Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Just Keep Swimming!

That was a great line from Finding Nemo. And seems quite appropos here. It was a hard morning for me, but I just kept plodding along. I had two spots at a Habitat for Cats clinic, and didn't want to blow it as I have done in the past. I was supposed to have help - more reinforcement if anything - because two of the cats I was going to spay/neuter are both very friendly - but I wanted backup in case they weren't around, but she wound up being ill, so went off on my own. When I got to this location this morning, there was no sign of the two cats I was going to TNR (Trap Neuter Return), just the other two that I have done previously. All four friendly as can be. I had a very hard time returning the other two, but I did. Anyways, I left without placing any food down in hopes that the two would be around later when I came back, and hungry. So off I went to the next spot where I knew I would have to set the trap, that luckily I brought along with the two carriers I was only going to bring originally. Sure enough, when I swung back around after feeding in that area, there was a kitty in the trap, howling loudly. I placed him in the back, put a towel over the cage to quiet him, and went about feeding at my other spots. Its just hard sometimes, getting in and out of my car, I need an SUV, getting my water, dry food bag and wet food container, spinning my head around like Linda Blair from the Exorsist making sure there is no one lurking waiting for me, and placing food in the dark. And look around for the racoons that consistently eat the food I place down shortly after I leave it for the hungry cats every day. Anyways, after doing all my spots,I went back to the one I originally was going to get two cats for TNR, and sure enough, there they both were! So I could only get one, and she is SO sweet. I went to take pictures but my internal memory in camera is full, so hopefully will get one when I get her back to stay the night recouperating before I have to let her go tomorrow. When I brougth these two babies into the clinic, I was amazed by all the other people there that had done the same thing. They had cats trapped to be neutered. I sometimes think I am the only one out there doing this, there are just so many, and so many newborn kittens. I just wish I had some help in the area I am doing! The picture is a drawing done by my talented good friend Kristin who just this weekend was coming home out in Churchville from her very own surprise party, and came upon a kitten mother and her five newborns that were - we believe - dumped in a cornfield. She has rescued them and has them at her house desperate to find homes for them. I attach the poster she created also. She is SO talented. If you would like to purchase any of her art, or you have a special pet you would like remembered in this way, please let me know! Be sure to click on the pictures to make them bigger!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

If You Could See What I See...

Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day. That is so true too. Some people have such sad lives, that when someone walks by and gives them a smile, it really means the world to them. It does me! That person took the time to acknowledge me! Even in the simplest of ways. Thats sort of true with these animals I feed in the morning. They may not be acknowledged by anyone during the day in the neighborhoods I go to, but when I am there in the dark mornings putting down their meagher meals for the day, I talk softly too them, pet and scratch their heads when they let me, and make little kissy sounds so that they know its me, a familiar sound to them. I have seen so many kittens this past week. They just come out of the woodwork. They are still tiny enough to get just so close to my finger, take a sniff, and run off. They are not feral yet, not totally afraid of humans. Its sad to see them, so pretty and sweet. If only we had more people to adopt, we could get these babies off the streets. If only we had people with barns, we could get these babies off the streets. If only I had a ton of money, I could open a shelter of my own and get these babies off the streets. I remain hopeful. And I continue to plunk down weekly a dollar and a dream at the lottery machine! At

tached is another picture of my good friend Kristin's art work. If you have any interest, please let me know! She is truly gifted, and could draw a picture of one of your babies!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Update from Sunday's Post

I experienced two acts of extreme kindness this weekend. At one point yesterday, as I was telling my mother and sister on the phone, both times I could not control my emotions, and started to cry, and my sister saying 'you are so queer'. Its true! I was terribly emotional yesterday realizing that there are some really kind people out there! First kindness was done by a retired woman named Pat who took the chance and went and got Bailey, a 9-year old dog that I found out last Thursday needed to be rescued by his owner who is too sick to care for him any longer and was going to take him to Lollipop Farm that Saturday. Pat went and picked up Bailey that very night I sent an e-mail out, took him to the vet the next morning, where he was treated for severe ear infections, updated on his shots, and told to put at least 5 pounds back on his very lean frame. Pat and her sister have both enjoyed taking Bailey for walks, something he was not used to. And they are enjoying spoiling Bailey also. I am sure something he surely deserved. Second kindness was when i went to speak to Julio who owns the house yesterday afternoon on Central Park. I didn't know how that would go - here is a man who doesn't know me from squat, I have set up a cat shelter on his property while he was having his unlived in home remodeled all last winter and this summer and spring, and asked me to have my stuff off it by end of July, when he was going to move his family in. He has slowly been removing my boards and such, and finally, I had to speak to him. I drove there but he was not home. I wrote out a note to leave for him, begging him to help me find a solution, as there are four cats at least that depend on that food that I leave, and that shelter. I then noticed a group of men across the street. I forgot to mention, the street was blocked off at the other end with yellow tape and several police cars. I decided to do a U-turn and go speak to the men, not knowing what to say, but started off with asking what happened down the street. They told me it was a shooting. I joked, during the day? thats not supposed to happen in the daytime, and they laughed. Come to find out these three black men, Bill, Bill's father Benny, and Bill's uncle, all knew who I was! I was the girl that feeds the cats across the street! I told them my plight, and to make a very long story (which I am good at!) short (which I am not good at!), Bill offered to help me move my shelter out of there and onto the bank owned property next door. This is the house that I reported the little white dog being neglected behind the house a year past, Appollo. The house is empty, and this man helped me carry this large shelter and boards to behind the property of the neighboring house. Not only did he do that, but knowing I would be going behind the house in the dark at 5 am, made me promise not to go there in the mornings. He said please go after work, that way I can see you and know you are safe. He is right, and I will try to get on that schedule. He then helped me set up the bowls with food, and went across to his house and got me a jug of water. Just as we met in the middle for me to get the water, I realized what a kind thing for this man to do, and it made me cry. I hugged him and thanked him. I told him his father raised a good man. I will never forget that kindness. Makes me want to cry now! :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Whitecaps on the Water

Well, my day started out pretty bad. And I do say that knowing its not as bad as some. The eastern part of our country is experiencing a huge hurricane, and there are people that haven't had anything to eat for days in Africa, and in America for that matter, and there are people out there who have lost their homes, or someone in their life precious to them. But allow me my little pity party for now. It started with cleaning out a mess OUTSIDE the litter box for one of my kitties that has diabetes, she just can't seem to get it right these days. Then I discovered a very large puddle in the same room, and I am sure it was done by a different cat, and that is because I am fostering two kittens, and my older cats are really fighting this. They do not like it, as I have finally figured out by whats been happening since the kittens have been here. I have found MANY accidents around my house, enough to make me think I need to buy a new couch. I am very upset about this but don't know how to resolve it, unless to get these kittens adopted. Anyways, after mopping up the puddle with paper towels, I mindlessly threw them in the toilet and flushed. Minutes later, I heard a noise, looked in and saw the bathroom floor flooded, and water gushing over the toilet. I grabbed every towel around me and began wiping that up, but that was after I reached in the toilet to pull out the obstruction. YUCK. In the meantime, there was so much water, it started to flood the basement. Now, this is ALL before 5:15 am. So that mess was cleaned, and out I go into the wild winds of Rochester. There is no way that the food I placed this morning would be there for long. The wind will be carrying that away in the containers I place. On top of that, at one location, the man has removed all my boards and wants me OUT. I am going to have to go over there and try to talk to him. I just can't believe its hurting him, or his family, to have this small out of the way shelter in the very corner of his large yard. On top of that, its teaching his children compassion. But some people are just plain mean. Oh what a day, what a day. I had a garage sale yesterday, in hopes of making some money to help me with the expenses of feeding my herd each morning, and I made a whopping $53. And some of that came from my own family feeling sorry for me! Its just not my time right now, and tomorrow is another day...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Some Days You're the Bug; Some Days, the Windshield!

This morning... well, lets just say it started for me at 1:30 am. or so, just when the storm blew into Rochester. We had some really hard rain, some really loud boomers (thunder) and some really wicked lightening. From that point on, I probably caught a total of an hour of zzz's until I finally crawled out of bed at 4:15 am. It was a really tough night. First thought, is that rain I feel on my head?

So you get up and close the window, 2nd thought, the cats must be so scared... 3rd thought, did I close the windows on the porch?... 4th thought, I hope the kitties that have no homes have found shelter, and I hope they aren't scared to death. All these thoughts going over and over in my head. Not just that but the thunder was just SO LOUD, who could sleep? But I trucked out there and its almost as if the heaven's closed up for me, just in time, because at 5:10 am.,the rain had pretty much ended. I was so thankful. Not that I have had a really bad hair week already! But it would have been just a tad worse than worse if I had to go out in the pouring rain. I changed a lot of wet towels and blankets at my locations, and there were a lot of hungry and sick kitties waiting for me. Thank God I have my health, even though I don't feel too great these days, just trying to get over a nasty summer cold.

I also want to touch on another subject, totally not cat worthy. Why do people have to drive in the passing lane on two lane highways? Those lanes on the left are meant for passing a car on the right, ONLY. Not to be driven in, especially if someone is trying to pass you! And why do some people feel that they need to control my speed? If I want to drive faster than 55, let me! Just move over, let me pass, and then you can go back to the passing lane, if you must! Also, why when you start to pass a car on a back country road, they speed up as you are trying to pass them? Whats wrong with people? Since I've been travelling to Newark each week, I have seen the mean side of people more than I've cared for. I've wanted to put this gripe in the editorial of a newspaper for so many years, but never did. At least I can do it now, on my own blog, even though no one will probably read it. Have a good day.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dark and Scary

Nice teeth Mr. Raccoon! This morning was like any other, but its so dark out now at 5 am. It doesn't start getting light until after 5:30, so thats a whole half hour doing what I do in the scary darkness. I know my friends think I am crazy for what I do, and its hard to defend myself with them, so don't even go there (and you know who you are!) because I will either start going at a later time (5:30 am), which I will have t
o soon anyways, thats what I did during the winter time season, or I won't be doing what I do! Those are the two choices I have right now. And the latter isn't a possibility with all the critters out there depending on me. Speaking of critters! I am so tired of the raccoons!!! I need a solution! This morning, as I bent down to put food in a bowl, I could hear scratching of bark above me, and I looked up and there in the tree were two raccoons staring down at me. Close too! I hit them with my bag to try to scare them, but they didn't move too far or too quick. They are eating the cats food! Those cats are left hungry after I leave. I must find a solution! They are at quite a few locations that I feed at each morning. Does anyone have a solution? I moved my feedings to another abandoned house across the street from one location, but I don't think it is helping. I think these fat creatures are smart and are meandering over to gobble up that food after figuring out that I put food there.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

When Tragedy Occurs, Try to Find Meaning in Life, and Realize What is Most Important To You

If we could all hear one another's prayers, God might be relieved of some of his burdens. ~Ashleigh Brilliant

A very tragic situation has happened to a fellow cat feeder/rescuer. Her house burned down a few days ago with all eight of her cats inside. Ann is 73 years old and has been a devoted caregiver to animals for many many years. I just recently met her through e-mail where we have exchanged a number of messages due to her feeding on property that belongs to my place of employment, and I rallied for her to the boss and she was granted permission. Unfortunately, the people that live in the apartments don't like her feeding the cats and have destroyed her shelters a number of times. Ann has lost everything, including all eight of her precious babies, her cats, and Ann is 73 years old. I cannot imagine losing everything in one fell swoop like that. It would be almost too much to bear, but tragedy strikes all of us in some form - losing our parents, loss of a child, loss of a home or even a dear pet, and somehow we cope, even though it is the most excruiating pain we will ever feel. We get through it. I still can not fully understand or describe how this situation has impacted me because it could have been me. All I know is that my life has been changed and I am truly moved by what has happened. It makes me strive to be a better person and to live up to my full potential. It makes me so grateful for the wonderful friends and family in my life and how I must cherish these relationships and make sure that people know how much I love them.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Random Ramblings

Being good is commendable, but only when it is combined with doing good is it useful. ~Author Unknown

Good one. In between running around like mad, having a bad summer cold, and just plain not feeling 100% healthy, its been a really busy weekend. I think about this rescue business, and its hard, and its complicated, and there are so many factors involved. When you depend on others to help you, it just gets more complicated - politics become involved. You have people that are sensitive, so you have to do and say the right things. We all have a common goal, so you just have to bite your tongue sometimes, and just let things go. I know I have had to humble myself completely in the past few years, and I have shed more tears not only on animals, but OVER PEOPLE than I would ever admit. People can hurt others with their words or actions and might not realize it. Or at least I like to think they don't realize it. Sorry, enough rambling. This past weekend was busy out there. Sunday morning I had a little scare. I was at my first spot, where by the way, the VERY pregnant kitty I picked up a few days before - she just delivered five kittens yesterday! - I was placing food down on the porch of the empty house, and I heard a very loud thumping of music coming from an approaching car. There are NO cars out at 5 am., so not only was I leary about the actual car, but the music was deafening. I could not believe how loud it was, and I have heard loud music. The car slowed at the corner after going past my parked car - the occupants had the window open. I was placing food down in the dark and they shut the music off, and said something, and drove very slow. They were within feet from me. I was scared. I thought, well this is it. There aren't too many times I've felt that, but this was one of them. I think the fact that they were driving around at 5 am. with music that loud thumping was enough to scare me. Let alone they turned it right off and were watching me. I did hurry back to my car, heart racing. It downpoured the rest of the day, so I am glad I got to place food down at all my spots before their food got soggy. Attached is a picture of my twins, Juju and Nikki. I need to get them spayed and adopted! They are two of the sweetest

little DEVILS!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Satisfying Saturday!

My day off was a whirlwind yesterday. GREAT NEWS: Timmy was adopted by a very kind woman named Wendy. She actually lives a few streets away from me, and has a dog named Herbie, who has 'bowed' legs also. She found out about Timmy through our mutual vet, when Timmy was in for his neutering last week, she was in with Herbie. They got to talking, he told her I do rescue, and she immediately knew it was me. She showed up on my doorstep wanting to be introduced to Timmy, and I brought him over the very next day for a 'trial' week. She fell in love, naturally, as he is just the sweetest little munchkin I've ever seen. Thank you so much Wendy. The two kittens I rescued last Sunday have been moved to a bigger 'playroom'. They are very rambunctous kitties! I've named them JuJu, and with the help of my neice Amy and her daughter Ava (the birthday girl!), we have Kiki. Cute! I have so much more to share and will do so when the thoughts occur to me today. I am off and running for another very busy morning!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

2nd Post Today: Jake

My friend Jen in Australia just lost her beloved Jake, and I would like to dedicate this post to Jake.

Here are Jen's words:

"Very sad day Saturday. Have to put down our beloved friend Jake Dog Brown. He's only 9 years old but slowed down lately.Vet visit Monday detected cancer. Started in the spleen,internal bleeding,
gone into lungs and spreading fast.He's one of the best pups we've had and will be sorely missed.

Think of us tomorrow....1.30pm Saturday 13 August. All the family will be at the vet as they say their fond farewells to our beloved Jake Dog.

Bwaaaaaaaaaa :-(

Two for the Road

Yesterday, thanks to Habitat for Cats, I was able to neuter and spay a male and female. The female, I've named her Emma, is the mommy of the two baby kittens I have in my house right now that I rescued on Sunday morning. Emma has always been friendly when I stop to feed her, but she was terrified when I got her in a carrier for spaying yesterday morning, all the way through until today. I made a decision to put her overnight, while she recouperated from the surgery, with her two little ones she hadn't seen since Sunday. They did fine all together, but I wonder if Mamma knew her babies, and vice versa. Do mothers and children recognize each other? I felt terrible when I had to put her back onto the street this morning, but she has one baby left that I cannot catch, so I knew it was somewhat the right thing to do. I also had to put the other little guy, Allie, back on the street, after he spent a comfortable night in my house in a tiny room. My heart aches for these sweet and friendly cats - to have to put them back on the street, but I lack anyone stepping up and offering to take them, or at least even foster them. It was a hard thing to do, but on the other hand, a good thing to have them neutered. I attach a picture of Mickey. Mickey is a kitten I rescued almost a year ago I believe. He was adopted out by a nice girl named Connie. Connie shared with me an update on how he is doing, and I thought you might like to read: "October 23rd 2010 was when our family officially adopted Mickey from Janine. Fate was sure with me that day. Mickey was destined to head to a rescue group. If he went there before I got to him, it would have been weeks before we could have him in our home. He would have needed shots, etc before they would release him. Janine was kind enough to let me come to her home and check him out. She trusted that I would get him to my vet and take proper care of him. It was love at first sight. Mickey quickly adapted to our home. His first love is our golden retrieve, Abbey. I always tell Mickey "I wish you looked at me the way you look at that dog". LOL. He is very lovey/dovey first thing in the morning. Then he starts his daily exercise routine. Over the couch and chair
in the living room, under the dining room chair, thru the kitchen, up and down two chairs in the family room, into my sons room to see if he is awake, under the dog, down the basements stairs and back up - he does this about 5-10 times and he is a blurr when streaking by - literally. Now he is ready for a nap. Mickey comes to greet each and every one of us at the door when we get home. Love that! I have to have a flyswatter in everyroom. If a bug comes in the house he chases it all over. When the bug lands on the window screens, Mickey jumps and his nails get caught in the screen -(holes in the screens) NOT GOOD. I have to get the bugs before he sees them. Not sure if he will ever catch a mouse. He is quick enough, but graceful he is not. We call him thumper......can hear him coming all throughout the house..thump thump he comes...plop...just landed on someones head. He cannot meow....he squeaks. So you hear coming down the hall: thump/squeak thump/squeak thump/squeak....LOL so fun! Mickey's tail is his claim to fame. It is very long and full and glorious. When I took him to his first vet appointment way back in 2010, the vet estimated his birthday was August 11th.......
Happy 1st Birthday Mickey !!!" CONNIE

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Whimsical Wednesday

Instead of counting your days, make your days count. ~Author Unknown

This morning was a rough one, for two girl kitties. I successfully placed two new mothers into carriers because Habitat for Cats allowed me two spots at their spay/neuter clinic. I thank God for that! These girls would have babies all over again. I had a large carrier, and a small carrier. I wish I had a second large carrier because it was very hard to squeeze #2 into the little one. I nearly got bit. Its much easier to place a cat into a large carrier as there is room to push without getting bit. I nearly decapitated the one going into the little one. I could use a donation of a large carrier! And thanks to Heather and Valerie, they will be dropped off at the clinic, and picked up this afternoon. I will not go back into these neighborhoods to drop the (very friendly) kitties during the day, so they will have to stay the night in the carriers. I feel so bad about that, but its better than the alternative I guess. I also hope the third baby doesn't miss his mommy too much. Speaking of babies, I have a picture here of one of the kittens I am fostering until they can be spayed and adopted. They are so playful and into so much mischief! This one is snoozing in my plant! I also include two other pictures that my friend Kristin has drawn. What a talent she is. If anyone is interested in a reproduction of any of the drawings I post here, please let me know. The proceeds will all go towards saving animals! By the way, I also am sharing the story of Moonbeam, the picture I posted on Friday: "My sister found Moonbeam near the STD clinic on St. Paul Blvd where she worked as a nurse practitioner. She was about 8 weeks old and walking blindly down the street as both eyes were stuck shut with conjuctivitis. My sister Kim took her home to nurse her back to health but she knew she couldn't keep her. I had recently bought a house that was 150 years old and I said that when I moved in I would adopt Moonbeam. The first night in my new house I heard a chirping sound coming from the living room. I flipped on the light to see my little kitten sitting on top of a bat she had caught and pinned to the floor. She looked at me as if to say "now what do I do?" I scooped the bat up - uninjured - into a tupperware dish and let it go outside. It only took a few hours for little Moonbeam to save her mommy from wild bat - and to secure a place in my heart for her. Moonbeam, to this day is a very shy, timid kitty who hides from everyone and peeks around corners - but who purrs louder than anyone when her mama pets her. She was my hero that summer night 10 years ago and I have tried to be her hero ever since." Kristin

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Maddening Monday!

I know... I am getting very lame with my titles these days. I am just so busy, I can't even think of names for the kitties I rescued. I am attaching pics of the babies, and an expectant mother I rescued yesterday morning, and obviously in the nick of time, as the vet that tested her for leukemia said she is ready to pop. She tested negative, thank God, and I did name her Whiskers (how original!). Heather, a/k/a The Kitty Midwife, with Another Chance Pet Rescue, has her for now. I have the two little ones, temporarily named Stephy and JuJu. Yesterday, as I held them both in my hands, and rubbed their little bellies with each thumb, I heard the loudest motors coming from the both of them. One louder than the other. It was a proud moment! To take kittens that have been living on the streets and not have them turn feral by the time you get them is a miracle. They say after 5 weeks chances are that they will turn feral. These kitties are maybe around 7-8 weeks old, and they have turned out to be totally sweet and sociable. Even playful now. Every day is a new discovery for them, and for me. I rarely have kittens. I MUST get them adopted, so stay tuned for more news on them. Both girls by the way. Other than that, its pretty normal out there each morning. Several severe thunderstorms occured over the weekend, and would scare the bejesus out of a human let alone a cat or dog outdoors. I chased several racoons off the porch on Third Street, they are there every single morning. They are hungry, and FAT, but that leaves nothing for the food the cats at that spot depend on. I must figure something out about this situation. Raccoons CAN climb. I was under the assumption from reading that they couldn't. Does anyone have a raccoon solution?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Soaking Sunday

My intention this weekend was to rescue a very pregant cat, same place as where Tiny Timmy was rescued, but she was not around this morning. Instead, I managed to grab two of the three kittens - mommy is friendly, must get her fixed - they are both girls, and they look almost identical. Like the
Bobsey Twins - must think of good names. They are between 2-3 months old. They were covered in fleas, but my friends at AnotherChancePetRescue allowed me to bring them over to Irondequoit Petco and get them combo tested - negative - phew! - and were treated for the fleas. They are cozy in a small room in my house now, able to sit in a window, but with the storm outside, are just as happy in the carrier I am keeping in there for them. I pray their sibling and mama are doing well. Will be trying to trap the mama tomorrow morning to get neutered, and then unfortunately, will have to put her back on the street, due to no home for her. Thats the hard part, these cats are so sweet. I will have pictures to share tomorrow of the kittens. I must get them adopted! Tiny Timmy was brought to a potential adopter on Friday, and I am still waiting to hear if he has a new home there. Will keep you posted! I have a golf tournament through work I have to participate in - praying it doesn't get rained out - and have self diagnosed myself with both strep throat and bronchitis - so may not be on here must tomorrow, trying to get in to see a doctor! So, fingers crossed for me and the critters!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Finally Friday

I have the day off this morning, and as usual, its so full of stuff I need to do/get done, that I am not enjoying it so far. I got up the usual time, 3:30 to feed my indoor brood, then lay back down for an hour until 4:30 to get ready to get out there and feed my outside brood. I waited until about 5:20 this morning as its SO DARK out there. Way too scarey, even for me. I am used to going out when d

awn is just cracking. There were the usual suspects of kitties waiting for me. Nothing was touched further at the location where the man is going to kick me out. The shelter is so nice there, I am just very upset about it. I tried to call him yesterday, left a message, but he has not called me back. I pray he will work with me. Even if I have to pay him rent for the spot! I feed so many cats each morning. I had to chase off two of the three raccoons at one spot. They are just plain pigs! They leave the water dirty, and gobble all the food! I did my grocery shopping, and its unbelieveable what I spend on food for the cats. I have mentioned in the past its like $5,000 a year, well, with the price of food going up, its now $6,000 a year. And thats just for the outside cats! I buy both wet and dry. I feed them mostly dry, but they will need more wet in the coming months when winter sets in to fatten them up. I am thankful for the occasional food donations I do get. Thank you to those who have helped me in the past. Thank you so much. Its so nice to have that extra bag - that extra bag saves me $10. Seriously. I don't know how much longer I can do this, I need a break! Have a great day - tomorrow, I will be sharing with you pictures and an update on a kitten I rescued and adopted out last October. Wait until you meet Mickey! PS, guess who might be getting adopted today... yes, thats right... TIMMY!!! Fingers crossed! I will let you know tomorrow how it goes! Picture attached is a picture a very good friend of mine drew. It is of her cat Moonbeam. She was a stray found blind near St. Paul and Hartle Street in Rochester. Can you believe how talented she is? She has done a whole series of these type of pictures - they are called pastel drawings - I consider them caricatures - of her cats, and other subjects she has come across. Kristin is a huge animal lover and her goal with these pictures is to sell them and raise money to go towards helping animals. I am going to feature some of these pictures throughout my posts. Reproductions are available for sale if interested. When I first saw these, and I am a true sap, my eyes teared up because so much love went into them. Just wait until you see the rest!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Chain has been Rattled

There were three moments this morning where I was upset about something. I take that back, there are many more, but these stood out. First was shooing off the three racoons that continue to hang out on Third Street eating the kitties food on the porch. I drive past there after I have done the next four spots just to see if they are up there gobbling the food down and dirtying the water, and sure enough, they were there again this morning. The poor pathetic little things, I do feel bad for them, but that leaves nothing for the cats for the remainder of the day and night! Don't know what to do about that. My next stop after that is where a man has been fixing up his house, hasn't lived there, and was nice enough to tell me he wanted my stuff out by end of July, I think he said. Well, I didn't move because I didn't have a spot to relocate for the four babies I feed there, and it was a perfect shelter for cats. In fact its in my video, where the plank hits my head. Well, I got there and he had taken it down. The little hut is still there but the boards were all piled up. I must call him today to beg his compassion. How can someone be so mean? He knows it feeds and shelter these animals. I just don't get it! Thirdly, there was always this kitty that was very very pretty, and very very sweet, that came up to me at a spot on Bay and First where I place food for ferals. I was told he belonged to a house on First. He never seemed hungry, just wanted to be loved and petted. Well, for about a month now there has been a cat that looks like her way down yonder on Second and Pennsylvania, pretty far for a cat to wander. (hey, that rhymes!). Well, this morning, I drove to the house on First Street with the intention of leaving them a note and my number about the cat, and noticed that the chimes and such on the porch were not there anymore, and I realized these people must have moved, and left their cat! This really beautiful, and I am sure fixed cat, is now homeless! What horrible people can just move and leave their cat to fend for themselves! So, here is another cat I must rescue. How can people do this??? She is way too friendly to be out on the streets, or fight the winter to come. I will try to get a picture to share with you. She is a really pretty kitty. That was my morning. I include a pic of my Smokey and Toonces. Aren't they SWEET.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wacky Wednesday

There are so many little stories I could tell you about my mornings. One is Miss B. Miss B. lives a few houses down from the corner where I place food bowls under a tree for three female kitties, all whom have had a litter so far. One has been neutered just this weekend, after recently having a litter. Miss B. walks down the street with the one little black kitty with white tipped tail, just like you see in these crazy videos out there. This cat walks right beside her down a whole block. Anyways, Miss B. loves these kitties, but she is very poor, and obviously cannot afford to have them spayed. She even has a broken washing machine thats sort of hooked up to her kitchen sink. She has to empty water into it from the tap in order to get her clothes washed. I know this because we got to talking about the kitties and she wanted to show me her dilemma with the washing machine, and as I walked into her very small, dark and somewhat cluttered home, I had to step over a couple little kittens that came darting towards the door. These kittens came from one of the litters of one of the kitties outside. I put an ad for a handyman in Craigslist for her but no one has responded. Its amazing. There is kindness where you least expect it. She loves these kitties, but cannot care for them due to her financial situation. I am trying to help her. I need to befriend as many people as I can around these dangerous neighborhoods that I feed cats at.

Picture attached is of Timmy. Timmy is a small little guy, weighing only 6 pounds, and just under a year old. Timmy is the kind of cat that if you wrapped him around your neck, he would just stay there. He is a very content little boy, and very very lucky. And he knows it. I kiss his belly and he loves that. He is just so gentle. Timmy was VERY hungry this morning but I could not feed him because he is going to the vet today to be spayed! And then little Timmy will be up for adoption. God Bless Tiny Timmy! :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts

The purpose of life is not to be happy - but to matter, to be productive, to be useful, to have it make some difference that you have lived at all. ~Leo Rosten

Thats a great quote. I would have to say that happiness makes up 5% of my day, and the rest is knowing that I've done all I can do to try to make this world a little better, even if its just a speck in comparison to the entire planet.

The picture here is of a close friend's new baby, Dylan. Is this picture a classic?? Animals, children and the elderly - I am passionate about all three. We must take care of them as they are at the most risk for abuse. They are innocents and cannot protect themselves from the bad people out there. Dylan is just the cutest kid around. I think you will agree!:)

Timmy goes for his neutering tomorrow with Dr. Boehm. I don't think people realize, when you don't have help with animals through rescue groups, it costs a fortune to rescue one cat. His initial check up was $136 - this included a combo test for disease, regular check up, distemper and rabies shots. Tomorrow's neuter will cost $102. My credit cards take a beating when I rescue. Thank God for them though. Hopefully then, he will be adopted if I can get a spot to show him through Another Chance Pet Rescue, at Petco on Saturdays.

As far as this morning, I hurried in the dark to feed the sweeties out there because the forecast for rain was on. And it sure has been raining, teeming actually. I brought a wooden board for the spot I rescued Timmy at, to cover the bowls of food I still place there for the other kitties, including a tiny baby I got a glimpse of yesterday. I also now place a dish on a porch of a vacant house that hopefully feeds the three baby kittens I see playing in the road, mommy is nearby, and very friendly. I must get her fixed also. I wish I had more room in my house, and more money in my pockets to rescue her, and all the other sweet things out there. It was lonely at Spike's spot. I miss him terribly. But there were three kitties waiting for me when my car pulled up there. They follow me to the back of the lot like I am the Pied Piper. I think most of those three were the ones trapped this past Saturday and neutered.

Otherwise, its a new day, and I look forward to a brighter, drier day tomorrow! Have a great day everyone!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Muggy Monday!

My weekends are SO FULL. I don't know how I do it, but I do. I thank God I am still young enough, and healthy, to do what I do. I just couldn't do what I do if I weren't. Saturday morning, with Heather's help, we managed to trap four cats at one location, and placed another sweet kitty that was post partum into the fifth trap. They were all to be neutered/spayed at a clinic that Heather works for on Sunday morning. Spike turned up in one fo the traps. I was hesitant about that because I didn't think Spike would ever trust me again if we were to hold him for two days in the trap, and then let him out again, and I have wanted to rescue him for a long time now. He has been through many harsh winters already. Well, I got the call on Sunday that he tested positive for leukemia, and had to make the heartbreaking decision to have him euthanized. And it is heartbreaking. That cat came to trust me after two very long years. He was a gentle boy. I so wanted to save him. But I would rather he go to heaven than suffer any longer out there. He has been sick for so very long. But the good news is that there are now four other cats out there that will not reproduce. But my mission continues in full swing. I must help more. I love you Spike.

Friday, August 5, 2011


I have the day off today, its been wonderful, but when I say I have the day off, I mean from work, not from feeding the critters. And when I say critters, I mean ALL critters. I have been offered a few spots at a spay/neuter clinic for Sunday, so I was asked not to feed at a certain spot (where Spike resides) in order to get them hungry so that they go into the traps to be set for tomorrow morning. There are several females. This is where Copper came from, and many many others, and where Spike waits for his forever home. This is where this blog began, way back when there was a boarded up house set for demolition the very day after the day I discovered newborn kittens inside the house in a mattress. The kittens were saved, but many cats have lost their lives in this area, including bunnies. And Spike has been around for all of that plus more. And when I say I feed critters, I see racoons every single morning. In fact, in one spot, they waited, three babies, under a porch so I didn't even bother to feed in an area where I normally go to behind Paul's house. The cats suffer for it. I can usually chase them off for a few hours so the cats can eat, but these weren't going anywhere. And thats the way it is. I place the food down, the cats eat until I don't know when but those coons always work themselves into the food and eat it all and dirty the water. This is at most of my spots, so no wonder these cats are so very hungry each and every day. Wish me luck tomorrow morning!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

UPDATE: Part 3

Timmy spent his first night in a warm cozy room. He likes to sleep on the ledge on the open window, and I did place a blanket for him. He is only 6 pounds, so he is very thin and tiny, so I wanted to be sure he had a warm blanket under him. This morning Timmy was very very loving. He jumped off his perch to greet me, rubbed against my legs, and just wanted to be held. This is a kitty that you can hold for hours and he would never tire of it. He likes to roll over and have his belly rubbed and scratched. I think he is so grateful for the wamth and comfort off the streets... I made an appointment for his neutering for next week. He is one very lucky little boy. I pray he gets adopted soon, he is very lonely in his room! All was somewhat well at all the normal spots. Its scarey at 5 am. now, its still dark. I am very cautious and careful out there. I am like an owl, I can almost twist my head around, and I look everywhere before I get out of my car. But so far its just the animals waiting for me. I had to chase off two racoons this morning. They are everywhere in the city! Sharing a pic of my Toonces, the oldest of my own. She is an odd creature, but I love her to pieces!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

UPDATE: Part 2

I am renaming him Timmy. He reminds me too much of Tiny Tim, so thats who this little guy is, Timmy! I have a vet appt. today for him at 2:40 so pray that his testing comes out negative for leukemia!

UPDATE: He tested NEGATIVE! Yay! And what a great little guy he is. The doc believes he was born with a slight birth defect, and after doing some Googling on my end, its a lot like mild radial h

ypoplasia. Some people who see a cat with with this might think it has both back legs are broken. They walk in a shuffling or scrabbling motion. They are walking on the crooked part of their leg, not the paw. Mildly affected cats may get along just fine, but have a peculiar bobbing gait. I swear, he looks like Tiny Tim from A Christmas Carol - the original movie made in 1938! Some affected cats are found among feral cat colonies, but unless the colony is being fed by someone, RH cats are unlikely to survive outdoors - they cannot hunt, cannot run from predators, traffic or malicious humans and cannot defend themselves if molested. In addition they are likely to be singled out for abuse because they are different and therefore "easy targets". I am SO GLAD I RESCUED HIM! And he was so good during the examination! Not a peep out of him! He will be neutered next! And then hopefully, someone very lucky will adopt him. :)


Look who we have here! A new rescue! This little guy has deformed back legs, and his front paws are very odd also. His ears are half the size normal kitties have. It was very dark and scarey this morning at 5am. I've been stopping at this particular corner recently due to seeing kitties here, and have been placing food and water down. There is no shelter, and it is so out in the open, and on a very busy and poverty stricken area of the city - its on my way to my normal spots. I've seen this little guy walking oddly, but didn't think anything more, until yesterday when I got up closer to him, and picked him up. Thats when I saw his legs, very crooked. Reminded me of Tiny Tim. I had to get him, so thats what I did! So, because he is so special, I wanted to name him after my father Stanley, who passed away when I was around 11. Its temporary for now, I need to get used to it, but I do love the name! Its hard sometimes to come up with names to fit the kitty, but this little guy is so extra special! He loves to rub his nose with mine. Very sweet. Now, say a prayer that when I get him tested, he tests negative! He can then be adopted! When you look at the pic, and click on it to enlarge it, remember, this is my spare bedroom, and that rug needs to be shaken! I am not a slob! :)
PS, my co-worker who's puppy Blue passed yesterday wrote the following: we had flowers sent to his house the day Blue died. I am sharing this because its something I think we've all felt with a dog, or any animal, there are certain moments where you really feel the void our beloved animals leave when they pass...
"Thank you for the flowers...It was the first time in ten years that our doorbell rang without hearing Blue's intimidating response. The quiet that followed was unfamiliar and somewhat difficult to accept. Nevertheless, it was a memorable moment of silence, and the flower arrangement was a great gesture. Thank you all for your support."

Monday, August 1, 2011

Queen of Hearts

"Once I was glad,
Always happy, never sad,
And every day
Seemed like Sunday,

And although things were slow,
Never seemed to have enough dough
Somehow,I never once got lonely...

Ya see the fact is more or less
Your gambling with your own happiness
And most all your would be friends
Turn out so phoney
Oh but times they change
And rearrange...

And I will sing to the Queen of Hearts

know where to stop
or how to stop...."

This is a song by Gregg Allman - what can I say, I am a product of the 70's. Where songs meant life to me. Songs I listen to that choke me with tears. I would love to document as background this song to what I see in the areas of where I go each day, the poverty, the inhumaneness for the animals, and to life around the people.

I will also be rescuing another kitty tomorrow morning. I have been feeding this little black long haired kitty on a very busy intersection in the city. It allows me to pet it while it gobbles down food. Just this morning, I stopped back after doing my rounds to fill the bowl with more food, as there was now a crowd of five gathering to eat, and I noticed something odd looking about little black kitty. I picked it up, and noticed that it has bowlegged back legs, and they are shorter than the front. This poor little guy is deformed. I must do the right thing and save it. Who knows if it has been around for a Rochester winter. It looks very young. I can't wait to show you its picture when I get it! I don't know where I will get the money for the vet, or how I will keep it in my house, as I have no room, but I will find a way!

I also dedicate this post to Blue, a sweet dog that is a co-worker's baby that was put to sleep today because of his old age and illness. I sent Tim the Rainbow Bridge prayer, and hope helped, a little. He took the day off in mourning of his faithful friend, as he should have. God bless Blue.


It was a very very busy past three days. Friday I had off from work and I tend not to get on the computer at home, its SO SLOW. I feel bad, because I can't even remember Friday, but I know stuff happened. I know it rained, because I wound up going back in the afternoon and changing some very soggy food at a few spots. There are a few spots where I leave food under a tree and those were soaked. And it would be long remainder of the day before those cats would eat again, so I thought it best to do. Sunday, Heather set a trap for the remaining baby kitten, and lo and behold, he went into it. I don't know what she does, or what I do, but what she did worked. It was such a relief to me, I would wake in the early hours thinking about that kitten out there all alone, without a mother, or any of the other five siblings we trapped. I am so grateful that little one will not suffer any longer. It will go to the shelter, and then heaven. If I only had more money to treat its sickness, socialize it to sweetness from being semi-feral, and a shelter I could bring it for love,warmth and food, then I could save a lot of cats, leukemia positive or not. But I don't, and I can't. And I don't see anyone else stepping up to the plate, so I hope people don't blame me for the occasional times when I have to bring a cat into a shelter. There are just so many out there that are waiting for loving homes. I must save them!