Thursday, March 31, 2016


Malaana and Peppercorn!
Can you stand this cuteness?  Above is Peppercorn, the only surviving kitten that my niece Amy's cat had.  PC is being fostered by Keller's Kats, who had a foster on hand to bottle feed the little guy.  He is chowing down regular food now, and is ready to come back to his 'auntie' Janine this Saturday.  THEN WE NEED TO FIND HIM A HOME!  :)  He is pictured with a little puppy who was also taken in by this rescue group.  Her name is Malaana and she is two weeks old.  She is a Husky, and she was born with a cleft palate and all four legs deformed.  She is being tube fed.  She was rescued through the Mia Foundation.  Isn't it wonderful that we have people on this earth that care for animals such as this?  Makes my heart burst.

And if your cuteness overload is already full on, get a load of this!

George is quite interested!

Hello Charlie (Chaplin!)

Can you stand how cute these legs are???
So the story:  I have mentioned how a man in Arizona had found my number (?) and reached out to ask for help. His mother lived in the city, and he had moved her out to the burbs, but she didn't want to leave the ferals she was feeding, and also knew there was a cat in the basement, so she was going back to feed each day, but the son didn't want her to continue.  Regardless, they suspected all the cats to be pregnant.  Habitat for Cats was contacted first and TNR'd quite a few outside, but a friend of mine also heard about this and wanted to try to trap the kitty in the house.  She went over and found five baby kittens!  She took (wild) mom and all her babies to her house and they've all been in a crate since, babies nursing.  Two weren't getting the same attention at the nipples as the others, so my friend asked for help, and I said 'bring em over!'

Now I am not good with newborns.  Not even kittens period.  I love them, don't get me wrong, but the GUILT I feel at not being with them.  Because they must be enclosed, they are too little, to run with the general population (my other cats).  And I feel like they are bored.  So I feel constant guilt.  Other than that, I love the adorableness of kittens.  Who doesn't???

They've been getting the bottle since I've had them yesterday, but it was suggested I try a slurry of wet food and KMR, to get them eating solids, so that I will do!  They might be big enough, and from what I understand, their three other sibs are eating momma's wet food too!

So, now we have the task of eventually getting these - all five - kittens homes.  So now we have Hermie, Esmeralda, Momma Kitty (yet to be named - and I must get a picture!), and her five kittens that all need homes.  Pictures to come, I promise!

Spread the good word.

Have a great day!

“Some of you say, “Joy is greater than sorrow,” and others say, 
“Nay, sorrow is the greater.”
But I say unto you, they are inseparable.
Together they come, and when one sits alone with you at your board, remember that the other is asleep upon your bed.” 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hump Day!

The 'crapsack' (love that term whoever said it!  :)) was not out the past two mornings.  I have been sliding the plates under the fence and going over to do the other side where there ARE decent shelters, but they won't come over, and giving the cats a chance to eat without having to scale the fence - and for the two that I don't think can climb it at all.   I then go and remove them and place them under the tree where I am 'supposed' to.  This, in my opinion, is animal cruelty - but its legal.  For that man to NOT allow these cats the only food provided to them (by me), that 'live' behind the fence at this gated apartment complex in the CRACK of a WALL.  I find it incomprehensible that this can be legal.  If anyone can do anything, or can look into this, its the Susan B. Anthony apartments on Niagara and First Streets between Central Park and Bay Street.  Who owns it, who is the property manager?  Who is this vile person that is a resident there?

Louvain a/k/a Lolly
My friend Lollie, who has been visiting from Australia for the past week has gone out with me three mornings in a row.  I swear, sometimes I feel self-conscious about what I do.  What do people think of me doing this?  It really does LOOK crazy!  But then I think - this is what I call dedication and commitment - what I do.  Who else has that kind of determination to do something 7 days a week, 365 days a year, not one day off since April 2014.  I am sure there are plenty who have dedication and commitment to something, actually there are other colony caregivers - we ARE dedicated people.  You want someone reliable?  Thats me.  You want someone who will look after you if you are down and out?  Thats me!  I feel I am true friend, through and through.  I am loyal to the end.  I hope I don't sound like I am bragging about myself, but really, I amaze myself sometimes.  I have to be proud of that, no matter what I look like to others.  I am not saying Lollie thinks I am crazy - I am just thinking there are many other people that probably do think me nuts, but so what.  What are THEY good at?  Right?  ha.  By the way, Lollie is a natural.  I told her she missed her calling.  Who knows, maybe she will go back home and start to feed ferals around her area.  :)  If anything, she will notice things she probably didn't before.  Stray, homeless, feral, there are problems with cats all over the globe.  Spay and neuter!  Thats the ticket!

I got a report on Parsley from his new 'dad'.  They are getting along well.  The guy, Eddie, works a lot of hours though, so I am concerned about that.  I mentioned to him - wouldn't it be nice to get ANOTHER cat - as a companion for Parsley.  He actually liked the idea, and said he would ask his landlord.  In the meantime, I asked him to leave a radio on while he is gone (he works full time 7 days a week).  :(  Any other suggestions I can give him?

The Smudgster!  :)

Finally, new pictures of Smudge - the kitty I rescued from Melville a year ago.  She is adored by her new family, I couldn't be any happier!~  :)

Have a GREAT day!  PS, lets get Hermie and Esmeralda adopted now!!!

"Enduring and forgiving are two different things.  You must not forgive the cruelty of this world.  It's our duty as human beings to be angry at injustice.  But we must also endure it.  Because someone must sever this chain of hatred." 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


SO MUCH going on!  To start with, Parsley.  Ciara managed to get him into the carrier, he was delivered Friday, spent the night in the bathroom CRYING because he hates to be cooped up and alone!  He was delivered to his new home Saturday morning, and I do believe it is a great match, although I have not heard from the man in two days.  I get very nervous with new adoptions, I need to know how things are progressing.  So, I will track the man down somehow today.

The other story.  The man that reached out to me from Arizona because his mother was feeding ferals at her old house in the city and had a cat in the basement with suspected pregnancy, Ciara offered to help.  I was told things were taken care of there by a rescue group, but Ciara didn't get the message on time, and contacted the old woman, and was let in the house, only to discover not only the cat still in the basement, but her five newborns!  Well, not newborns, apparently they are walking and have their eyes open.  So thumbs up to my friend for going the extra mile there.  And to the others that offered their help.  Apparently, I've been told, that the ferals outside have all been fixed.  So mama and kittens are with my friend now.

Niagara Street - I had a dreadful morning Sunday when I went to the Niagara Street location.  I had a nasty encounter with a resident there.  If you will recall, I had an encounter with the same man months ago who claimed he was 'security' there.  Well, he lied.  He just lives there.  And apparently has nothing better to do at 5 am. but to wait for me and come and throw the food I leave under the fence for that cats that are enclosed there.  Yes, I believe there are two that cannot squeeze under the fence, nor climb it.  He told me not to do it, I told him I would never stop feeding a hungry cat, and then we got into it.  I did tell him I wouldn't put the food under but that I would put it under the tree, beyond the sidewalk, on city property.  He said he would just throw it away after I left.  That's the first time I said I was going to call the police.  At one point, I said something and he said now its personal.  I said what - are you going to hit me?   He started to open the gate and I called 911.  The operator asked what does the man look like (they could hear his raised voice), I said tall, black and loud.  I wish I had said tall, black, loud and well fed.  The loud conversation began when he started to talk over what I was saying.  Not hearing a word.  Within minutes two police officers arrived.  I told one of them my side, he told the other his.  The outcome was that I said I would not place the food under the fence (it is private property) and he would not touch what I leave under the tree.

I had told the officer that it was me and other rescuers who have reduced the population of this spot from 20+ cats living behind the fence, to seven or so now.  I told him that I couldn't move these cats across the street, or relocate them, as he asked, because you just can't do that so easily, and that the cats just wouldn't cross the street to the nice shelter I have there, they just won't do it.  I also told him that most can't climb that fence to begin with.  I told him those animals, that live in the crack of two buildings, were starving and I was their only source of food (along with another girl who goes there every other day).   He then went over to the guy and I could hear this jerk say "I love animals", "They eat out of the dumpsters", I said out loud, 'oh sure, and they are stuffed by the time they are done each day, sure, you LOVE animals, don'tcha.'  To me, this is pure animal cruelty, but legal cruelty.  He has been dumping the two paper plates of food that are left there. These animals are starving.  SOMETHING must be done.  I've noticed the past two days, most can climb or go under the fence (scraping their bodies to do this) to get to this food, but there are at least two that can't. These cats are starving.  SOMETHING must be done.  I have very evil thoughts for this man.

Its people like him that we have such a problem in this city.  That mentality.  He doesn't understand how this helps to reduce the population.  He only sees cats, and white people.  Both of which he hates.  I just know this.

I wish we could come up with a solution for this.  Please help.

Have a good day.

"Stupidity has a certain charm.  
Ignorance does not."

Friday, March 25, 2016

Hoppy Easter and Hoppy Birthday (to me)! Happy BEASTER! :)

I know, corny, but hey, life's short, gotta have fun.

Enjoy the pics.  :)  (cause I am sure the cats didn't).  :)

oh, and one more:

Have a AWESOME day!  xoxoxoxo

Thursday, March 24, 2016


7th Street
Snow.  Winter is back.  Ha.  Its March 24th and we have a trace of snow on the ground.  WT...  H?

I am now able to hold Scooter and Marbles each morning.  They run to me.  Marbles stands on his hind legs every time to greet me.  Scooter runs to my car.  These are my next two rescues.  Precious babies, and each morning I hold my breath when I pull up, praying they are there. 

Parsley was supposed to be delivered to my house yesterday on his foster mom's day off, but Parsley is frightened to death of the carrier.  She wasn't able to get him in and then he was too spooked to do anything with her.  Any suggestions, anybody?  He will eventually go to his new home, fingers crossed, Saturday morning.  The woman that came to meet Esmeralda at her foster family's house want to wait until spring break next week is over.  Fingers crossed they are still interested.  In the meantime, Hermie continues to get the love and comfort of his foster mom, and every day gets better and better enough to go to a nice, quiet home where he will be the king of his castle.  THEN, I plan on getting Marbles from Central and Third, and Scooter from Parsells.  Scooter is just a year old.  Adorable and sweet.  He purrs and purrs when I hold him.  Its amazing, they were so untrusting of me when I first started to feed these cats.

Well, my friend is here visiting until the end of next week, I have the day off tomorrow, and I don't have a lot to say today, except spread the word.  Spay and neuter your pets.  My 'job' would be so much easier.

Have a great day!

"God doesn't give us what we can handle.  God helps us handle what we are given."

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hump Day

Me and niece Amy - oh so long ago.... those kneecaps aren't working so well these days!
When I started doing what I do, feeding, sheltering, spaying and neutering - the ones I am able, the ones that find the shelters and food, the ones I can trap - in the Beechwood section of Rochester, New York, God knows how long ago I started this - I knew there would be sadness.  But as I go every day, I am able to separate sadness for reality and way of life out there for these cats. Some are stronger than others, and the ones that aren't, and are friendly, I rescue.  When I finish up each morning, I drive home with a sense of satisfaction, that I have made a difference.  Even if for just one animal.  Even if it was just a raccoon. Kidding.

Lately, in the past year, I've been getting phone calls from strangers begging for help for their cats, or the cats they are seeing around their house, or the guy in Arizona who reached out to me because his elderly mother has now moved from the city but she goes back to feed the pregnant cats near Lyell Avenue as she had been feeding when she lived there in the soon to be sold house, or yesterday, the guy my tax attorney asked for help with who inherited his aunt's cat that has been peeing all over the house, who called me to say he has tried everything, and now needs to get rid of this cat, or even today, I received a message from someone's son advising that his mom is in hospice and she knew how much I cared for cats and was hoping I could adopt her two.  She wanted them to stay together.  Or at the very least, he wanted me to point him in the right direction.  What do I say to this?  I am NOT a rescue group, we don't have enough rescue groups in this city, we don't have enough resources to help all those that need our help, and I don't have help, period.  I juggle a full time job, a house, relationships, my own cats, trying to make ends meet, worry constantly about job stability and if I can make the next car payment, and then I have people calling me, begging for my help.

But I don't just ignore these people, I TRY to point them in the right direction, give them advice, find them advice through social media, physically help them if I can.  Look at the new 'friend' in my life, Gael, who got my number from someone, to help her with the cats she had on her porch, and who calls me four times a day because she is the loneliest person I know - that was a year ago.  With the help of a girl, we managed to get four cats from there, spayed and neutered.

My heart breaks every time someone tells me something about an animal in need.  I can't take it.  I don't know what to say now to this man whose mother is in hospice.  I never met the woman, but she has read my blog, sends me occasional emails, and is obviously a kind and good woman.  I don't have the answers!

Sorry, I guess I am venting here, but I need to do it.  I can't save the world, but I can save one animal at a time.

The life of an abandoned cat can be a very sad, lonely and dangerous one.  These cats are not only scared and hungry but are also at risk of being tortured, poisoned, hit by cars, or even shot.  Remember, not all cats are 'strays'.  House cats accidentally get out of their homes and are searching for their homes.  They are well groomed and may have a collar.  Many people post their lost cats on Craigslist.  Please help us keep the feral cat population down by spaying/neutering your cat.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What To Do if You Find A Litter of Kittens!

Sharing today some really great advice.  If anyone has any more bit to add, please do!  

You're likely to hear them before you see them.
They're alone and afraid. No mom in sight.
The sound of kittens meowing.
With springtime just around the corner comes the warmer weather, the flowers, the showers — and, unfortunately, litters of unwanted kittens.
It's the time of year when unspayed cats give birth. Rescue groups and shelters nationwide become overrun with litters of unwanted kittens who are often euthanized due to lack of space and not nearly enough people to foster and adopt them.
"We are embarking on kitten season," Eric Brown, cofounder and vice president of Arizona's Homeless Animals Rescue Team (H.A.R.T.), told The Dodo. "The biological clocks of cats have realized that it has started warming up, and cats are now in heat or already pregnant. There is a 64-day gestation period. And we are almost there. There will be throngs of kittens any day."
So what should you do if you find a litter of kittens? For starters, it depends on how and where you found them, whether their mother is around, and how old they are.
Approximately 3.4 million cats enter shelters nationwide every year and 1.4 million cats are euthanized yearly.
H.A.R.T.'s mission is a method of population control called trap, neuter and return (TNR). This means feral cats are humanely trapped, sent to a veterinary clinic, and spayed or neutered. Each cat then has a tiny part of his ear removed while under anesthesia. Known as "tipping," this helps identify the cat as part of a managed colony. The cats are then returned to the community where they were found.

Stray or feral?

"When you think of your pet cat who is inside and the cat you see outside, you might think they are a different species, but they are still part of the domestic cat species," Kayla Christiano, campaigns manager for Alley Cat Allies in Bethesda, Maryland, told The Dodo.
Feral cats are not socialized and won't make eye contact, and strays could be abandoned or lost but may make eye contact.

Kittens in a box

It can be very dangerous for a litter of kittens to be on their own, unless their mom is out for a couple hours with the intent to return.
If you find kittens in a box, someone most likely dumped them there. If the kittens are found behind a bush, it's best to closely monitor them, and see if the mother returns.
"Every kitten needs to be fed every three hours at the max," Brown said. "Mom must return every three hours to feed her babies. Like clockwork, her body tells her to do so. If momma doesn't return within that time frame something is wrong, and humans must intervene. She could be dead, injured or trapped."
There's also the chance she abandoned them.
The safest place for kittens is with their mothers. "If you don't see the mom, there's a couple different ways to tell if mom is around," said Christiano. If the kittens are clean and quiet, the mother is most likely coming back. However, if they are dirty and crying, the mother may not return. At that point, Christiano recommends taking them.
"Alley Cat Allies does not recommend taking neonatal kittens [under four weeks] to animal shelters," she said. "Most shelters and shelter employees are not equipped to provide round-the-clock care for these babies. They need care every two hours.
"More than 70 percent of cats entering shelters are killed there," she said. "And that number rises to 100 percent when dealing with feral cats."
Although public shelters aren't the ideal place to bring kittens, they can be a resource for support. Christiano suggested reaching out to ask if they know of any fosters who can help. You can also ask small, local no-kill rescues.
When dealing with kittens, especially neonatal kittens, remember that they are starting their lives, so they can go either way: feral or socialized. "If with mom and they are outside, they can be part of a TNR program. If not with mom, bring them in, and they can be adopted."

Taking in the young kittens

If the kittens were left in a box, take them. If there is no box and you need to step in because the mother doesn't return, find a box, gather up the kittens, and place them inside the box.
The one thing you should not do is nothing. If left to fend for themselves, the kittens will die.
First determine approximate age. One way to tell if kittens are under three weeks old is by eye color. According to Brown, all babies are born with blue eyes. If the eyes are another color, the cats are older than three weeks. "Older kittens are much more mobile, and have all their teeth and claws," he said.
You must keep them safe, even in a bathroom if it's for a short duration, according to Brown. Make sure to keep a litter box nearby.
Next, assess whether they need to be bottle-fed, which can be a big undertaking. Reach out to rescues or your local humane society if you need guidance. If you take on the task, be committed. "You have to use goat's milk or kitten replacement milk, and bottle-feed every three hours," Brown said. "You have to stimulate them, and take a wet washcloth and stimulate their bottoms and their genitals in order for them to eliminate."
According to Christiano, at four to five weeks you can wean them onto a little wet food, and mix that in with kitten formula. "They will need a little bottle or syringe, some heat sources, Snuggle Safe [a microwavable heating pad for pets], a larger carrier to retain heat, some bedding, and we recommend having a food scale on hand. It's important to weigh kittens daily."
Whatever you do, keep the kittens away from cow's milk. "Many cats, nine of 10, are lactose intolerant," Brown said. "Cow's milk causes indigestion and potentially death because it can cause diarrhea, which causes dehydration, which equals death in a cat." Brown also suggested goat's milk as it is the closest thing to cat's milk. "It's totally safe and nutritional."
"The important thing to highlight is that most kittens found outside come from community cats," Christiano said. "If you notice kittens outside make sure you or someone you know is doing TNR with cats to prevent unwanted litters."

Don't turn a blind eye

If you've stepped in, don't turn away. "You have now become part of this rescue as a result of stumbling upon the situation," Brown said. "If you turn a blind eye you cause more of a problem. If you can't do something, alert somebody.
"Keep them safe until you can find a solution," Brown said. "Just make some phone calls."
If you find cats you suspect are in a feral community, Alley Cat Allies has resources to help.
Have an awesome day!

"The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good."

Monday, March 21, 2016

So Many

Its been rather quiet out there these days.  I don't know if this means the neighborhood is changing, or what.  It used to be crawling with hookers, people out at all times of the night, loud cars whizzing by, people approaching me for money...  nothing.  Really.  I'll take it, but there isn't much to report in that respect on this blog.  So you will just have to take what you get.  Ha.  :)  Again, its so important to me that you share your stories, if not for my sake, then for others!  Think about the people (few) reading this.  You could teach something, or just share  story about your dog, your cat, or even write to your dog or cat, what would you say?

I think I have found a home for Parsley!  See, word of mouth is so important.  My friend Nancy's daughter works with a man who is looking for a cat.  I spoke to him on the phone last evening and he sounds very nice.  And he just happens to live close to the area where I feed, in the Beechwood neighborhood.  I told this man that Parsley actually was rescued just blocks away from his house!  So this Saturday, I will bring Parsley over to this man's home and hope it is a match!  Fingers crossed. 

That leaves Hermie and Esmeralda left in foster care.  I am looking for a quiet and stable home for Hermie, who scares easily but loves to be loved.  He was rescued last summer from Webster Avenue, having known nothing but the cold and cruel streets his whole life.  What a dramatic change he has gone through in the hands of who I call the Cat Whisperer, Melissa.  She has taken the time and patience to slowly bring him to the state of coming out, playing, trusting, and wanting affection from a human.  Hermie had a baseball sized hernia hanging from his belly that would have slowly killed him, and we thought he would never be captured.  It took the time and patience of Laura from Habitat for Cats to get him, finally.  He had surgery to remove it and we just couldn't put him back on the streets, especially where Crazy Maryleigh was patrolling every day.

Then there is Esmeralda, who must have been someone's pet at one point.  She is sweet and loving and gentle, and is in the care of a family who treat her like one of their own.  They have a pug dog, and two other cats, and there hasn't been a single incident to show that Esmeralda doesn't get along with another single living thing.  (JUST GOT WORD THAT A FAMILY IS COMING TO MEET ESME THIS EVENING!)

There are so many cats out there that must have been someone's pet, proof being one that I feed that still has her bell collar on, as frayed as it is.  I've been feeding her on the streets for two years now.  She runs from under a porch on Parsells, sweet as can be, and gobbles up the food I leave her.  Her 'owners' must have moved away.  Just like the nearly 80 I rescued last year, someone or another had these cats as kittens, and once they got older, and perhaps started to spray because of not being neutered or spayed, they were shooed outside to fend for themselves. 

I am doing my small part in this world.  There are rescue groups in Rochester, some specialize in kittens (Kitten Korner, Keller's Kats), some do their best to go out into the fields and spay/neuter (TNR) (Habitat for Cats), then there are the people that feed cats on their own back porch, and then there are people like me, who have a few shelters scattered around town, who feed these cats.  I go a bit further in spay/neutering those I can, and rescuing some here and there.  I have 19 shelters in the Beechwood section of Rochester, and I care for all of these cats I see, on average I see 3-4 cats at each location, who knows what comes after I leave.  There are just so many.

Have a nice day.

"It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness."

Friday, March 18, 2016

It Adds Up!

$155.20.   Thats what it cost me yesterday at Walmart to buy the following:

2 bags Kit & Kaboodle - 16 lbs ($9.97 per bag)
4 bags Kit & Kaboodle - 22 lbs ($13.68 per bag)
1 bag Kit & Kaboodle - 30 lbs ($18.98 per bag)
52 large Friskie cans wet food ($1.08 per can)
TAX:  $12.42

That's enough dry food and wet food last five-six days to feed the hungry cats in the Beechwood section of the City of Rochester, NY.  There are over 70 cats that I know of that depend on this food.  According to my calculations ($155 x 52), that's $8,000+ each year I am spending on dry and wet food alone.  That doesn't include veterinary fees that average $100 per week from April through November (two cats spay/neuter - each week).  Thats a lot of money.

I have applied for tax exempt status - should be any time now, and that would have saved me the $12.42 in tax.  Which helps.  Every little bit helps.

WHY - what drives me to do this?  Could YOU turn your back on a hungry animal?  I don't know when this will ever end, but I am determined to make a dent somehow in this city of OURS.  PLEASE, help me to help them.  I just can't continue to do it alone.

I reached out to the woman that adopted Francie Pants this past December.  Below is a pic, and here is what Tina had to say:  "She is doing fine however she continues to be very timid and Afraid and will not be out and social ,she's always hiding unless I bring her out - she won't have nothing to do with my other cat."

Lulu, Teddy and Emma (the dogs)

At least she is off the street and loved.  If you remember, she had a very very bad URI when I rescued her. She could barely breathe.  So thankful for all these rescues.  And the people that have adopted and fostered. Thank you!

Have a good day!

 "Life is contemptuous of knowledge; it forces it to sit in the anterooms, to wait outside. Passion, energy, lies: these are what life admires. Still, anything can be endured if all humanity is watching. The martyrs prove it. We live in the attention of others. We turn to it as flowers to the sun."

Thursday, March 17, 2016


Thursday.  Gosh, this has been the longest week, I swear.  I have so much on my plate these days.  It seems like there is a constant list of what needs to be done.  At my home, and out there, with the cats.  I  think TNR starts in April (for me - I've made appointments with the clinic for two cats a week for the entire remainder of the year), and I will still have a house guest here that morning I believe, and she will experience first hand what we as Americans do, the lengths we go to, in helping the discarded animals in our city.   I will  polish off the old rusty traps I have in my garage - I purchased a new one two years ago, and its been banged around so many times, I am hoping it still works.   I will need to buy the tuna in a pouch, good for placing in two traps, and get my tiny little bowls that will fit into the traps to fill with food and water to keep the kitties as comfortable as possible when they return from the clinic and spend the night on my porch before being put back on the streets again.  I do not look forward to this time of year, its heartbreaking for me to TNR, but its so necessary.  We cannot have any more kittens.  There are just too many.  For each one born, ten adult cats are euthanized.  I know its a much higher number, I am just putting that fact out there.  I really need help accomplishing what needs to be accomplished this year.

My niece called this morning.  The male cat I had neutered for her last week, Midnight, still has a strong urine stench - the kind that unneutered males have.  Its been a week at least I think.  She says he is also spraying.  Her home consists of just her and the female cat that he's known and lived with.  I am not sure what to tell her. Any ideas anybody?

I received a note from Parsley's foster mom, who has a 90 pound dog, and here is what she has to say!

PAN the Dog, and PARSLEY the Cat

"Progress!  A home with dogs is a definite option!"

This is great news.  I can't wait til Parsley finds her permanent home.  I am sure he can't wait either.

That's all I have today folks.  Its gotten rather boring out there for me, and you reading this.  Although wait!  Some freak this morning waved me down, and when I rolled open my window (you never know if they are in real trouble!) slightly, and he was hawking a phone set.  I told him thanks but no thanks, then asked if I could pay in cat food.  Wished him a good day and told him to be kind to animals, as I drove off to the next spot.  :)

Have a great day all.

"Faith is believing that it's not God who is wearing us away with trials but, rather, making us strong enough to bear them."

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Fog

ESMERALDA - waiting for a home

Most of those who know me know I love a good scary movie.  I've watched a ton of them, and am always looking for a new thrill.  The Fog was an old movie, but apros pos for this morning because the fog was so dense out there you could cut it with a knife.  But I will take it over the rain and snow any day.

My knee is doing much better.  I am back to my old hop skip and jump!  And I had to hop skip and jump out feeding the cats as there are obstacles galore.  Puddles, branches, holes in the ground, garbage, dead rats, you name it!  I also came face to face with an opossum on Garson.  The little devil, after freezing there for a minute staring at me, he ran into a shelter.  And a big old fat raccoon ran into a shelter on Pennsylvania, so you just know that food and water is wasted that I still had to leave as five cats were hovering for their food.

Please consider Parsley, Hermie and Esmeralda for adoption, and please consider Marbles and the grey tabby on Parsells who is still sick (I did see him this morning and gave him his dose of meds) to foster.  They are both wonderful sweet animals that are dying to get off the street, literally. 

I leave you with a story from my friend Sunday Sheryl!

FRASER - Before and After!
This story is ultimately about Fraser, a rescue from Baldwin Street although the story does begin a few months earlier than his rescue.

“Little” (for Little Cat or LC or Elsie) was a starving tiny kitten I found lost in my asparagus patch. Because my veterinarian charges over $400 to spay, she was just kept indoors. Back then, my 20-something son had friends that came and went at all hours so Little did occasionally slip outside.  I had to home a few litters before affording to have her spayed ( mom handing me her credit card and saying “Get that GD cat fixed!”).  I think it was during my search to find a home for her last kitten, Monster, (a completely different story) that I stumbled upon an older video interview of Janine Wagner and her city efforts of TNR. 

I ended up keeping Monster but I came away with much more from that effort to home him...  an awareness of the TNR movement and a friendship with Janine.

It’s been almost three years since then and my first contact with Janine and offer of help. She jokingly replied that I could do her route anytime. Taking her up on it is what ultimately dubbed me “Sunday Sheryl,”  her once a week ride-along helper. 
So, it was my first winter of building shelters and driving into the “hood” every Sunday that we noticed the smaller of the two long haired red cats on Baldwin Street was doing poorly.  Adding misery to his obvious cold, from going in and out of a tunnel entrance shelter, the fur on both sides of his body was scraped down to his inner velvet coat —I melted and offered to take him to the clinic and foster him.

Because I’m a HUGE fan of Diana Gabaldon’s OUTLANDER book series, I named him FRASER after the series main character, James Alexander Malcom McKenzie Fraser, a fiery red haired Scottish Highlander who bore countless scars from a painful life but had a heart of gold (sigh).

Upon release in my spare room, Fraser hid between a cabinet and the wall for days. I moved my computer into his  room  in order to spend more time with him. Eventually he warmed up enough to come to me a make his high pitched “Aaack?”  (So cute). I’d slap my lap and he’d jump up to get loved. Becoming more comfortable with me, he walked up my chest, stopped, and stared straight into my eyes. And well, that was it for me. Tears welled up and I knew he was wondering if this love toward him could possibly be real. Janine was then informed that he wasn’t up for adoption. I was keeping him.

I love my Fraser.  He has this old  battle scar on his right eye lense that the tip just reaches his cornea and fascinates everyone in veterinary care.  He sheds like water but loves to be brushed. When I come home from work, he circles my feet, staring up and repeating his squeaky “Aaack” until I reach both hands down and offer “up?”  Then he stands up and stretches his front paws up to me so I can place him on my shoulder, his Heaven. And at night he settles in on my side sleeping so soundly that he often rolls right off.  Lately he’s begun kneading dough on anything “me”  with eyes half-closed, in a trance with a chainsaw purr.

In my house of five cats, Fraser may be the last addition but he’s the first to greet anyone who visits. He contentedly sits on laps and cuddles and purrs. No one leaves my home without falling just a bit in love with this red haired Siberian-mix Love.Sheryl Beauchemin

Thank you Sheryl!  Please, keep your stories coming!

Have a great day!

"Among the things in my life I thank God for most, is the love He gave me for animals.
My heart would be emptier, and life
would be less without them."

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

How Does Your Garden Grow?

GREAT!  The city property that I was allowed to plant a garden on last summer is going to be absolutely beautiful this spring.  The bulbs planted last fall took well to the soil, and the little greens are popping through.  I can't wait to see the colors and varieties of flowers that were so generously donated to help me.  I am still waiting on my permit for this year (fingers crossed!).

It was a quiet morning.  Yesterday we had wind and rain, but this morning, easy peasy.  I went to the ortho doc yesterday and this girl has some bad knees.  I am not taking too well to aging.  The amount of walking I do each day you would think I would be rail thin, but instead, I have bad knees.  So I got a shot of cortisone (and nearly screamed like an infant), and off I go.  Today I am still hobbling a bit, hoping the shot kicks in and allows the pain I've been experiencing in my right leg to subside.   

Marbles on Central
Marbles ran to my car this morning, standing up on his (or her) hind legs, as he does every single morning to greet me.  What a nice cat.  I must get him rescued.  The tabby boy on Parsells has not been seen in two mornings now.  He had a very bad URI I was treating him for (I switched to Doxy, as someone suggested) but he is nowhere to be found.  He was going to be my next rescue also.

Got this cute little video clip of Hermie yesterday.  Waiting for his new home.  Anyone?  I think if you copy and paste the link below into address block.

Cammy went to the vet last week, his foster mother picked him up at his new home to find out why he was coughing.  Asthma.  Boy, these cats can get anything.  Parsley was brought to his foster home Sunday and will be meeting with his new canine foster brother - prayers that goes well!  These cats from the streets, they all need to learn to interact with other cats and dogs if they want to find homes.  And it CAN be done!

From Pet Sit International:

Starting from "Scratch" (so to speak)

There are some definite "DOs and DON'Ts" to keep in mind when introducing dogs and cats for the first time. Dr. Landsberg cautions that the most important aspect is matching personalities of the pets, if possible. For example, a playful dog or puppy will be better matched with a playful cat - or a more tolerant one. 

"Any new kitten or puppy, if not too fearful, will want to play with the other animal," he said. "The question is whether the existing animal will enjoy or tolerate the presence of the other pet or the play with the other pet. Another important aspect is that just because a dog has been socialized or friendly with another cat (or vice versa) - it does not necessarily mean that the dog or cat will tolerate, understand or communicate well with a different dog or cat." 

Palika advised that when bringing in a new cat or kitten into the home, it should be confined to a separate room for awhile. "That way, everyone can get used to the smells," she said. "Household smells, new cat/dog smells, all the smells. New and the existing pets need this to adjust." 

Dr. Landsberg agreed, saying, "Give the cat a separate room with toys, food, bedding, litter, etc. - all the necessities of life. When it's time for face-to-face introductions, perhaps consider a leash and harness for cat control and a leash or leash and head halter for dog control. Only begin to let the cat out if it is calm, non-fearful or inquistive and seems to want to leave the room - - - even when it has heard the dog on the other side of the door. Begin introductions with the dog on a leash and giving the cat some freedom to wander and explore. Give food and play to encourage the cat leaving its room and approaching the dogs." 

"Make sure the cat is socialized to dogs and not too fearful," Dr. Landsberg said. "Ensure the cat has sufficient perching and climbing places where it rests and naps that are out of the dog's reach. If not, consider training this behavior by giving toys and treats on the perches or counters." 

Dr. Landsberg continued, "Bring the dog into the room under control with a leash or leash and head halter. Keep the dog occupied and monitor the cat's response to the dog, and the dog's response to the cat. It may be possible to use food rewards and toys to encourage the pets to approach each other, but you need to monitor and 'read' the pets to determine how fast you can go. Keep the dog in a kennel (crate) or separate room when you cannot supervise the two together." 

The moral... 

Slow and controlled introductions and be sure to watch for potential problems so you can avoid or minimize them. 

How long?

While there are some parings that work out in days, in some rare cases, it never works out. Liz Palika noted that, in her experience, the "get acquainted" process usually takes two to three weeks. 

Dr. Landsberg noted that sometimes it's not easy to tell by their interactions if a dog and cat are getting along or not. "It is sometimes difficult to tell playful and predatory actions apart," he said, "since play and chase could have a predatory outcome or could lead to inadvertent but serious injury if the dog is too physical with the cat or the cat is too fearful with the dog. Therefore any intense focusing on the other pet, threats or aggression, stalking or chase attempts should be cause for more supervision, training and concern. 

"Some cats take weeks to adapt to the dogs," Landsberg added, "and similarly it can take weeks for the owners to teach the dog how to behave around the cat. Even if improvement is made and the cat and dog tolerate or enjoy each other, in some circumstances, separation when not supervised is the best long-term option." 

And When it Works...

When it works, there is nothing sweeter than seeing how a little kitty cat can wrap a big old dog around her dainty little paw - Or how a tough, battle-scarred veteran cat will melt at a puppy's charms. 

Dr. Landsberg has observed that same behavior at his clinic. "The most common thing that you will see is that the cat and dog learn how to communicate (the dog as a dog and the cat as a cat)," he said. "Our clinic cat (15 lbs) plays with my dog (8 lbs). The dog plays like a dog, nipping and biting and pulling the cat, and the cat plays like a cat, pouncing on the dog and instigating her to chase and bite. However, when things get out of hand, the cat knows to jump in the bathroom sink (because the dog is too short to reach her!") 

So, all's well that ends well...

"What lies behind us and
what lies before us are
tiny matters compared to
what lies within us."

Monday, March 14, 2016

Blood Bath

Don't worry Peeps.  Nothing bad today.  Just thinking about when my cat scratches me, usually not intentional.  I trimmed five of my kitties nails yesterday.  Those are the ones that let me.  The other few scream or are too strong for me to hold them while skwirming to get away.  I am still teaching people about what declawing will do to a cat.  There are people still out there that don't know how bad it is.  I just told one person - the alternatives:  Trim their nails, get double sided tape for the furniture, a spray bottle, and a firm NO!  If you regard your furniture to be more precious than your cat, don't get a cat. 

If you will recall, my niece's cat had babies - from her perspective, she delivered 14 babies.  I think they were baby body parts (sorry to be so gross), and continued to be in labor for the next 24 hours or so, delivering two dead babies, one alive baby, and then an emergency spay which resulted in two dead babies inside of her.  Here is the little prince, named Peppercorn, as he is today.  What, two weeks old?  Still being bottle fed by a caring individual who is part of the Keller's Kats rescue group.  What a CUTIE!

Don't forget to click on pictures to see up close!~

I took some pictures Sunday morning to share who is out there and who needs to be rescued.

Parsley's Twin on Parsells

Sick kitty on Parsells (next rescue)

Gemma's Twin on Garson

Gemma's Twin rolls over every morning on sidewalk

Kitty inside shelter on Grand and Baldwin

Fluffypants #2 on Baldwin and Grand

Big Red #2 on 4th and Pennsylvania


MARBLES on Third & Central

All these angels need homes.  Please consider foster and adoption.

will never come again.
Be a blessing.
Be a friend.
Encourage someone.
Take Time To Care.
Let your words heal
and not wound."