Wednesday, January 19, 2022



What a week!  We had about a foot and half of snow overnight Monday.  Talk about a nightmare.  Not only for me, with the knee issue, but also for my helper that morning Esther.  Good thing she is younger than me.  She was a power shoveler at most of the locations, minus three.  I felt terrible.  I knew those cats would go a day or two without food.  I can only ask so much of people.  I HATE asking for help.  It was bad enough, the 3.5 hours it took us to dig out, pour food, and drive to the next spot. I could not get into the three spots due to the amount of snow the snowplows had piled up at the entrances.  As it was, I got stuck at Parsells trying to turn around, and Esther had to get out and shovel under my wheels.  After 10 minutes of rocking back and forth, I finally broke free!  Thank God for my 4-wheel drive truck.  Love it.  It really was a bad morning.  Not to mention my own house, and the plows piling up these huge mounds of snow I had to climb over at 5 am.  Ya love em, but ya hate em.

On top of all that, at my middle location on Fernwood Crescent, Esther texted me while I waited in the truck from the shelter in the back of the lot where she was shoveling and placing food, and said there was a baby kitten one of the little huts inside, sick.  I asked her if she could bring it and we would put in carrier.  She then walks up with this baby in her coat, and I took from her and gently placed it in the carrier.  I panicked, but had to finish up my route.  I didn't know if the kitten would live or die before I got home.  But I couldn't stop with the route.  I had to get to the cats that were stranded in the snow in their shelters.

Again, panicked, I reached out for help on FaceBook.  (I am always thinking I will miraculously have someone come meet me at the moment of need and swoop up the sick kitten and take care of it).  Not the case, but Karla from Keller's Kats offered to help.  I knew this kitten was feral, but obviously was so sick it was just about limp in our arms.  When I panic like that, I forget that I do have a few options, but again, I thought 'feral' and thought kitten would be a LOT of work for one of my fosters.  Miraculously, I was in touch with the clinic about some other adopted kittens surgeries (it was now 8 am. and the clinic was open), and I was told to bring kitten there after I mentioned I found a very sick kitten.  Thank God for them.  I dropped off kitten, she - Fern - had a severe viral upper respiratory infection - eyes shut, nose plugged, totally underweight (2.6 lbs) and about 12 weeks old.  I picked her up after they cared for her, and finally, Karla sent a foster to get her that night.  I held her in my arms and syringe fed her in the bathroom.  She was so scared and very docile.  She is gorgeous, long haired black kitten.  I will update with  better pics but here is all I have for now.

One last note about the past five days, there was a woman that was bashing me on Facebook, saying I was a fraud and that I didn't really feed the cats even though I was getting donations and she was going to report me.  Crazy woman.  Accusing me even though she didn't have the facts.  She would walk her dog on Melville, and not see a dish by the side of the road with cat food or water for days on end.  Little did she know, I sometimes put food by the road because there are some cats that won't use the SHELTERS IN THE BACK OF THE LOT WHERE ALL THE FOOD IS.  The other times there is not food by the road is when it is either raining, snowing, or there isn't a cat around.  She even had the nerve to video tape the side of the road at the two locations on that street and said I wasn't really feeding the cats.  Meanwhile, I've since set her straight, and haven't heard a word back.  Although this morning, I was surprised to find 3 of my shelters shoveled from the sidewalk all the way back to the shelters.  Wondering who that might have been???????????????????????????????????????????????????????  IF it was her, it was a kind gesture, but she sure does owe a public apology in my opinion.  After all, I've given up enough of my life for these cats and doing what I do.  I don't take accusations like that lightly.

Phew!  I HATE winter!  Only 50 something days 'til spring!  

Have a great day!

Friday, January 14, 2022

Spring is in the Air!

Giblet and Eva above enjoying their cozy bed in their new home. 

Winter is upon us, but spring is just ahead.  I am a forever optimist.   We are in the midst of freezing, below freezing rather, and snow, but it doesn’t last long, and the cats out there, mostly, are resilient.   Not so much for the poor baby I found at my Niagara location.  As I walked toward the shelters in the back, I noticed a dead cat laying on the ground.  Frozen.  There are usually three to four cats I’ve fed there on Niagara for years.  This one was the little black and white baby that many mornings I would open the little door that blocks the elements from getting inside the shelter, to find her still in the shelter, all cozy and warm. The other cats run out when I arrive, and wait for the food to be ready for them, and go back into the shelter after I walk away.  I have no idea what happened to this sweetheart.  She could have had an underlying condition and just succumbed, or she could have been poisoned.  I will never know. I wrapped her in a towel and placed her next to the shelter.  I placed a board on top of her to keep the elements away.  I know that sounds silly, she is dead.  But still…  I used to bring dead cats wrapped up to a vet office and place them on a doorstep.  There were times I would wrap them and place them under a bush near where I found them.  I also used to bury them myself.  I certainly won’t throw a cat carcass into the dumpster, or garbage bin.  Just can’t do that.  If it thaws soon, I will move her to under a bush nearby and let her rest and disintegrate there.  Poor baby.


Other than that, I am finally sneaking a shelter or two on the first Parsells stop where the very cruel person removed my shelters in the fall from the VACANT CITY OWNED lot next to his rental apartment in the house next door.  Those cats have not seen their first storm, but have experienced the single digits this past week, and I have no idea where they go to stay warm, let alone, alive.  Their picture is above.  I counted five there this morning.  Their long time shelters were destroyed last spring.  So slowly but surely, I am sneaking dark colored shelters under some bushes next door hoping they are not noticed.

Sorry for the Debbie Downer post, but this is my reality lately.  I had a hospital stay last week and am not getting around very well, but many thanks to Kings and Sheryl for now for helping out - I drive, and they do all the work.  Also many thanks to Esther for doing four of my shelter for me every other day.  If only more people could step up and just take even ONE shelter over for me, it would be so much help to me.  Just ask for details.  Its easy!  The bad news is that June sprained her ankle, and the woman I advertised to hire to help came down with Covid and hasn’t been able to help at all.  And I just can’t walk!  Fun fun fun its been!

I have two kittens under my care and many thanks to Sheryl for fostering. They have been a challenge as they were very feral when we got them from a construction site over a month ago.  But they are slowly coming around for her.  Poppy and Lilly.  We are still a bit unsure of the sex, and I haven’t been able to get over there in weeks to really take a look. 

Other than that, its only 65 more days until spring!

Have a great day!


Tuesday, January 4, 2022


Its been a while since I last posted.  Its been a very busy past month, and the holidays no exception.  I've also had some knee problems which have literally laid me up.  Its not been a good past two weeks.  But I still continued to get out every other morning thanks to the help of June, Sheryl and Kings the past few weeks.  I can't walk but I can drive.  Hopefully after Thursday that will change.  I will have a procedure that hopefully will make my knee feel better!  

I was out this morning and as I was sitting there waiting for Kings to come down from the porch on Central and 7th, a woman saw my window open and asked if I had a dollar.  It was kind of sad.  I said my usual, that I only carry cat food, and that if I did have money, I would give her some.  Which I would.  She then said thank you and continued walking.  She was wearing a very thin coat and no gloves or hat, and it was in the 20s.  I thought for a second and remembered that I have care bags from a few years back.  There were a handful of people that put together various items such as gloves, scarves, hats, toothbrushes, toothpaste, snack items, water bottle, tissues, comb, brush, lotions, etc.  I then pulled up next to her, and told her I had some things she might want.  I didn't see that the bag had gloves, so I have her mine.  Then I saw the gloves and told her I would take mine back and to put the new ones on.  I then wrapped the scarf around her neck.  I asked her if she was warmer.  She said yes.  She thanked me and continued on her journey.  How sad.  But glad I was able to provide these creature comforts to her.

I tried to rescue one last cat for the year on Friday, the yellow tabby on Parsells #2.  He had a home waiting for him after the vet appointment that morning. He's been on the street since birth, but began to trust his caretakers Chuck and Danielle (DeGeorge Ceilings), and myself.  I placed him in the carrier after petting him, and he went crazy.  There was one other time this happened, and it was the sweet little red cat on Grand and Baldwin that hung around with Peanut Butter and Jelly. I got him in a carrier, and when I got him home and opened the door to carrier in my tiny bathroom, he was nearly on the ceiling.  He went crazy. I had to return him.  He disappeared for a while and wound up on Garson, where eventually I had to have him euthanized because he was very sick.  Anyway, this yellow tabby on Parsells -- he went crazy.  I had to let him back out or he would have hurt himself, and I don't know what he would have done at the vet.  He's never been off the street.  Most cats I rescue have had some form of human contact when they were young, and it comes flooding back to them that they are going to be safe.  Not this baby.  Now, he won't come near me when I feed there, but he will.  Poor thing.  If they only knew...

All kittens have been delivered.  Boy do I miss Georgie and Giblet, the two baby kittens I rescued from Garson a month and half ago.  I wound up fostering them before Christmas (thank you Tamera!) and was sad to see them go.  But Georgie joined some adult kitties at his new home, and Eva and Giblet went together to their new home.  I will keep you posted on pics of them, but here is Georgie yesterday on his new dad's lap.

And Giblet and Eva in their new home:

And an update on the kitty from Parsells with the huge open wound, here he is after treatment for the ear mites that he tried to scratch to death -- I think he was my last rescue for 2021:

Sweet baby.  I think my total rescues for 2021 was 83.  Not too shabby for a really rotten year.

Have a great day!

Thursday, December 16, 2021

The Little Rat That Could - The Mob

So, little baby Giblet and his big sister Eva have been adopted together.  A very nice man contacted me a few weeks ago and told me his wife follows my blog and they had just lost a cat, and he wanted to surprise his wife with baby Georgie who was the first kitten I found at the Garson location.  Well, unfortunately, I had to tell him that Georgie was already adopted, and at that point, I had rescued Georgie's brother Giblet.  We still had Eva available from the Marilyn, Elvis, and Zsa Zsa gang, and I needed Giblet to go with another kitty that he was familiar with.  So, this man decided that those two would be the ones to adopt, and asked me to surprise his wife.  After planning the details, I showed up Tuesday evening, got Giblet out of the carrier, placed his ribbon around his neck, rang the doorbell, and after being quietly greeted, walked in and surprised his wife!  What a sweet surprise!  After spending a few minutes with his wife, with her holding both Eva and Georgie, I left knowing I was making a family very happy!  

Georgie and Giblet are still too young yet, and this family was going away for holiday until the first of the year, so it works out great.  They will be ready for delivery first of the year.  Many thanks to Foster Tamera for caring for the little ones, as the others were delivered to their new homes the past two weekends.  Tamera also expressed interest in a red tabby that greets me daily on Parsells- one of the ceiling business kitties.  Danielle and Chuck have been helping to feed this spot for years now as well.  Mr. Red Tabby has been there for years.  He is fixed, and just needs a warm loving home.  So, I just need to work out a plan to scoop him up the same morning I can get a vet appointment.

People don't realize, I don't think, the cost of caring for kittens.  The adoption fee is a drop in the bucket.  Kristin and I delivered two very shy kittens this weekend to their new home, Trouble and Midnight.  Midnight was acting strange after we left, like he was having a hard time eliminating in the litterbox.  So, I arranged a vet appointment for him (as its MY responsibility until their surgery when they are fully adopted at that point), he was diagnosed as idiopathic cystitis, and will be monitored.  He was given several medicines, urinalysis testing, etc., and the bill was $203.  And that is nothing.  There have been many times where I have had to bring litters in, and that is costly as well.  Some people poo poo me for not having the cats first or second distemper shots by the time they get them, but I can't afford to do that and keep the cost of the already low adoption fee, low.  So for now, I can only trust my fosters, and then the adopters to keep an eye on these little ones who are so susceptible to so many things as their immune systems are not fully developed.  

Not only are there three regulars waiting for me at the tree where I place food and water down every single morning, and where EVERY SINGLE MORNING the @$#%$#% living in the back apartment next to the CITY LOT removes the plates and water when he rises, there is also a very fat rat.  Now, I am not a fan of rats, but they are living creatures.  They will never go away, even without cat food..  There is litter all over the place in this spot because of renters and people that just don't care to clean up their spaces.  If it were my house, I wouldn't care about something I can't control, but I would definitely not allow them in my house, which is why we have traps, etc.  Anyway, here is Big Jim the rat, with Scarface to the left, and The Enforcer to the right.  This rat is there every morning, and rushes to the food.  No wonder he is so fat. (If you click on pics you can zoom in)

PS, I still have no where to place shelters for these poor souls this winter.  I wish someone could help me find a spot!

I think that is about it.  Speaking of Parsells #1 spot, I did get an update on the kitty I rescued two weeks ago on Parsells with the neck wound:  "His combo test came back negative, the wound is doing great... continuing with Clavamox for another week, and they've started to call him Beefcake.  He's so sweet."  Awesome end of the week news for sure.

Have a great day!

“What you think, you become

What you feel, you attract

What you imagine, you create.”


Wednesday, December 8, 2021


Let me start out by thanking all of you again for your donations last Tuesday.  What a wonderful difference it will make.  First thing I will do with it is pay the two $500+ vet bills for RCAC and Pittsford Animal Hospital.   I am so grateful to know I can care for the sick and injured animals with your donations.  I don't even care for my own cats like I do for the rescues.  They are fresh from the streets and sometimes have lots of issues.  My own are lazy, warm, fat and happy.  They don't need a thing.  

Last Friday morning, I was feeding on Parsells, and doing my cat calls, when the red injured tabby I'd seen weeks before but not since came running from down the street.  Right to my feet.  Such a SWEET boy.  I quietly and quickly went to get the carrier I had in the truck, and placed it gently on the ground so as not to scare him.  I opened the cage door, and bent down and scooped him up under the belly, and SHOVED him in.  

Once cats see they are going into anything closed in like that, they start freaking out and use their front paws to start the fight.  But I was able to quickly close the door and off we went.  I called a friend and told her I had him.  She had originally told me that if we could get the cat, she would take care of it.  My problem is that I don't have anywhere to keep a cat, nor do I have available fosters.  Everyone wants the kittens, but not the adults.  So after some figuring out of what to do on the friend's end, he was whisked off to another rescue.  Actually a mostly dog rescue, but I am grateful they took him.   I was alerted that he was in this rescue when someone took a screenshot from a Facebook post.  They believe his injuries were from scratching his ear so bad it became infected.  Mites.  Mighty little mites.  Nasty buggers.  The unfortunate thing about when a cat is taken in by another rescue, you don't get updates.  I don't know why, but they don't post anything, and I don't feel its my place to pry.  I am just happy for Mr. Big Red Tabby with the wound.  He is now safe and won't suffer in silence, like so many do on the streets, anymore.  I do know he was unneutered as well, so no more fighting for the big guy either.  Nor baby making!

Long story short, we have the construction kittens now in the care of foster Sheryl.  We must get these kittens socialized quickly or they will be a problem in a few weeks down the road and unadoptable.  If anyone would like to help out, please let me know!  They just need lots of holding, and soothing.  Are they not adorable?  They are the Clinton Avenue cats.  A bunch of construction guys were feeding them, finally trapping them, and Sheryl came to the rescue to take them in.  The workers were in love with them, and thought the welding names of Mig and Tig would suit them.  I guess those are it for now.  I've run out of names I have named so many cats in my lifetime!  The lighter grey kitten is definitely a girl.  I was able to hold her, but Mr. Hissy Pants kept backing out of my reach in the cage she has them in.

Kristin and I made headway in socializing the three black kittens - Leo (who already is in his new home), Midnight and Trouble -- that were being fostered in Geneseo originally.  They were hiding so couldn't be held.  They are now in a small confined space and we FORCE them to be held -- just kidding - they are turning into marshmallows for us.  The more you hold, the sweeter they become!

Tomorrow I go out to feed again.  Its certainly a chore once started, but as soon as I cross over Goodman, I know I am halfway done, and from there it goes fast.   Pics below are from Short Street shelter - new long haired black kitty.   Very friendly.  He joins Mr. Whiskers and Belle and this other unknown white/grey tabby:

And the VERY FRIENDLY homeless cat on Parsells -- Would love to rescue him.  Anyone?

 On my short drive home I am always relieved knowing I feed some very helpless animals.  They have had their breakfast and will then wander off to find warmth and shelter somewhere, if they don't find the ones I've left for them, or the cats on Parsells who have nothing because of the mean spirited people that won't let me leave a shelter there. 


Fuzzy Wuzzy/Giblet and Eva are the last of the kittens to be adopted.   What a great foster I have in my new foster Tamera!  Thank you Tamera!

That's all I have for now.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Giving Thanks

(After typing below, I realized that I had already told the story of Giblet (aka Fuzzy Wuzzy) in my last post  - oh well.)

Well, its been a week.  Or a week and a half?  So the Monday after I was able to rescue little Georgie from behind the shed on Garson – or property owner was able to grab him and give him to me – I continued to hear tiny cries coming from this dilapidated garage/shed that morning.  My heart sank.  I again texted Jeff at 5 am. and asked him to please go investigate.  After I didn’t hear anything, and before I had to begin work at 8, I went back there when it was light and lifted the garage door up and made my way through the debris.  I could hear the faint cry of a very tiny kitten, and then I couldn’t.  I stood there waiting, nothing.  I left with a very heavy heart.  Hours later, Jeff called and said he had him.  I drove over and grabbed the skinny little thing.  Thanking my lucky stars that I heard the cries at just the right time.  He wouldn’t have made it if it were much longer. I figured both he and Georgie were about not quite 4 weeks old.  Babies. 

Fast forward, after trying and trying to get ‘Giblet’ to use the litter box, I realized, as I had with Georgie, he needed to have a ‘mentor.’  So off he went to Foster Tamera’s house where the big kids were, and sure enough, he began to use the litter box.  AND he has learned to play!  Kittens really don’t know what to do without observing other kittens/cats.  They really do learn from each other.  When I get adopters wanting to adopt a kitten and there is no other animal in the house, I am very cautious to do that.  Can you imagine the loneliness when the adopter leaves the house for that animal?  There are a trillion reasons why its important to have a buddy system when you adopt a lone cat or kitten.  A trillion.

Today is Giving Tuesday --- ROC The Day.  Prior to working for United Way, I participated in this fundraising day and it sure helped me with the financial costs of feeding and vet costs.  But it’s a conflict of interest, and I was told I could not participate as long as I am working for UW.  So, I got creative and started a fundraiser on Facebook and I am so, SO grateful to those that have contributed to this.  There is a DONATE button on this page you are reading, if you would like to donate.  I want to list the names here, and not only are they contributors to the fundraiser today, but have done so this past month, some of them for the Feed a Cat for Christmas campaign and some contribute on a monthly basis - I will continue to list names if more donations come in.  Thank you!

Kim B.

Carol O.

Mary C.

Laurie C.

Andrea C.

Bill G.

Linda VG

Patty M.

Carrie PI

Valerie V.

Donna H.

Shannon C.

Sue HH

Karen P.

Randy R.

Elaine E.

Estelle G.

JoEllen S.

Debbie A.

Karin WB

Lynn AS

Sue C.

Betty W.

Diane W.

Sandy W.

Judy P.

Kathleen N.

Ann H.

Heather D.

Deborah S.

Rosemarie E.

Courtney K.

Baerbel P.

Den & Bev W.

David S.

Susan H.

Mary R.

Gregg R.

Mark R.

Mary Ellen F.

Jean H.

Mary Beth S.

Marie H.

Anne G.

Yuliya Z.

Jim Gaither

Barb P.

Maureen S.

Maura H. (her mom)

Tracy C.

Benita S.

Milton H.

Patricia VW

Deborah C.

  • What your donations go to (these are averages):
    • Cost of bag of 16 lb. dry food (I go through 70lbs per day) - $10
    • Cost of box of wet food 32 each (I go through 30 cans per day) - 15
    • Cost of spay/neuter with shots (1 cat) - $100
    • Vet Bill from Pittsford Hospital (per month) - $250+ (depends on how many sick cats I bring in)
    • Vet Bill from RCAC (per month) $1000

I've had to whittle down the feedings to every other day.  They go a day in between with no food.  This year, since January, I have rescued 75 cats and kittens from the streets.  I look forward to the day where there are no more homeless pets.  Thank you for your kindness and generosity!

Have a Great day!

“The best portion of a good man’s life;

His little, nameless

Unremembered acts of kindness and love.”



Tuesday, November 23, 2021


I wanted to give you all an update.  Guess what, we have a new kitten!  Yes, thank God we were able to get this little guy from the dilapidated garage I was fumbling around in yesterday morning looking for him.  The property owner, after I had dropped off a trap and some food, called about an hour later and said, we got him!  I drove over and picked up this very emaciated – but you would never know it due to the FUR – The fluffiest I’ve ever seen! -  kitten that barely looks even 4 weeks old.   I brought him home, had to give him KMR through a dropper, and eventually mixed in some kitten pate, and some kitten chow in separate bowl.  Sometimes you have stick their little faces in the food so that they lick and realize…  hmmm…  this is good stuff!  He was very hungry, poor thing.  Tomorrow will be a week since I rescued his brother, who was not as malnourished like his brother.  With this one too – Fuzzy Wuzzy (for now) – I am struggling for him to learn the litter box.  I even tried stimulating him with a warm wet washcloth (to simulate a mother cleaning their bottoms for them when they are young), but nothing.  Don’t know if he has done anything since yesterday morning!  I am so grateful to Jeff for his natural ease in getting these kittens out – this was in a wall in the garage.  I pray there are no others.  We will still keep our ears open, and Jeff will keep his eyes open.  I just can't believe, if I hadn't heard his soft meowing, he would have been a goner...  💔

 No sign of injured Red Tabby on Parsells.  Waiting to grab him when I do and turn him over to my friend Lori who will care for him after that.

First snow of the season this morning.  I looked out the window and was very surprised to see the snow. But it wasn’t bad. Never bad for humans.  It’s the animals that its bad for.  Especially if they have no shelter, like the cats on Parsells, due to the bastard that removed the ones I placed on the city lot next door to where he lives. 

Have a great day!