cat!  Please go to Petfinder under JanineTheBean Rescue, and view the beautiful adult cats currently up for adoption.

The next item on the agenda, I was feeding under the tree on Parsells, where the meanest cat-hating people live in almost every house around there when I kept hearing a meow.  I thought it was just a few houses away, so I got in my truck after feeding the hungry babies there, and listened quietly as I drove slowly away, and then I stopped when I knew I had pinpointed the location.  I got out of the truck, walked over to a porch, and then I saw a cat in a cage crying.  I got closer, and it was a cat that I had tried to rescue at the end of this past winter, but he went berserk and I had to let him go.  There he was in this cage, completely emaciated, and sitting in his own feces.  Not a bowl of water or food in sight.  And here we had a nasty thunder and lightning storm that night.  It was now 5 am.  That poor animal.  I got a squeeze clickable treat from the car, went up on the porch, and squeezed it in.  He ate that voraciously.  I made a note to call 911 when I got home, I knew animal control didn't start until 7, and I still had more places to feed at.  When I did call, I got the nastiest, compassionatelessness (is this a word?) female dispatcher that could have cared less.  I actually wondered if she would report it.  I called back a half hour later to see if another dispatcher would answer.  Same one.  I hung up.  She called back.  I didn't answer.  Later, around 8:30, I drove to the spot and the cat was not there, but there was a kindly-looking gentleman standing on the porch.  I asked him if he knew about the cat, but he didn't.  He lived in the other part of the house, a duplex.  I asked him if the other tenant was home, and he said yes, I went ahead and knocked on the door, and within a minute a woman was sticking her head out the window.  I asked if the cat in the trap was let out, and she said yes, she had him in there because he had some kind of 'sore'.  I said he looked very emaciated, she asked what that meant, and I told her very skinny.  I told her I wanted to help the cat, and she said it was hers.  She had her cell phone still to her ear, but then I heard her tell the person she would call back.  She shut the window, and I knew she was coming down to talk to me.  Well.  She came down, opened the door, and half-dressed with a towel around her began SCREAMING at me.  Telling me are you the bitch that puts food down across the street?  Get your ass off my porch!  These @$%@$ cats, are you the one putting food on my porch?  I said no.  I would never do that.  She said if I ever catch you doing that you'll be sorry, or something like that.  And I was looking at this kind man in disbelief.  I asked her why was she screaming and she said she'll talk as loud as she wanted.  She approached me and told me to get off her porch.  I seriously thought she was going to push me.  I walked slowly down them, bent down to pet a sweet cat, and she told me get your @#$%@$ hands off that cat, it's MY cat.  I walked to my car just staring at her.  I wanted so bad to give her a piece of my mind, but I held back.  This kind of mentality is rampant in that neighborhood.  I told the man, before the woman stuck her head out, that I have rescued hundreds from that street over the years.  He really was a nice well dressed older man.  Her language in front of him...  I just couldn't believe it.  It was obvious he knew when to be quiet.  I drove away from there with a rapid heartbeat but calmed down by the time I got home.  As long as this poor cat was no longer in that cage, I was good.  It was there at the tree across the street this morning, looking so sick.  

I can't do any rescuing now.  I will be unavailable to do my route for about a month, but luckily, I have help, most of which I am paying for, but I am grateful for people to help.  That is why donations are so important.  I have to pay people to help me each and every time I go out every other day, and that doesn't include the $100 it takes to feed every other day.  This is an expensive mission.  

Here are some pictures I took this past week:  You can click on them to zoom in:

Speaking of trash - just look at this house.  And children live here.  The handwritten sign in the front had different kinds of empanadas for sale -- um...  I wonder what the health department would think of this.

This woman on Bay Street has at least three waterfalls here and decorates her little yar every year with more and more.  At least there is some beauty amongst the filth.

This young kitty was desperately hungry as he sat on the sidewalk on Ferndale Crescent:

Another very emaciated sick cat on Melville Street.

Growing family.  We have a new fat red tabby coming to join from the field, and a new grey tabby.  The other three I've fed for over 10 years now, on Pennsylvania Avenue:

Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Just SO Many!

First, let's start with little Lucy.  Lucy came through with flying colors for her surgery, and she now has three legs.  It was her back leg that was amputated, and you wouldn’t believe – her foster mom updated yesterday:  “Lucy is no longer keeping her cones on.  We put them on and she has them off in 5 minutes!  She seems to be good with not licking so we are letting her be.  She has started to jump onto a small cat tree to be able to lay in the sun.  She loves to be held like a baby and purrs like crazy.  She is anxious to get out of the room!  She is making leaps and bounds with starting and trying new things.  She is doing so much good!”  Lucy goes into the hospital to have her many stitches removed.  On Saturday, she will be going to her new home with her lovely new parents Karen and Brian who are going to spoil her immensely.  They have renamed her Darling!  What a long way this little kitten has come – from walking up to my foster’s home on Grand Avenue limping, to having her leg amputated, to being spoiled to going to a wonderful new home where she will be treated like a princess.  I can’t thank the donors enough for sending funds to help with the cost of her surgery.  I could not have done it without you.  Lucy will be forever grateful to you.

The two kittens I was fostering, Cloe and Fender, have gone to their new home, and are thriving.  Being music lovers like me, their new parents changed Cloe’s name to Laney and kept Fender.  Great minds think alike.  😊 They are two spoiled kittens.

So one of the spots I feed at is Short Street.  I’ve been feeding Mr. Whiskers and Bell there for way over 7 years or so….   The shelters were once removed by the city, but have been rebuilt a million times.  A year or so ago, we had some newbies show up.  Recently this year, a long-haired black cat has been there at 5 am. each time I go out, every other day, along with a young tabby.  This weekend I noticed that BOTH felt and looked pregnant.  Both are extremely sweet, so I reached out to the clinic for an appointment for TNR.  I haven’t done TNR in a long time because of my knees and not being able to lift much, but this morning, I managed to pick the black cat up and put it in a trap, she was just so friendly.  I will be trying for the second one on Thursday.  You have to bring in the ‘feral’ cats for the TNR program in a trap.  She is EXTREMELY SWEET, and I HATE the fact that she has to go back out after recovery.  I wish I could find someone to keep her for a bit.  I just KNOW she will be adopted soon.  Just a sweetheart.  No babies for her.   Not on my watch. And thank God for Rochester Animal Clinic.  Thank God the Supreme Court hasn’t been messing around with animal rights. Here is her picture.  I hope someone steps up?  She is SOOOOOO Sweet!  I promise I will find her a home ASAP!  I will have her overnight, and then she has to be released.  ☹  PLEASE CONSIDER opening up a room in your home for her!

 PLEASE SPAY AND NEUTER.  I know these kitties were not given that chance before they were kicked out of where they were brought to originally.  They obviously were handled by humans, but in this area, friendly cats are all over the place because of irresponsible humans.

Have a great day.

Thursday, June 30, 2022



WEDNESDAY NEWS: This little girl walked up to my foster's driveway on Grand Avenue on Sunday and it was noticed that she was limping. The foster reached out to me for help, and little 'Lucy' was brought to Pittsford Animal Hospital today for x-rays, she has multiple fractures in her leg, and will have the leg amputated in the morning. A bone protruded into her belly to cause a laceration. I am asking for help to pay her vet bill which is estimated at $1500. Any little bit will help - if you would like to directly pay at Pittsford the number is 585.271.7700, or you can go to my website at janinethebeanrescue.org and pay by the donate button. I am extremely grateful for any help you can provide. Any extra proceeds will go to the care and feeding of the other babies that have no homes on the streets of the Beechwood neighborhood. Thank you so much.

UPDATE: Lucy made it through surgery and was on her feet and tried to spring out of the cage she was in within minutes after she was awake from anesthesia. She has had major surgery and they did find infections - her bone had gone through her skin and they could actually see her bladder through a thin veil of tissue. They had to close that up and insert a drain. Now we just pray her infection heals up. My foster Tamera will have the hard part, with the antibiotics, and the pain medicine. She is going away camping with family and planning to take Lucy with her when she is discharged tomorrow, to keep a good eye on her. Lucy will remain in a cage to limit her movement. The caregivers at Pittsford have fallen in love with her, and so far, three offers of adoption have come in! She is pretty special.

Many thanks to those that donated so quickly. Honest to God, when decisions have to be made right then and there, and high estimates of cost are confronting me, I lose my $%@. I really do. At one point, before I began to think clearly, we were going to put Lucy to sleep. I had my foster crying. on the phone. I felt terrible and still do.

Thank you genuinely, for allowing me to help the animals that need us the most. I cannot continue to do this without your kindness and generosity. As long as there are good people in this world wanting to help and make a difference for these animals, we can save them, one at a time. 💓

Updates on Lucy tomorrow (hopefully), and Monday.

Thanks everybody, and have a great day!

Friday, June 24, 2022

Summertime When The Weather Is Fine

 This kitty is looking for a home.  He is just under a year.  Very sweet.  Short Street.

My Wish List:

  • Straw (one bag only – no bales)
  • Paper plates (large size)
  • Paper bowls
  • Tarps (camo and dark green or brown)
  • 2-gallon zip lock baggies
  • Always always always wet and dry cat food

Happy Summer!  Great season for the cats on the streets.  They can laze away in the sun, but when it storms, it storms.  I am sure they take cover, but I think about them regardless. 

I’ve been feeding a mostly black cat outside my porch the past two months.  I don’t know where it came from, but it waits on the steps each morning at 3:30 am.  I give it a bowl of dry and a tablespoon of wet before it gobbles it down and I have to take it away because of the ants.  Damned ants!  I love all creatures, but I hate ants!  And they can’t help it that they are not a good looking bug.  And they can’t help their size. As a matter of fact, the smallest, and the largest ants gross me out.  Its not fair to them, I know.  They didn’t ask to be ants.  OK, enough of these ‘antics’.  Ha ha.

There is a black cat on Melville with a broken leg.  Its dangling. Sheryl spotted it two weeks ago and when we went to get it in the carrier (its friendly), it wouldn’t come to her (scared of me I suppose).  Esther, my helper at 5 of my spots, tried this morning, after I had seen it this past Wednesday, two days ago, but it wouldn’t come for her.  She will try again tomorrow, and the day after and the day after until we can get her.  Poor thing, I can’t imagine the pain.  So let’s hope she has some luck.  She has also taken it upon herself to find help for the cat, including foster care.  If only one person would sponsor a cat in this capacity, we would have fewer sick and injured cats on the streets.

On Saturday, I got a call from a mechanic friend and said his worker drove in to work from Horseheads, NY with a kitten in the backseat.  He thinks his son put it in before he left for work.  Apparently there is a farm down the road from him with all sorts of cats and kittens. So I naturally told him I would come and see whats going on, and I drove there, saw the sweet little kitten, and took it home.  Today is Friday, and the kitten is adopted.  I brought it to its new home last evening.  The girl is in LOVE and has renamed it Willow from Richie.  Here is Richie. She was adopted FAST.  Sweetest little thing...

Chloe (tabby) and Fender (orange and white runt) are also being adopted together!  Its wonderful when we can get two kittens adopted together.  They really bond with each other, and when there is no other animal in the house, its lonely for one. Their picture below:

The mother of Chloe, April, Duke and Licorice – the clan that was rescued/found on Birr Street in the city, is at the vet now being spayed.  Unfortunately, she didn’t come around to socializing and we have to return her today to where she came from. Two nice women feed and care for the cats around their homes.  They are awesome.

Pearl from Parsells continues to make small steps at being social.  She has a long history, beginning with her months at Sheryls in hiding, to being caught and driven to Honeoye Falls where she has been slowly coming around thanks to Kim and Julia.  Thanks to these two fabulous women for taking a chance with her and believing in her!  Now to find her a home!  Pearl below:

Sheryl continues to foster two ‘kittens’ that she has had since winter – they were found on North Clinton Avenue by some construction workers and reached out to us for help.  Thank you Sheryl.  These two do not show good, but are slowly coming around to Sheryl.  Once kittens get past a certain age, they start to become feral.  These two are slow learners, that they are safe and can now trust again!

Kristin introduced me to a man that is disabled this past week, and he is looking for a cat as a companion.  There is a cat on Seventh Street and Central that is just the sweetest little boy ever.  He wants nothing but to be petted, and fed of course, but he would rather be petted.  I thought of this kitty, and the man, and put in a request at the clinic for same day vetting and rescue.  Wish us luck!  Here is a pic of this kitty, I am calling Sweetie for now.


Have a great day!



Friday, June 10, 2022

He's Baaaack.....

Yes, Brady is back.  Brady brat is home.  Early Wednesday morning, I saw a silhouette of a cat in the window.  I thought a cat was sitting on top of the A/C unit on the INSIDE.  This was 2:30 am. so wasn't quite sure.  Didn't have my glasses on so I got up and looked closer, and sure enough, he was sitting on the OUTSIDE of the A/C unit.  I went to the porch, opened door thinking he would run inside, but no, he was too scared to jump down apparently.  I had to open the porch window so he could just jump through that.  He had no problem jumping when he first escaped sometime early Sunday morning!  I immediately put Advantage flea stuff on him -- God knows where he's been and what he's encountered.  He's been sleeping ever since.  I wish I had a body cam strapped to him. I would love to see what he was doing!

I know the cost of living has gone way up this past year, and inflation is at its worse.  But on top of our normal living expenses, I have to worry about feeding over 100 cats 4 x a week.  I am not getting donations like I used to.  It costs me 6 16-lb bags of dry food, and 30 normal sized cans of wet food = that's $90 something JUST FOR A DAY.  On top of that, I now have to pay to have people go with me.  That's $40.  So that's on average $130 JUST FOR A DAY.   Remember, I've had to cut back to EVERY OTHER DAY because of the cost.  What's that for a year?  Can anyone do the math.  That's INSANE.

I want to thank those that have volunteered either their time or their money in various forms (ie, cat food, gas, foster care, straw, shelters, caring for some of my colonies, trapping, giving me spots at the clinic, etc.).

  • June & Gary
  • Kim B.
  • Erin
  • Kristin
  • Sheryl
  • Tamera
  • Esther
  • Sherry
  • Jeanne
  • Benita
  • Katherine
  • Kim S.
  • Julia
  • Connie
  • Deb
  • Michelle
  • Lori
  • Chloe
  • Sue
  • Danielle
  • Chuck
  • Kim
  • Cyndy
  • Rick
  • Paula
  • Kimberly
  • Elisabeth
  • Lorraine
  • Donna
  • Karla
  • Debbie
  • Maura's Mom
  • Tracy C
  • Katharina
  • Deborah
  • Eustress
  • Laurie
I know I've missed someone here, but hopefully you will see your name if you have helped me.  If you don't see your name, remind me!  This list does not include ALL monetary donations.  I am just so grateful, even if you donated a bag of straw.  Its all appreciated.

Have a GREAT day!  (PS, someone do the math!)  😊

Tuesday, June 7, 2022


Lots happening!  First and foremost, my baby boy Brady got out through a window that had an A/C unit in it.  It has the accordian things at each side, and one came loose and out he went.  Unbeknownst to me – must have happened this past Saturday, and I did not discover it until Sunday morning.  So here it is, Day 3.  I am sick.  I’ve been calling and calling, and was up at 1:30 this morning calling and calling for him.  I drove down the street this morning calling and calling.  My bratty Brady.  I can’t tell you how many times in a day he is scolded by me, but he knows how much I love him.  I am praying he finds his way back home.  Please say a prayer for Brady.

I have a few pics to share of life on the streets, and some of the kitties waiting for homes.  We also have seven kittens and two adults (two of these are older kittens) in foster care that need homes.  We got little Licorice adopted out with Cloe, her sibling, even though they look nothing alike.  Licorice was the runt and we believe Mom left him in the shed behind the house while she cared for the other three in a shelter on a porch of a nice lady’s house.  I’ve been fostering him since, and Tamera has the other three.  Duke is the only other boy, and he went to his new home also.  His new mom is a former adopter of Winston.  He is loving it.  He was the hyper one out of the bunch, although Licorice is coming in second.  Wild man.  His favorite toy is an empty long-sized Kleenex box.  He gets in, and out pops his head, then back in again and he looks out from under the plastic flaps.  Adorable.  And he runs sideways like a spider, as my sister describes it.  Its hilarious.  He and Cloe go to their new home this Saturday.

That leaves April, Boomer, Whispurr, Sabrina, Olaf, Lily and Poppy (all above)  – all kittens, although Lily and Poppy are older kittens.  Sweet things, but they don’t show well because of their shyness.  But they have been in foster care far too long so we are hoping to get them a new loving home soon.

My former adopter Kim offered her barn in Honeoye Falls, and has been working on socializing Purrlie, the white cat I rescued end of this past winter off Parsells Street.  She is coming around, slowly, but surely.  She will make someone a wonderful cat once she gets over her shyness.  And we have a new boy Norman that is being vetted today, who came from a bad situation, and a kind worker at the clinic asked if I could try to help him.

In the meantime, above are a few others that need help in getting them off the streets:

Please spay and neuter your cats.  There are far too many out there without a home.  And PLEASE consider foster care. You are saving the life of a cat, and helping them to find a good home.

Have a great day!